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The last pinball is in captivity.
The galaxy is at peace. Today on Ninchronicles,
we’re going to talk about Galactic Pinball!!! Galactic Pinball was released for the Virtual Boy launch in Japan and America in the summer of 1995. Developed by Intellignet Systems, this game is easily described as a pinball game with a space setting. Right off the bat, you have a voice
welcoming you to the space world. *game audio* Welcome to Space World! Let’s go! No, you’re not going to be exploring Nintendo’s old game expo from Japan. That’s the name of the world
these pinball tables inhabit. Though the game was at one point referred to as
Space Pinball and it had a wealth of different tables too. Check it out in the link in the description. Something you’ll probably notice
when you play Galactic Pinball is that there is not actually a ball. The thing getting bounced around in
the flippers there is actually a puck. I guess Galactic Pinpuck doesn’t exactly
have the same ring to it. There’s four tables to choose from:
Cosmic, Colony, UFO, and Alien and a welcoming voice introduces them all. *game audio* Cosmic! *game audio* Colony! *game audio* UFO! *game audio* Alien! Besides the unique aspects of each table, there’s a few common bonuses that each table shares. Some parts of the tables give you kickback bonuses that rescue your puck in case it falls to the side. There’s some hard-to-reach spots here where you earn a letter if you manage to get into them. Spell out the name of the table
and you get a nice jackpot! And then we have the Cyber Roulette
which has a variety of prizes like giving you three kickbacks on the side pits or protecting you completely with a center kickback. Phew! I’m safe! There’s also some designated spots around each table where if you hit the puck into it enough times you’ll be granted access to a bonus. You can actually decide whether you want to go to the bonus stage or just skip it and take
half a million points as a consolation The bonus stage itself is pretty simple, it just consists of you trying to hit as many stars as a can without losing too many pucks. All right, now that the stage is set,
let’s take a look at the individual tables. Here’s the Alien table. You might notice that it has a distinct lack of alien. Well, you can remedy that by knocking down a few panels at the top of the stage and entering the alien’s lair. That’s when you find out the twist! The bumpers were the alien all long! *spookily* Oooooh! After knocking the alien with the puck a few times, you’ll be encouraged to go back to the
alien lair to give yourself a nice bonus. Also if you hit these panels on the side here,
a bunch of rings will fill the stage. Hit the puck through these for another bonus! I said get the puck in the rings! No! Go in the rings- Ah dangit… The UFO table immediately
starts asking you to get a flight bonus. Do that by hitting the puck
into the engine on the left here. It doesn’t really affect anything,
it’s just a point things…. …again. Now the top the area is
where the real action takes place. There’s a trio of bumpers in the middle here, there’s holes for the target letter
and the roulette bonus, and if you can sneak the puck into the top lane,
it’ll rack up your score a bit. The real goal is to get the puck to pass through these four little vents at the top and then hit it through one of the bumpers. Surprise! It’s a skeleton! Force him to swallow the puck a few times and you’ll get a big jackpot Take that Mr. Bones! The Colony table has an interesting premise. Your puck is tasked with being the hero by saving various colonies from asteroids. Here’s the way it works: All these different hotspots around the board
take turns lighting up. Most will have multiple places highlighted, but generally every colony will switch
which places are lit up and how many Throw your puck into all of these spots
and you get to move on to the next colony. Save every colony on the list and you get a big jackpot! Now maybe it’s because
I don’t play a lot of pinball games, but I think that this is a pretty unique idea. On top of the usual target letters you earn on this table, if you hit the puck into this area,
you can spell out the word Rescue. Once it happens, you summon a little rescue ship to come out and the puck hitches a ride. Just hit the A button to tell it when to get off. Helpful if you need a boost hitting a
hard-to-reach spot. The other big thing about this table is that you’ll notice the radar here. You see, a bunch of asteroids are actually coming up behind you. Once you’re in the eye of the storm, your puck turns into a turret and you’ll
need to blow those space rocks away. Of course, there’s…uh…no real penalty for missing. It’s not like it’s gonna damage the board or anything so don’t feel too pressured
about trying to get a perfect score here. Okay, so unlike the other three boards, the Cosmic board doesn’t really have a threat. There’s a big rotating planet that’ll give you some bonuses if you manage to get the pick into the core. There’s also some panels at the side here that’ll stretch out this lane at the top and give you bigger points the longer it is. Oh, and if you collect the taget letters on this table you get a nice cutscene of the puck racing a spaceship. Hey, that kind of looks like Samus’s gunship, don’t you- Wait a minute! That IS her gunship! Yes, it’s true. Hot off the heels of Super Metroid only a year earlier, Samus makes a cameo in this game. What you got to do is get the puck into the top right corner into this little hole. Then you’ll be strong enough
to break these three bumpers. Break ’em all and you’ll get to play
a little shoot-’em-up mini-game as Samus. Hmmmm….Samus in a pinball game, huh? I like the sound of that! Now being the kind of game it is, Galactic Pinball having a high score board
isn’t exactly special in itself. However, if you’re better than me at pinball and manage to score a whopping 50 million points before you lose all your lives, you’ll have earned the right to watch the credits. Good luck! There’s not much more to say on Galactic Pinball. If you’re a pinball fan and these tables sound interesting to you, I’d say go for it. You know, just as long as you don’t mind the eyestrain. Hey Shane! What are you playing? Tabletop Simulator. It’s like I’m actually, like, playing Monopoly, you know? Well, Nintendo’s got a VR machine now. Take a look for yourself! Really? Like how good could it possibly be?
Let me see that. Oh my god! This is amazing! I wasted my money on this freakin’ thing! Put it away! I’m not gonna put it in the trash! Do it! I can’t! I just got this thing! It was 800 bucks! It’s for YouTube, Shane! You better do it! This is a ridiculous skit! There’s banana peels in there and it’s covered in yogurt! I can’t do this!

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