Financial Spread Betting Getting Started by Vince Stanzione

Hello I’m
Vince Stanzione and I’m the UKs best known
Financial Spread Trader and author of the first and bestselling course, Making Money
From Financial Spread Trading which I first wrote back in 1997.
Financial Spread betting – also known as Financial Spread Trading – has seen massive growth over
the last decade in the UK and is a flexible and tax-efficient way to back anything from
shares, currencies, commodities, Bonds, stock indices and even house prices.
Financial spread betting lets you gain exposure to the performance of key markets, without
having to put up the full value of the transaction – that’s because you’re trading on margin.
So you can profit from market moves while only putting forward a margin deposit as collateral
– this can be as low as 5% of the contract value. Think of it like a mortgage on a house
where you only put up a deposit. And because your transaction is a bet, your
profits are free from UK capital gains tax and income tax, and trades on individual shares
are free from stamp duty. Those outside the UK may also be able to Spread Bet but the
same tax advantages don’t apply. A similar product called a Contract for difference or
C F D is available to you in most parts of Europe, Australia, South Africa and Singapore.
One of the major advantages of financial spread betting over conventional share trading is
that it’s just as easy to go short as it is to go long. In other words, you can profit
even when a particular market is falling – you simply open a SELL/DOWN bet rather than a
BUY/UP bet. Other methods of shorting shares are often expensive and not easily available
to smaller private traders. Financial Spread betting can be used to trade
from less than one minute up to 12 months and can be used to cover a range of different
investment strategies. For instance, you could use spread bets to hedge the value of your
existing holdings, hedge against a currency exchange movement or to speculate on market
volatility. You’ve also got the flexibility to respond
quickly to any changes in market conditions as most Financial Spread Betting companies
are open 24 hours a day. Financial Spread Betting companies have been at the forefront
of technology and it’s now possible to trade on a mobile device like a blackberry or ipad.
As the popularity of Financial Spread Betting has grown so have the number of Financial
Spread Betting Brokers – as traders this is good news as the competition has lead to better
products, lower spreads and smaller bet sizes. Another advantage is the ability to trade
in your base currency, for instance sterling, even though the market may be traded in US
Dollars – for example Gold or Oil – this means you don’t have to worry about exchange rates.
Interested in finding out more? I think it makes sense to get some good independent
training before you dive in. So I’ll send you my free 10 top tips the professionals
don’t tell you, give you access to my blog and video updates, all free of charge with
my compliments. To find out more and sign up just go to

24 thoughts on “Financial Spread Betting Getting Started by Vince Stanzione

  1. hey vince, i just started in spreadbetting n been making loss, although my start up capital everytime is £100, i end up losing money. however i just watched your video on tips about spreadbetting n realised wat i was doing wrong. have u got any more tips?
    ps: sorry about my writing as im used to texting alot. lol

  2. Hello, keep watching the videos I will posting new ones also you can but The Making Money From Spread Trading course which will help you. If your starting out with small amount you may want to consider fixed odds try betonmarkets.

  3. Stop trying to get everything for free, if you want to learn from the best like Vince Stanzione You have to pay, that’s the way the world works, you not going to get his trading system for $29. I bought his course from Amazon and have made money every month (I am only trading small amounts) but I am building up.

  4. Does Vince Stanzione Course work?. To say I am delighted is an understatement. To the non-believers search “Dow 14200 Vince Stanzione” and see what he said back in 2011.

  5. I have followed Vince for many years now and I am very happy to report that he continues to impress with his knowledge, candour and delivery. The information can be back dated and checked and proves very successful on a percentage basis. Vince Stanzione is the real deal.

  6. Just read about Vince Stanzione in the Newspaper, I am a bit skeptical but after some searches he seems the real deal and I have just ordered his course.

  7. I was speaking to my account ex as IG Index today about a roll over and asked him about what books or courses he would recommend and he said Vince Stanzione was the one to look at. Whilst he could not give specific client information it was clear VS is a big trader with IG Index.

  8. Top man, top course, everytime I have email him he has come back quickly and answered my questions.

  9. Vince is the real deal, yes you will find a few losers that will complain and blame him for their bad trades but look at the facts he is been around for over 28 years in the business and has 1000s of testimonials and newspaper cuttings, this works if you follow it.

  10. Thanks for posting these great videos, love your channel and learning so much. I have opened a demo account with Capital Spreads and started doing fixed odds with betonmarkets, let me know if you have any good tips.

  11. Thank you, you can sub to the channel then you will get updates. Regards, Vince Stanzione

  12. Thank you I will add a few new videos each month. Regards, Vince Stanzione

  13. Thanks for yoru kind words, not sure if you have my course but that woudl be the next step. Making Money Money From Financial Spread Tarding comes with a workbook, 2 DVds, internet site and support. check winonmarkets net for more

  14. Hi Tim, thanks for your kind words, in anything in life you will never please everyone but I do my best to please the majority. I offer a money back guarantee which why I know that many of the "so called" un happy clients are not genuine. If the course was not good then I woudl not have such good feed back on Amazon. Regards, Vince Stanzione

  15. Thank you, yes I do give the support, unlike most that take your money and forget about you.. Regards, Vince Stanzione

  16. Hello, yes IG Index are the biggest spread betting/CFD company. I have had an account with IG Index since 1990. What is also important about IG Index its part of IG Group which is a big strong stable company currently listed in the UK on the FTSE250 and likley to join the FTSE100 at some stage.

    Most clients have 2 or 3 accounts, Spreadex,City Index and Capital Spreads
    Regards, Vince

  17. Hi Alex, thank you for your order and your trust, the package is being shipped out this morning. Regards,Vince

  18. Thanks Robert, very kind, let me know if I can be of assistance. If you have a question its quicker to email me. Regards, Vince Stanzione

  19. Thank you, yes I did a video interview at the FT/Investors Chronicle, if you search youtube "vince stanzione investors chronicle" you will find it. Regards,Vince

  20. Vince,

    Ive been a fan for some time too, you talked about markets acting as pyramids of previous videos, does this mean you think Gold will go sub $1000 per ounce? What is your target for Gold?

    Thank you 🙂

  21. Now 1st time i have saw vince money making video,I am interested in Binary business ,already i have started it also got a awesome income from it last week i earned $1289,now I am wiling to start more Binary business like forex,So i think i wil get benefite from this channel and i will compete my vision 

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