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Aphmau – Letz do this
Aphmau – Oh MY GOD.. The scary Aphmau is–ouhh SHES STARING AT ME! So scary! *eek*
Travis – Shes just looking you down like “ILL GET YOU NEXT!!”
Awesome Aphmau Intro!! *eek!!*
Aphmau – Hey guys, Jess here and I am joined by Andy, who plays Garroth..
Garroth – Hey!
Aphmau – Pat who plays Travis..
Travis – Suppp..
*Cure Aphmau of laughter… PLEASE.*
Aphmau – And Kestin.. Who plays *Cant speak* Who plays *still cant speak*
We call him zanee
Aphmau – NO DANTE!
Aphmau – Eh… Ehe! No hes over here..
Aphmau – Hes in the *mumbles* shop…
Zane -That’s what my personality is just doing.. just doing its own thing..
Aphmau -Yea now we have to go find Dante
Travis – Hey whats up Travis?
Travis – *wait.. i am travis…*
Aphmau – Aww its a extra sensual crisis, how adorable
Aphmau – Aw he looks like the demo Travis..
Aphmau – Today we will be playing guess who where we will be hiding
..Amongst all of the crazies here in the mall and
..whoever can hide the longest will win!
Travis – Cool
Zane- Sounds simple enough!
Aphmau – Lets begin!
Travis – Lets count down..3, 2… Im sorry this is your job.. im sorry… 🙁
Aphmau – No! You can do it, go ahead! Ill let you have it this time.
Travis – *counts very slowly..* 3, 2…….
Travis – Oooooooooone…
Zane – Pressure.. PRESSURE!!!!
Aphmau – UGGGGGHHHH! This is so—- Travis – Uhhh.. Aphmau – Yehhh
Travis – its a poryon aph, Its like ahhhh
Travis – MAN.. When were you a poryon?
Aphmau – IN MEH DREAMS! Travis – Aww..
Aphmau – Yeah yeah that was that was so long ago
.. Like months ago? Like like months? Months? Ago??
Aphmau – Oh alright there we go, Lets go bird boy. let’s do this!
Aphmau – Oh my god SCARY APHMAU IS… EEEK!
Aphmau – UGH shes staring at me! soo scary!
Travis – Cause she’s looking at you like, “I’ll get you next”
Travis – dats so sad.. Aphmau – IMAGINE ALL THE CLICKS!Aphmau – HEHE!! I would never quit youtube.. *I would never quit…*
Aphmau – YAY!! You pushed a button! (and got an achievement… lol) WHY ARE THEY HARD TO FIND??
Zane – And your the one who cut the area in half so…
..I’m not sure how your having trouble
Aphmau- I didn’t cut the..
Travis – You shut down hot topic how dare
Aphmau – How dare me? Garroth – How dare you!>:3
Zane- just cut my life blood from me already, into pieces
that was my last resort
Travis -Suffocating
Travis – Awe scared Brendon hey buddy.

Travis – Ohh this was Gene when he was all… shady (and edgy x3) n’ stuff
Garroth -So you mean all the time *Zane yells as he dies*
Aphmau – I got ya, now you’re a zombie
Zane- I’m what?
Aphmau….you’re a zombie
Travis – your a zombt
Garroth- You’re a Zamboni
Travis- You’re a zambones
hmm kayy
I know isn’t it cute *mumbling*

Aphmau – dont fall in the hole here
*falls in a hole* oops I did,
Garroth- pfft, oh no
Travis -don’t do the thing I just did
Garroth – Make sure you don’t do that
Aphmau – Yeah don’t do that..
Garroth – YAY! I was evil aphmau
Garroth- furnished the power of evil

Travis – Every evil in me is lemons…>:3
Zane – Evilllll!
Aphmau – Lots of thinking going on here
Garroth – Looks like that could be-
anybody over there, take this very seriously…
Garroth – awe baby you’re so cute
Aphmau – Are you flattering yourself?
Travis – Yeah I mean it’s a great way to improve your
self esteem really, just to look at
yourself and go dang
Aphmau – Yea but, he’s not looking at a mirror or anything
he’s looking at like a like himself so…
Is he actually flattering himself or is he
flattering ‘himself’?
Travis – Oh that’s a very good point thats deep..
Garroth fails to talk
*aph makes weird sounds* Travis – oh god, don’t don’t no..

Garroth- how could I punch it? its so perfect
Aph – yeah, why did
you punch it
that’s lowering your self esteem
what you know you never seen a person so
cute your just like I need to hurt you
yeah I mean yeah but i also love as I
said that sad Katelyn just popped out of
nowhere like why you got to do that
why you got to be like this way
every want to be like ah like todestroy puppies
because it’s so cute
I mean yeah but that’s we’re not going
to talk about that its bad, its a bad subject
Oh like you’re cute, its like your hurting my puppy, I cant help it its cute
there’s actually a science video on
YouTube about why we get so destructive
we want to like you know but to destroy
imagine it’s probably from involving
adrenaline and blood rush and
I think our brain is confused by
cuteness I think the baby’s evolved to
become cute so we can protect them
did you know that
yeah because we care because like people
love cute things so baby evolved to be
cute I I don’t just just not verbatim
exactly where is the only one that was
actually a surprise science edition with
aphmau and Andy being kestin gets
sit down pull up the pencils and notebooks
you’re gonna learn things mmm oh no
yeah yeah I got you, you though you could hide as your
other character but I got you, oh was he the Dante
yes you looked right at me
practically yeah look like flying now
do zombies fly? they do now
yeah, so wait a minute, when you tag him does he come
on your team than? no no hes
oh ok yeah I did how do people get a hot
topic there’s people locked inside hot
topics right now
oh yeah I don’t, that’s sounds like my sixteen-year-old
dream being a lot of people wanted to go
in hot topic at 7:59 when the store
closes at eight
well he’s up thank you
I’m not gonna lie i’ve done that like
maybe once in my entire life and I felt
terrible for doing it felt like when you
run straight wildly hi boy how you doing
you were the cute one! I was the cute
one, like always
I’m just sitting
everybody now maybe I’m going to pent
just got to punch everything

oh I got one, I got one I sure did
noo kestin nooo
now shes dead, alright time to sell out..my uh card
collection, thought you were gonna say time to sell out my
YouTube I was always trying to avoid
saying friend because that’s where I was
going but I decided I didn’t want to go
oh yo watch the solo you know you made
that sounds like I was ready to sell my
friend say? what are you again, I don’t know
no no no no I had been caught
Andy look I’m pretty sure
alright i found Travis tho I mean pat, I found pat
no no
I see him I know where he is
no he’s on my side
no no its not me… ill give you a
hint he’s he’s
he’s he’s evil, what no, that’s insane.. I’m shady gene
ahahaaa dammit
shady gene.. awe cute Garroth is there look
at him, I saw cute
Garroth and like uh questionie eye arron
oh god evil eye, I saw that go that right to your face
I heard you talking about dj
oh god, look look
sorry I asked, because this is a very popular
game right now have anybody like
attempted voicing desma from Pokemon Sun
well and done well oh
it’s so hard i can’t pin a voice for him
yeah he’s an interesting guy ehh *aph attempts
there it is, perfect
I’m pretty sure that
ah nebby that you just ah
pew get in the
lily got the most deep man voice ever know at that
come here
why are you sweating
chocolates come here no I lost him
forever haha oh yeah
alright boys and girls
don’t sweat chocolate they’ll find you
yo what up, ahaha its scary. Just imagine you
hissing with this voice, by the way
I was Katelyn in the kitchen ah ha
really what! suppp!
that sounds like a, hiding but you couldn’t finds me
*Cheer’s and disagreements*
WOW, Travis y’all stupid
ok guys well that’s it for this episode of
guess who remember to be sure to check
out the decription below and check behind
you because you never know who might
become creeping up at any moment
oh that it’s just all that is that will
you taking notes all horror directors
Thanks for Watching! And thank the caption editors in the comments below!! woot!!

100 thoughts on “EVIL APHMAU LOOSE IN THE MALL! | MyStreet | Minecraft Guess Who

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    Aaron + Aphmau
    Zane + Kawaii~Chan
    Emmalyn + Kenmur
    Rylan + June

    Ones that I haven't decided on

    Daniel + Dottie
    Blaze + Dottie
    Daniel + Melissa
    Blaze + Melissa

    What y'all think?

  2. Jingle bells,
    My shirt smells,
    I need to change it today,
    Eating noodles,
    Drawing doodles,
    For the rest of my life and day,


  3. kawaii~chan runs into travis
    me: screams NANA DONT RUIN MY SHIP!!!

  4. APHMAU SAID NOT TO QUOTE HER!!! Well… I will: Quoting Aphmau in process

  5. existential crisis how adorable im dead also why destroy puppies

  6. I wanted to destroy my 3 year old cousin BC she's sooooo CUTE

  7. Aphmau : Do you ever want to uh.. Destroy puppies cause They're so cute?

    Me: Ok this turned dark quick…I'm glad I'm not a puppy

    Pat : I mean..Yeah…But we're not going to talk about that


  8. The funny thing about this is that she did kill her self off but she didn't quite YouTube😂😂

  9. "how meta would it be if you killed yourself off in a series" Patrick predicted mystreet season 6

  10. “How meta would a series be if you just killed yourself off?”

    This is a lot funnier a year and a half later

  11. Travis: You know how sometimes your like, your so cute I NEED TO HURT YOU…
    Aphmau: Yahh!
    Dictionary: [face palm] THAT ISN'T A GOOD LOGIC!

  12. Pat: What if you killed yourself off in a series?
    Jess: Woahhh. Then I would quit YouTube
    2018 after When Angels Fall:
    Aph is ded

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    Travis: imagine how the series would be if you just killed yourself off.

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    Pat: (to Aph) how meta would a series be if you killed yourself off?
    *flashback to When Angels Fall*

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    cause i want to buy merch but i dont have money because my uncle lost his
    job and by the way i am 11 years old
    love your videos and ask Aaron if
    we can be friends
    ya know what if you can just ask everyone thanks and bye
    i love you all and good luck with your you tube careers

  16. Travis: It would be just meta if you killed yourself off in a series

    Me: season six when angels fall

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  21. Also can you please make a Moto e 4 phone case I know it's a lot to ask but I really want one it is perfectly fine if you don't make one in that size

  22. “How meta would this series be if you just killed yourself off?”

    I think that comment stuck with her.
    cough ANGELSFALL cough

  23. Theories are thrown
    Potions are mixed
    Travis has pre-
    -dicted Session 6
    Watch "when angels fall" to understand

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    goes dead silent
    Everyone laughs
    Travis: Uhh yea… but we don't talk about that!!!

  26. When Pat asked what would happen if Jess killed Aphmau.
    Kestin and Andy: WoAh
    Jess: I would probably name the video 'I quit YouTube.'
    Me: NO Jess, you made Aaron go on a killing spree.

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    Little did he know…

  28. Hot Topic: Shuts down
    Zane: Just cut my life blood from me already…

  29. "How meta would a series be if you just killed yourself"
    looks at mystreet S6

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  31. 2:37
    Pat/Travis: How meta would it be if you killed yourself off in a series?
    Yeah that would be so weird haha
    1 year later, September 2018
    Jess: Hmm what should I do for My Street season Six episode 8?
    looks back and sees this episode
    Jess: Wow great idea!
    Me: 😭😂

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  34. Aph u sound so funny when u said nyoa😂😝🤯😵🧐😹😸

  35. Aph u sound so funny when u said nyoa😂😝🤯😵🧐😹😸

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    frEaKInG pSYcHic

  41. “How meta would a series be if you just killed yourself off?”

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