Everdell and pearlbrook in about 3 minutes each

Kia ora Koutou and welcome to everdell in about three minutes
review copy used
after the recap we’ll look at the pearlbrook expansion as well
it is a game for one to four players
it has a solo mode
playing times around ninety minutes
it’s a moderately complex game
the many critters of everdell forest are working together to build a community nestled beneath the massive branches of the Evertree
by accumulating twigs and pebbles and a nice supply of berries
you hope to attract the best and brightest of the woodland critters to your new Township
can you build the most wonderful little woodland town in all of everdell
or will you be simply a stopover point for the barge toads
you win if you have the most points when all players have finished playing through Four Seasons
points come from a lot of sources just look for the Golden Circle
competitive: everyone is trying to build the best Town in Everdell
card drafting: you can play face-up cards from the meadow
engine building: cards work together to create combos
you start the game with only two workers and a hand of cards
you will need to collect wood, pebbles, amber and berries in order to play cards
on your turn you will do one of two actions, play a card or place a worker
when you place a worker you take the benefits marked in that space for example, two amber
if the space is a closed circle only one worker can occupy it
if it is an open circle any number of workers can occupy it
there are also four special locations that change each game
only one worker can occupy each spot and the second spot is for four player games only
you can play a card from your hand by paying the resources printed on it
instead of playing cards from your hand you can also play them from the meadow
and while this card normally costs two berries we already have the farm in play
so we can play it for zero cost just place an occupied sign on the farm to show it has been used
cards come in different types , some provide one-off benefits, ongoing production,
benefits when you play other cards, worker placement locations that you or others can use and bonus victory points
you can also place workers to claim event tokens once you have the right number of matching cards in your village
you can also use a worker to claim one of these major events if you meet their requirements
when you run out of actions the first time reclaim your workers and take the spring worker then all production cards produce
repeat this process in summer, but draw two cards in the meadow instead of producing
and then in autumn you produce again
also an autumn you can place workers in these spots and discard cards for victory points
once autumn is done your game is over
but keep playing until everyone has finished
why would you like this game?
first of all this game commands attention when you place it on the table
the tree and its bright colors, vibrant art are absolutely eye-catching
the resource tokens cards and everything else in the box are of the finest quality
but beneath the flash is the cold steel of a well tuned and well-designed game
the timing of worker placements, the cards you select and the interconnecting engines you can build
all create a game with a lot of depth and thinking
and there are so many cards in the game that you won’t see the same play patterns emerging each time
the best thing about this game is the meadow
having publicly playable cards dramatically increases your options and adds tension between players
however I personally find the major events a bit of an afterthought they don’t add a huge amount to the game
besides from something more to think about and the minor events aren’t much better
and on first play you won’t know the distributions of cards in the deck and some of them are less common than others
this can hamper your decision-making if
you’re looking for certain combos
like building engines but not cute critters try terraforming Mars
and if you do like cute critters but want something a lot more ruthless try Root
Everdell: the berries are squishy
squish squish squish squish
but wait there’s more! I’ll quickly run through the pearlbrook expansion and what’s in it
first of all it adds a sideboard representing the coastline of everdell
minor events are removed from the game which is a good thing in my mind
they are replaced of these overlays which have new worker placement locations
these locations have very high costs that allow you to buy unique monuments
and the monuments are worth a lot of victory points
these monuments also cost pearls which are an ultra rare resource worth two victory points by themselves
but they can also be used to power a lot of the other new things in pearlbrook
to get pearls you need to take actions in the ocean and for this you will need a frog ambassador
the expansion also adds four new meeple sets for players to choose from of which the starlings of my favorite
your froggy ambassador can take this action to discard two resources and two cards to get one pearl
or if you can meet the requirements of one of the other spaces you can go there
Claiming the pearl on the card and flipping it over
you can take the flipped action immediately if you meet its requirements or the next time you place there
each of these spots is limited and each player only has one froggy ambassador
so you will only get a maximum of four of these actions per game
Pearl’s not only build monuments they also interact with many of the new cards in the expansion
at the start of the game you’ll also get dealt two adornment cards which cost pearls for you to place
and finally there are signs to show if your open locations are available for use or not
if this seems like there’s a hell of a lot going on on this expansion that’s true
I’d really only recommend it for people who are quite comfortable with the core game and want to step up in complexity and variety
but a lot of what it does is good
the monuments themselves are very striking and getting rid of the basic events
which I thought were one of the weak parts of the core game was a good move
they also give you something to strive for as the game reaches its finale
there’s not that many new cards for the main deck
and there’s a lot more ways in this game to get more card draw
so we actually found ourselves cycling through the deck faster than you would in a regular game
but I think my favorite part of the expansion is the adornments
because you get them at the start of the game and they have some pretty neat and powerful effects and you can build a strategy around them
so my final call on pearlbrook is that it’s an excellent expansion
but it is a major overhaul of the game and makes it a lot harder to teach
it’s very much one for the fans of the game
but if you are a big fan of everdell I absolutely recommend picking it up
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