Gambling on Addiction : How Governments Rely on Problem Gamblers – The Fifth Estate

[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: We all know
when it comes to gambling,
the house always wins.
>>I was cashing my
paycheques, taking it there,
started borrowing from banks,
started borrowing
from loan sharks.
>>Mark: But the dirty
little secret is just how much
government-run casinos
rely on problem gamblers.
>>15% to 50% of gambling
revenue comes from the
problem gamblers.
>>There’s no doubt that
they exploit addicted gamblers.
It’s their stock and trade.
>>Mark: Governments say they
promote responsible gambling,
but do they really?
>>Who has a problem
with responsibility?
It’s a good thing.
But it is also a concerted
public relations campaign.
>>They need to come up with a
way to ensure that this is not
gonna happen to other
people, what happened to me.
>>Mark: On this edition
of The Fifth Estate,
we go undercover to investigate
the government’s
addiction problem.
And Terence McKenna enters
a Dominican jail to visit a
Canadian businessman locked
away just after he appeared on
The Fifth Estate.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: When it
comes to gambling,
Canadians have plenty
of skin in the game.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: Last year, we spent
about $13 billion on legal,
government-run gambling.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: It’s estimated we
spend another $12 billion
or so every year on gambling
websites and illegal bookmakers.
Imagine that,
about $25 billion a year.
That’s three times more
than we spend on movies,
hockey tickets,
and Tim Hortons, combined.
>>Voice-over: What fun
is waiting at
OLG Slots & Casinos?
>>Mark: Hey, Canada.
Could it be we have
a gambling problem?
Well, not if you watch
casino adds on TV,
like these ones for Ontario’s
Lottery And Gaming Corporation.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Good luck charms, well.
>>Mark: Here, the only
gamblers they portray are good,
wholesome people.
>>I got a hat
that I wear on poker.
I figure it brings me luck.
>>I always have to
walk in on my right foot.
>>Mark: And gambling?
Good, wholesome fun.
>>I just keep this in my hand.
I keep hoping it brings me luck.
I say, “Come on,
you can do it for me.”
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: You don’t see people
like Joe Frieri in their ads,
but you sure see
them in their casinos,
pushing buttons,
staring at screens,
hour after hour after hour.
Like hundreds of
thousands of Canadians,
Joe is a gambling addict.
How much money do you
think you’ve lost gambling?
>>I had estimated,
just a short time ago,
I would say anywhere
between 2 and $3 million.
>>Mark: And how much
money do you owe today?
>>Probably about…
Between family,
about $1.5 million.
>>Mark: Between family,
loan sharks–
>>Loan sharks.
>>Mark: Bookmakers.
>>Yes, correct.
>>Mark: That’s a
deep hole, Joe.
>>Yup, yup.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: And it all
started so harmlessly.
Joe’s childhood
defined by family,
church, school, and sports.
>>I innocently
liked to play cards.
When, you know, we would get
together as a family and play on
Christmas, you know, and
we’d play cards for a few hours
to pass the time.
>>Mark: As Joe grew older,
the stakes grew higher.
He was soon gambling every day.
And the casinos
wanted his business,
sending him promotional
flyers and coupons,
urging him to keep coming back.
At what point was it when
you realized that you had
crossed that line, and–?
>>Probably in the
early to mid-twenties,
early to mid-twenties,
because I’d already at that
point had got– received a few
bailouts from my family.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: Joe’s weakness?
Electronic gaming
machines, or EGMs,
like slots and video poker.
Seems everyone loves them.
Governments certainly do.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: OLG says 88% of
casino gaming revenue
comes from slot machines.
To put their popularity
in perspective,
there are some 100,000
legal EGMs in Canada.
That’s compared to 65,000 ATMs.
Author and academic
Natasha Schull says these
machines have a corrosive
effect on all gamblers,
not just addicts, designed
with sophisticated algorithms
to separate you from your money.
>>What I found
I actually find more sinister,
which is that people are
not trying to create addicts.
They’re trying to
increase revenue,
and a kind of collateral damage
is that they create addicts.
>>Mark: Success is
measured not only by revenue,
but by the time gamblers
spend on these machines.
It’s known as TOD,
or time on device,
where gamblers are lulled into
a trancelike escape from life,
and loss.
>>I kept hearing this word,
you know, I’m in the zone,
I go into the machine zone, and
the machine zone they described
was a kind of state that’s
outside of time and outside
of space, where monetary
value falls away.
You’re just in a flow.
You lose track of even yourself.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: But surely it’s
only addicts who end up
in the zone, right?
Well, I came to the
Gambling Research Lab
at the University of Waterloo
to find out.
Kevin Harrigan
leads a team examining
the physiological
rush gamblers get.
>>These have to go on.
Should be fairly snug, but…
>>Yeah, no problem.
>>Mark: I’m wired up to
measure my heart rate,
sweat level, and the
pressure from my trigger finger
as I play.
>>How’s that feel?
>>Mark: Feels perfect.
>>Mark: I start with
1000 credits on the machine.
What are the odds of me
winning in this game?
>>The odds of you winning
something are really good.
About half the time or
a third of the time,
you’re gonna win something.
>>Mark: I would have thought
the odds would have been lower.
But hold on, there’s a catch
to all those so-called wins.
>>Well, what happens
is a lot of those wins,
about half of them
are actually losses,
so you’re wagering, let’s say
20 cents and you’re winning
8 cents, so you have
a loss of 12 cents.
But it flashes and makes sounds
as if you’ve won.
>>Mark: So it’s a
loss disguised as a win.
>>Mark: And as long as
my body interprets that
I’m winning, I keep playing?
>>Mark: As my
heart rate increases,
I learned even the illusion of
winning gives players a blast of
dopamine, like a
chemical jackpot for the brain.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Okay, so now, here you
have one of these losses
disguised as wins.
>>Mark: So, I am–
I’m closer to a win,
but I’m still losing?
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: I’m feeling
like a winner.
If I didn’t see what
my credits were.
>>Mark: Am I up or am I down?
I would tell you I’m way up.
>>Like one gambler said,
“If I keep on winning,
“I’m gonna go broke.”
>>Mark: Unlike card
games or horse races,
bets on a slot machine
come fast and furiously.
According to Harrigan,
the industry average is about
1,000 spins an hour.
Studies suggest the
rapidfire gambling increases
the onset of addiction.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: And there is something
mesmerizing about this.
Gamblers may see these
as games of chance,
but insiders say they have been
designed to reduce the chance of
winning the
longer gamblers play.
So, you win– the casino
wins and the house wins
on two fronts, is that
they’ve taken all my money
that I put into this machine…
>>Mark: ..and they’ve increased
the likelihood that I’m going to
come back and do it again.
>>Mark: Some compare these
machines to crack cocaine,
others to cigarettes, both
highly addictive by design.
>>I heard one game designer
talk about the math that he
was designing.
He was drawing a–
some graphs for me.
He was like, “This is what an
old slot machine looked like.”
Big valleys and peaks,
spike– really spiky.
“This is what our new
machines look like,”
and he drew this slow curve.
He said, “We want people to
recline on our algorithms
“the way you recline
on a comfortable couch.”
>>Mark: But the line is
eventually heading down.
>>It’s all about
slowly eroding,
nibbling away at your
budget until you reach zero.
So, this is discussed as giving
gamblers a smoother ride,
a ride to where?
A ride to zero.
A ride on that graph down to the
moment when you can’t play
anymore, which is often called
the moment of extinction.
>>Mark: Joe knew he was
past the point of extinction.
His gambling debts
were slowly killing him.
You need to be
protected from yourself.
>>Sometimes, yes.
In this case, I did.
In this case I couldn’t
do it on my own anymore,
as I was trying.
>>Mark: Joe had an idea.
He could ban
himself from the casinos.
It’s a program
called Self-Exclusion,
common at casinos across Canada.
Ontario’s casinos now have
facial recognition software.
This company video shows
how it’s supposed to keep
banned gamblers out.
>>Once they’re isolated and
identified via the cameras at
fixed entrances for example, the
alerts are sent to the operator
at which time the operator can
make an informed decision on the
individual as to next steps.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: But does this
high-tech security system
really work?
As we’ll show you, we went
undercover to find out.
[ ♪♪ ]
[ Muffled Cheers ]
>>Announcer: The
story doesn’t end here.
Like The Fifth Estate’s Facebook
page so you can follow
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We will post updates on stories
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[ ♪♪ ]
♪ Come on, Ontario ♪
>>Mark: Ontario’s
appetite for legalized gambling
had pretty humble beginnings.
>>Welcome back to Wintario.
Tonight we are coming
to you live from
Queen’s University in Kingston.
>>Tonight, live from Warsaw.
>>From the Etobicoke Olympian.
>>Mark: It began in 1975 with a
single lottery called Wintario.
With spinning balls
and televised draws.
The lottery made a meagre
$43 million profit in its first
year of operation,
but that was then.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Voice-over: Thrilling games,
delicious food, and exciting–
>>Mark: This is now.
Today, the gleaming OLG is
the biggest provincial gaming
corporation in Canada, with
more than 18,000 employees,
generating $7.5 billion
in gross revenues for
a deficit ridden government.
But ever wonder who’s
anteing up that cash?
>>So, today we’re talking about
the proportion of gambling
revenue derived
from problem gamblers.
>>Mark: Robert Williams
is a professor at the
University of
Lethbridge in Alberta.
He’s an expert in
gambling research.
>>Depending on the jurisdiction
and the time period between
15 to 50% of gambling revenue
comes from problem gamblers.
>>Mark: By his calculation,
addicts pump billions a year
into government run
casinos across Canada.
>>If your revenue base is
hinged on drawing a good portion
of your money from an
addictive population,
that’s a problematic
business enterprise.
If you’re just in
private business,
let alone government.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: Consider this.
In 2016, the Alberta government
made more money from gambling
than it did from
oil and gas revenues,
because this is a
business that’s all boom,
no bust.
In the past 20 years, gaming
revenues in Canada have
quadrupled, much of it
pure profit for governments.
Joe Frieri says the OLG
made a pretty profit from him.
He says he spent about a million
dollars at OLG casinos and
insists no one on staff ever
suggested he stop playing
or get help.
>>It’s an addiction
that’s very quiet.
In other words, you’ll
never know if somebody
has a gambling problem.
And the province
needs to know that,
and they need to come up with a
way to ensure that this is not
going to happen to other
people, what happened to me.
>>Mark: What percentage of your
clientele would you define as a
problem gambler?
>>So, the research suggests
that between 8 and 12% of a
player base may have
some kind of issue, so we need–
>>Mark: Paul Pellizzari doesn’t
deny problem gamblers are a
problem for the casinos.
He’s the OLG’s Executive
Director for policy and
social responsibility.
Do you want problem
gamblers in your casino?
>>We do not want problem
gamblers in our casinos,
and here’s the reason why, Mark.
For the most part,
Ontario is a local’s market.
It’s different from Las Vegas.
It’s different from Macau.
We need people
who can play today,
tomorrow, next year,
and five years from now.
>>So, this is where you
are showcasing the machines,
or testing the machines?
>>Yeah, we test
them, we–
>>Mark: So, how do you
keep them playing safely?
Make sure they don’t reach
that moment of extinction.
Pellizzari shows me how the OLG
is giving players the option to
limit the amount of time and
money they spend on slots.
It’s kind of like a
casino nanny cam.
But for all the information
that is provided here…
>>Mark: I am free to ignore it.
>>Again, informed
internal– building for players
internal self controls,
that over the long-term is
what leads to healthier playing.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: The OLG spends about
$50 million a year on problem
gamblers, for research,
awareness, and treatment.
Joe benefited from that program.
He received gambling
counselling paid for by the OLG.
He also signed an agreement with
OLG to voluntarily ban himself
from their casinos.
They call the
program self-exclusion.
But Joe says none of that
stopped him from playing
whenever he got the itch.
>>I was still self-excluded
and I went back,
walked into Woodbine, and I
just started all over again.
You know, I was
cashing my paychecks,
taking it there.
Starting to borrow from
banks, starting to borrow
from loan sharks again.
>>Mark: But you’re on
the self-exclusion list?
>>I still am, yeah, yeah.
>>Mark: And nobody
has stopped you?
>>Nobody’s stopping me.
>>Mark: Nothing.
>>Mark: Pellizzari says the
OLG has built a better firewall
to keep self excluders out,
spending half a million bucks
on facial recognition software.
And if they are detected?
>>If they are detected, then a
staff member very discreetly
goes over, talks to the person,
probably pulls them away
from the gaming floor,
determines that they are who we
think that they are, in terms of
the self-exclusion program,
and then we discreetly remove
them from the property.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: So, does the high-tech
detection system really work?
Well, we decided to
put it to the test.
Our producer, Scott Anderson,
put himself on the
self-exclusion list.
OLG took his picture and
his personal information.
A week later, we sent
him out on a mission.
Could he walk into an
OLG casino and play?
Or would the state-of-the-art
cameras catch him?
First attempt, the slots
at Flamboro Downs.
>>How you doing?
>>Good, you?
>>Good, thanks.
>>Mark: He walks past the
security guard and the cameras
and into the casino.
He plays the slots…
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: ..then
cashes out, and exits.
Well, maybe it
was beginner’s luck.
So, we make a second
attempt an hour later,
the slots at Mohawk racetrack.
>>How are you?
>>Mark: Once again,
he gets a polite welcome,
then sits down and plays.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: He decides to
push his luck and heads
to Casino Niagara.
New location, same warm welcome,
and no one stops him
from playing.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: Shortly after, we
make a fourth and final attempt
across town at Fallsview Casino.
Well, it’s four of a kind.
Our so called self-excluded
gambler has beaten the house
time and time again.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: And then he went to see
what would happen when he showed
up at your properties,
and this is what happened.
We showed the video
to Paul Pellizzari.
How do you explain why our
producer got into four different
properties and
was never detected?
>>We provide supports to
detect self-excluders–
>>Mark: But you have
facial recognition.
>>No one element of the program
is designed to be foolproof.
>>Mark: But four out of four?
>>We detect over
3,000 people every year.
We’ve improved that number.
It is one support
that we provide.
We’re going to look at
how we can improve it,
but the important point is
to not characterize it as a
policing program.
Because that’s a
disservice to gamblers.
>>Mark: Author Natasha Schull
says self policing isn’t an
addict’s strong suit.
That’s the weakness, she says,
of responsible gambling
>>But it is also a concerted
public relations campaign that
deflects attention away
from problematic products
and industries, and puts
it all on the person.
You manage yourself.
>>Mark: So, is there a
better way to weed out
self-excluded gamblers?
Well, why not simply ask
them to show ID at the door?
>>Most countries in the world,
you gotta show any government ID
to get into a casino.
There is no long lineups.
In fact you can automate
it by just scanning it.
You know, Disneyland does
that with thumbprints.
There’s lots of automated
ways to have a more reliable
detection system.
It’s just North American
casinos have been reluctant
to do it.
>>Mark: It’s– they’re
choosing not to do it.
>>They’re choosing
not to do it.
I think it’s a fair
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: But there’s one policy
the OLG enforces rigorously.
If you are self-excluded
and you win big,
you’re out of luck.
So gamblers on the banned
list are free to lose hundreds
of thousands of
dollars in the casino,
but the minute they win a
jackpot of more than $10,000,
casino reps won’t pay them out.
No, they’ll kick
them out of the casinos.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: So, how often
does this happen?
Well, according to information
obtained by The Fifth Estate,
it’s a growing problem.
Over a six-year period, there
were 274 cases of self-excluded
gamblers who were caught
when they won big jackpots.
Last year alone,
there were 77 new cases.
That’s a 28% increase.
But you understand
the objects here,
that if I am sel-excluded,
I can lose,
give you thousands and
thousands of dollars,
which you will freely take, but
the minute I ask for my winnings
back, you say, “No, sorry.”
>>They’ve made a commitment
to themselves to stay away
from the property.
They know it’s on them to not
come back to the casino and that
these things are in
place to remove them.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: OLG has settled at
least 18 cases out of court,
paying off the problem gamblers
who then sign an agreement to
ensure everyone
keeps quiet about it.
Sean Dewart has taken on more
than a dozen of these cases.
>>I mean, now everyone
who participates in the
self-exclusion program learns
pretty early on it’s a joke,
and that this piece of
paper they’ve signed means
absolutely nothing, and they are
free to go back in and indulge
in their addictive behaviour.
>>Mark: Do you think OLG knows
that this is a toothless policy?
>>There’s no doubt in my
mind that OLG knows this is a
toothless policy, because OLG
hasn’t really done anything to
give it any teeth.
>>Mark: Pellizzari won’t
explain why the OLG settles with
the problem gamblers.
>>I can confirm that there
have been lawsuits in multiple
including Ontario.
We’re obliged to
respect confidentiality
in these matters.
>>Mark: Dewart has a simple,
albeit cynical explanation about
why OLG settles.
>>For one thing, they
frequently get the money back,
which is to say that there is a
settlement that ends up in my
client’s pocket, and my
clients do what all addicts do,
which is they go
right back into a casino,
so in some cases I’m quite sure
OLG is cognizant of the
fact that the money is just
gonna go in a circle.
>>Mark: And the circle of
publicity keeps spinning,
like the numbers on
the slot machines.
Last year the OLG spent $333
million on marketing,
and promotion.
Urging gamblers to come
early and come often.
[ Laughter ]
>>I love this guy!
>>We’re leaving in
five minutes, okay?
>>Three more.
>>Three more.
>>Such a fun age.
>>Isn’t it?
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: Across
Canada, governments,
it’s estimated, spent close to
half a billion dollars a year
promoting gambling
with ads like these,
while at the same time banning
ads for smoking and drinking.
>>The only thing
missing is you.
>>Mark: As for Joe, whether
you sympathize with him or not,
don’t tell him fun
wins every time.
He’s more than a
million dollars in debt,
and the loan
sharks are circling.
Do you fear for your life?
>>I do.
I do, yeah.
Every day I do, but it’s just
something I have to deal with.
>>Mark: How are you going
to get out of that hole?
>>I don’t know.
I’m just fighting
now to– I mean,
I’m basically fighting just
to just try to make ends meet.
It’s just– it’s never enough,
and it always puts me back in
the thinking of, maybe I can
go back to gambling to win,
to have that big score,
to help me with this,
at least.
[ ♪♪ ]
>>Mark: But what really angers
him is after pumping $3 million
into legal and
illegal slot machines,
his life is hanging by a thread,
and the casinos continue to
profit on addicts like him.
>>You know what?
I just– I might not be able
to save myself in the end,
but I just want
to save somebody,
somebody who, you know what,
as a teenager could wander into
these places or get,
you know, manipulated,
so I just want to save somebody.
I know I can.
I know I can.
I know I have the ability
through this channel,
this media, to save
somebody out there.
>>Mark: I hope you can, Joe.
>>Mark: Thank you.

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  25. You must be complete Idiot believe that Casinos intention will be stop you to gamble,it's your responsibilities, no one else….wake up and smell the coffee…

  26. After years of watching me lose money gambling at the casino my sister asked why do I do it? I told her it wasn't about winning money. IT WAS ABOUT WINNING TIME AWAY FROM MY PERSONAL LIFE.

  27. Canadian casinos are the worst. Best go to the states. Better comps, wins and it's a hassle to get across the border so you will go less.

  28. It took me 32 years to overcome this nightmare ☠️ I finally did!! My story is going 🌎 Wide. I plan on helping as many as possible!!

  29. Come on camera with facial recognition are for the cheaters and people who count cards…..Not for someone who has a gambling issue……..

  30. The House Always Wins, Whether You Have Signed The Self EXCLUSION Papers Or NOT… simply you ban yourself, and then get a gambling urge to play, walk in, gamble, WIN BIG, And only then they realise you are self excluded, this gives the house, not to pay you out,,, SCAMMERS VIA CASINO, AT THEIR FINEST … PLEASE GIVE PROBLEM GAMBLERS, MORE HOUSE INSURANCE, NOT TO WALK, IN NOT TO PLAY….. But Business is Business, if others see you have a gambling addiction, they don't care, about family loss or heartbreak …

  31. There’s no support systems at casinos, I’ve felt like I wanted to yell and cry, but even if I did, casino staff would never help problem gamblers.

  32. That’s why the first couple of wins are sometimes pretty good I cash that puppy out!! And move on. Because if you keep playing you’ll eventually lose it all.

  33. Government also cheating there people cuz if they know this why they accept people to do this omg

  34. I live in the United States I banned myself from the casino in Queens New York which is called Resorts World five years if I would have walked in there if I banned myself I would have been arrested I don't know how Canada works but it works differently here in the states especially in New York state and we have several casinos if you ban yourself from the casinos in the US you will get arrested.

  35. Thanks for the upload I have a gambling problem and this really helped me ☺👍

  36. Gambling has never been my addiction. When I see casino commercials, wouldn't be prudent, not at this juncture, not gonna do it.

  37. If you want to win a small fortune at casinos, walk in with a large fortune.

  38. I gamble on NFL and I make a lot of money HAHAHAHA

  39. The house THINKS that it always wins, but when you catch the house doing crooked things alongside corrupt government officials, then they lose if you have the proper planning to carry things out.

  40. Fun fact: It was a Jewish gangster, no joke, who is responsible today for making Las Vegas into a sinful gambling city. Bugsy Siegel was a Jewish mafia who invented the first Las Vegas gambling building. Today, millions of people each year lose their hopes and life through a small glass of alcohol and through the slot machines etc.

  41. I don't see how or why people keep going to casinos They are Rigged! I went to one in near Niagara Falls Canada side in 2010  & the casino there had a smoking section to Keep Gamblers playing  when I asked about it I said I do ( did at the time ) smoke but I thought smoking was banned in Canada. OH it's on Native indian Land, they are Full of it! they are Scam artists & YES of course the ones in the US are also


  43. If selfexclusion .. Doesn't work ..Grab a chair and smash it though a few machines .. that will work .. Scumbags

  44. READ ALLEN CARR'S BOOK The Easy Way to Stop Gambling

    Changed my life

  45. I think the goverment should let us pay are taxes threw a VLT. That way we might get something out of it. Or at least think we are.

  46. In ILLINOIS,to ban yourself you must go INSIDE THE CASINO…Imagine a Alcholoic going in a bar and saying “NO BOOZE PLEASE” Also now that they allow small places to have up to 5 machines.There are over 200 little slot places within a 20 minute drive of me.HOW CAN I BAN MYSELF FROM THEM ALL

  47. Anything that causes a slow death 💀 is the opposite of what it is to LIVE and that's EVIL

  48. And yet,a U.K. 16 year old can purchase thousands of scratchcards,or lotto tickets with nare a worry.Get the lottery out of retail shops and into licensed premises.Stop advertising ‘fun’ stuff like online Bingo,on TV,as a harmless pastime.

  49. This is not the only resources avaible its one of the worst if system is not change,

  50. Exactly the same as in Australia. Actually catholic churches run several "social clubs" (gambling clubs) in Sydney. The head of catholic church said "nothing against the bible, gambling is not against catholic believe." Our state governments get about 20-40% tax revenue from gambling. No politician dare to ban gambling. If they do they will need to cut 40% of spending and will get vote out of office. Gambling should be banned. How can any social with a machine? Our RSLs (war vet clubs) are full with gambling. Serious, what's gambling has anything to do with honouring war soldiers? It is all about money and money. Gambling is as addictive as heroin. Why don't government just supply everyone heroin? Morality has rotten to the core.

  51. 2-3million? FAKE NEWS? how can he live with that and who pays for his food..he looks healthy and rich

  52. When govt asks you to be risk adverse, promotes risk.Do what you want, but where is the line?

  53. Looks to me like what that guy needs is another loan shark to pay his previous lone shark

  54. Gosh I feel for this guy. I it's hard and difficult to be surrounded by casino all the time. And all entertainment is inside all casino to get you in. It's not cool.

  55. I wonder how many deaths are being investigated due to debt associated with loan sharks.

  56. In NB we have 10 vlt machines for every single business with a liquor license. It was ruining my life up until 2 years ago when I quit. Best decision I ever made.

  57. Love betting?! JOIN Asia's best crypto casino! Play and share in the profits with CBET coin!

  58. the first time i got in the casino i lost 70$, best thing that happened to me because i never comeback

  59. Funny how it is okay when Ontario’s government run gambling takes advantage of the vulnerable. thanks, premier Bob Rae!

  60. The last time the guys at 3:00 was interviewed, I was led to believe that all his debts were incurred strictly from illegal gambling.

  61. Re casinos……Guaranteed way to lose and have a frown as you lose is to stay too long .

    If you're up any amount that rings your bell, leave and leave gambling for the whole day. (Read all, to see my BIG tip!)

    Enjoy your life, doing tourist stuff, sexxxy stuff or if you're not on vaca' just get the wash done, the car washed, or take the kids to a movie,

    ballgame or swimming.

    Budget! Plan ahead and only take and spend your


    Forget borrowing from a friend or spouse or ATM.

    EXPERTISE at your game counts,, use a bit of brains and don't play stupidly making childish moves, in craps, or card games.

    Roulette, commonly thought to be a dumb game to play, is one of the best smartest games to play if you are PATIENT!!

    –Formerly hot numbers, stop hitting and cold numbers ALWAYS heat up, because over a day or two all numbers will hit evenly!

    So watch carefully over 2-5 hours and then strike !!

    Perhaps the numbers 4-6 and 9 have been cold and are starting to hit a few times.

    PUT YOUR MONEY ON THE 2 STREETS 456, 789 with a small wager you cover 9 numbers, nine SOON TO BE HOT numbers.

    ANOTHER THING TO WATCH IS JUST the % of BLACK or RED, hitting .

    — If black has hit 20/25 spins you don't have to be a genius to know to put small bets ON RED.

  62. I am an employee at Caesars Windsor and I have 100% confidence that this does NOT happen there. If a guest is excluded we all know we will be fired if they are not caught immediately. I also know that there is an accessible place to get information about responsible gaming, and all staff are educated on these things.

  63. Until you realize that the games are rigged mathematically so that the more you play the greater the chance you will lose money, you will not be cured.

  64. Just read a report at a doctor's office that said the same about Integellent disabilities they have lots of programs for different disabilities and none of them will fulfill the very mandate they began with, freedom from hating oneself is the key.

  65. wherever a casino is built = suicides increase and families are destroyed!

  66. only play games you have an edge in or otherwise no point playing

  67. should of done it in 50 locations with 10 people and see them all fail haha

  68. no point being on the self inclusion list just gamble normally to win

  69. Heres a sure bet. You win a jackpot, they check the self exclusion list, you're on it and they don't pay you. who agrees or disagrees?

  70. Read "Wheel of Fortune" in the book MD for a chilling story of addiction.

  71. Was about to graduate then a casino opened. Gambled all my $$$ and even borrowed more. Now, couldn't get my bachelors and got to work 2 jobs to pay it off. Still gambling and still no degree.

  72. I think you have to be an adult. The money on the screen is your money. I have never gotten into any "zone" playing slots and have never lost more than what I would have spent on a night out somewhere else. Addiction is scary stuff, but at the same time, having a plan before you enter is the smart way to do it.

    If you think about taking a loan to gamble, just stop, and think. "Am I being an idiot." These places are designed to take your money, don't be an idiot.

  73. I plead with you to really help the matter at hand.

    Give the player a chance to see the reality of their ways and have a casino chaperone available. A person accompanying with a card displayed visible around their neck that shows they are not to play but can be the holder of casino chips and cash. The player plays normally and the chaperone says when they are to stay or leave. The casino makes sure the chaperone only doesn't play. If the chaperone needs assistance from the security, then the security and management of the casino will back up the chaperones advice before applying any lawful measures.

  74. Addiction? Please…'s just a bunch of undisciplined weak-minded people.

  75. The worst part is that the government encourages it. I'm happy I have no gambling addiction and don't gamble, but the idea that my government exploits people with mental health problems sickens me. For the sake of my fellow citizens who have mental-health problems, I'd behappy to have to scan an ID card and fingerprint to enter a casino.

  76. First time I ever went to a casino the casino gave me a courtesy 10$ to play slot machines. Went all in and lost it all. Never played another machine ever. The only time I go to a casino is for the buffets.

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