GAMBLING IN MISSOURI: When is it legal? When isn’t it?

ED GREWACH WITH THE MISSOURI GAMING COMMISSION SAYS IT’S PRETTY STRAIGHT FORWARD. Ed Grewach/General Counsel, Missouri Gaming Commission: “The Missouri Lottery which is a separate agency from the Missouri Gaming Commission. Then there are casinos and bingo, which we at the commission regulate. The last one is a provision in the constitution that allows charitable or religious to hold raffle.” GREWACH SAYS THE GAMING COMMISION ONLY HAS JURISDICTION OVER CASINOS AND BINGO LICENSEES. Ed Grewach/General Counsel, Missouri Gaming Commission: “Gambling has three elements, consideration, chance and prize.” GREWACH SAYS CONSIDERATION MEANS PLAY TO PAY. Ed Grewach/General Counsel, Missouri Gaming Commission: “That’s why you see some companies like McDonald’s when they do their monopoly promotions say no purchase necessary. Taking that first element out therefore it’s not gambling.’ THE SECOND ELEMENT IS CHANCE……FOR EXAMPLE, THERE’S A CHANCE YOU MIGHT PICK THE RIGHT CARD OR PUZZLE PIECE. THE THIRD ELEMENT IS PRIZE. Ed Grewach/General Counsel, Missouri Gaming Commission: “The last one doesn’t come into play very often, but there could be a circumstance where you’re having say an office pool for the NCAA tournament but nobody wins any money it’s just for bragging rights then you don’t have gambling then.” GREWACH TELLS ME BINGO LICENSEES AND CASINOS ARE HEAVILY REGULATED. NYZAH HE SAYS IF SOMEONE FEELS ILLEGAL GAMBLING IS UNDERWAY, THEY CAN CONTACT LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE CLUBHOUSE- THE HIGHWAY PATROL SAYS THEY WERE TIPPED BY SOMEONE WITH AN ALLEGATION. IF THE PATROL FINDS EVIDENCE, IT’S TURNED OVER TO PROSECUTORS WHO WILL DECIDE IF SOMETHING ILLEGAL HAPPENED. THREE MEN WERE ARRESTED YESTERDAY BUT HAVE NOT BEEN CHARGED. HEATHER CITIES ALL AROUND THE STATE ARE WORKING TO PREPARE FOR THE

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