Esqueleto Mariachi Slot Review- Big Win & Bonuses

Hola amigos and welcome to our slot review from the promising game provider Red Tiger
bringing a new game with stunning graphics and an amazing atmosphere
Esqueleto Mariachi
This game you can win up to a thousand times your bet size
But hardly without any help one or more of the three Mariachis
In this game we have 5 reels with 4 symbols on each
We are playing with 40 pay lines and the mariachis?
Let me introduce you to you them
First out we got El Maraquero! Rearranging the outcome of our spin making sure we get a nice win lined up!
Our second Mariachi is El Guitarrista!
Getting us the company of some wilds dancing on the screen which of course also helps us get bigger and better wins!
Last but not least, we have el Trompetista, after a spin he use his
magnificent trumpet skills to blow away some of the symbols, also improving our spin. Together with the new symbols that take their place!
Each mariachi can trigger randomly on any stage either one of them, two of them
or even all three if you are lucky enough,
which usually leads to the biggest wins!
this guys are tricky however,
and often, they will just tease you without even showing their face or having any impact on the reels for that matter
Looking at the pay table we see what the different symbols pay
having 40 lines and playing on a one euro bet
means we are betting 2.5 cents per line.
Meaning a wild line with 5 wilds would pay us
500 times just that alone
12.50 we’re 300 times the same amount put a second highest value symbol
being 750. This might not sound like a lot at the first glance
but with 40 lines you should almost expect hitting more than one combination on any winning spin!
and with three Mariachis and
awesome music all that’s really missing is a bonus and this game has a pretty nice one to show off with
Landing 3 bonus symbols is what you need to start your bonus round
Consisting of a random amount of free spins and a random amount of feature triggers ,that will trigger during these free spins
As you can tell there’s a lot of action going on in this bonus, and with help from the mariachis
You will get some kind of win on most of your spins!
Just like in the base game, any amount of mariachis can trigger on the same spin. The more, the merrier!
Getting this bonus is a golden ticket to the big wins and at the end of it
We’ll have accumulated quite a lot of money. Oh well, at least a decent win in worst case scenario
You won´t always start with 50 spins like here, the number is random as I mentioned earlier.
which also is the case for the amount of mariachi triggers we stack up.
So, how do we rate this beautiful Mexican trio from Red Tiger?
Starting out with Potential, you can potentially get a 1000 times your bet size on one spin,
If you add the ridiculous amount of free spins and mariachi traitors you get to the bonus round
you’re looking at some pretty good potential
I would give it a 7 out of 10
for Potential. Looking at the Innovation,
there’s a lot of it going on in this game. On any spin you can trigger one, two, or all three Mariachi’s features.
Each and one of them , seriously spicing up the game play in their own unique ways.
Even the bonus round and variation between the bonus rounds, in terms of spins and triggers is
a really exciting twist compared to the regular 10 free spin bonus rounds
we’re used to. it’s Innovation all the way and the Mariachi’s score a nine.
Ultimately, looking at the entertainment level of this game, Red Tiger has really put in some serious effort in this game.
The atmosphere, each Mariachi’s unique sounds, and the symphony,
they are creating with all the other amazing sound work.Not to mention stunning graphics and tons of action.
It’s another nine here! and with seven for Potential, nine for both Innovation and
Entertainment. This game is one of Red Tiger’s best, and will get a total score of eight
You simply have to give this awesome game a try, which you can do for free right here at!
Hasta la vista Amigos!

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