GI Joe Trading Card Game Guide (From GI Joe: Valor VS Venom)

[Music] GI Joe has an exciting new trading card game that puts you in strategic control of heroic GI Joe troops battling the evil forces of Cobra to play the GI Joe game you need a deck made up of at least 50 GI Joe trading cards you also need a friend with his own deck your personal deck can have whatever cards you want in it it’s completely up to you most decks are made up of cards from the same faction you can play the Joe team why would you want to do that or you could play Cobra now the obvious intelligent choice the new players start with the GI Joe trading card game two players starter game the object of the game is to eliminate all your opponent’s soldiers when your opponent has no soldiers remaining in play you win the game the battle is waged on two fronts some of your soldiers will fight the enemy in a one-on-one combat and there are also epic team firefights that can swing the game in a heartbeat there are three basic steps to the game setup when you deploy your troops one-on-one combat when you take turns attacking with individual soldiers and firefight when both teams blast away at one another you repeat the one-on-one combat and firefight steps until there is a winner before you play you need to familiarize yourself with the cards and how they work that they said there’s only one kind of card soldier each card has three main uses as a soldier in play as a buscar to help you in one-on-one combat and as ammunition during the firefight soldiers are very important to the game because they do the fighting for you remember when all your soldiers are gone you’ll lose the game each soldier has a power color and supply point cost a soldier’s power number shows how strong he is in battle and his color matters when you play boost cards Cobra Commander is a great card gray is one of the three colors associated with Kobra GI Joes colors are red white and blue of course above the soldiers names on the top-left of the cards are tick marks these are the supply points and they indicate the value of the soldier Cobra Commander costs three supply points a bargain at any cost this is the text box lots of soldiers have special rules and abilities some special abilities are used all the time [Music] just during one-on-one combat or just during firefights some soldiers have flavor text as well this isn’t important to the game it’s just for fun the boost numbers on the card are used in one-on-one combat to increase your soldiers power you don’t use any of the upside-down information on the card at any other time each card has 3 boost numbers matching his team’s three colors some boosts have special abilities that affect the outcome of one-on-one combat the hits on each card are used as ammunition in the firefight Dusty’s card has two hits hits are used only during the firefight and don’t matter at any other time now that you know some of the basics about the cards let’s see how an actual game would be played I’ll play Fang breath here first we’ll decide who goes first you can flip a coin or play rock-paper-scissors to decide both players shuffle their decks now we’ll set up our troops by placing soldiers in our two ranks the first player gets to deploy 15 supply points worth of soldiers into his ranks remember supply points are the little tick marks on the top corner I’m going first I flip over the first card on my deck and place that soldier in my front rank then I flip another card off my deck I can place the soldier in the front rank or behind any soldier that is already in the front rank I’ll protect this green shirt by putting it behind big old roadblock you want to play soldiers in the rank where you think they will help you the most remember that soldiers can only be placed in the back rank if there is a front rank soldier to go behind Hey look at this handsome fellow I’ll put him in the front rank only front rank soldiers can fight so you may want to put some of your bigger soldiers in the front I’ll put sideswipe in the back to support Duke with his special ability snake eyes this team is looking great Zapp will add some extra strength to the front ranks mirage will go behind Zapp if you put too many soldiers in the front rank your opponent can hit them in the firefight so use your back rank wisely last but not least spirit iron knife even though his power is only a four I’ll put him in the front because his concealment ability keeps him safe during firefights that’s all 15 supply points with this crew Cobra is in big trouble we are seeing about that pipe down reptile breath the second player now deploys his juice you get 17 supply points for going second against this is the bag of bolts I have to put in the front Storm Shadow it with his stealth ability he will definitely go in the back rack just like you I continue putting soldiers into my rights [Music] fifteen supply points so far let’s go Buster makes a team out to go over your minimum supply points we’ll see about that it’s time now that both players have deployed their troops it’s time to start the one-on-one combat remember the first player will go first on every turn to start each player draws to boost cards you need to hold the cards upside down and look at the numbers in the colored boxes these are the cards you use to strengthen your soldiers in one-on-one combat choose a front rank soldier that you want to attack with you also select a front rank enemy soldier to attack I’m gonna have zap fight televised in one-on-one combat turn both soldiers sideways to show their fighting turning the cards sideways is called tapping I lay down my boost card for Zeb I’m choosing SAP because my red boost is my biggest and will give zap a +6 I think I can win this fight a cobra commander plays a boost card for his televised in this case Zapp wins the fight the boost gives Zappa plus 6 for a total of 13 power Cobras total was only nine with the fight because Cobra Commander used a gold card to boost his purple soldier he didn’t get to use the biggest number the color of the soldiers is important we discard the used boosts and the soldier that lost the fight now it’s time for Cobra to get even in the one-on-one combat Storm Shadow it’s going to attack that pathetic websites right wait a minute Cobra Storm Shadow is in the back rank and so is sideswipe only front rank droops can fight special ability called stealth it allows him to attack from the back rank and attack to the back rank I want to eliminate sideswipe because his support ability makes your Duke card really powerful GI Joes are gonna need a miracle to win this one eight-six now the GI Joe and Cobra have each initiated a one-on-one combat it’s time in a firefight this is where everyone gets in on the action count the number of soldiers you still have in your ranks and flip over that many cards from your day your opponent does the same these cards are called firefight cards thanks to the firepower ability of my trusty the only important part of fire fight cards is the hits each card has one two or three hits and use these like ammunition the first player places fire fight cards on a front rank enemy soldier of his choice he needs to use enough hits to equal or feet that soldiers power I want to take out skullbuster so I need eight hits worth of cards with my remaining fire fight cards I can defeat Ally Vipers and the fat version 1.0 when all my fire fight cards have been assigned to enemy soldiers my opponent discards the soldiers that were defeated I place my fire fight cards in my own discard pile if there are any back rank soldiers with no one in front of them they get moved up to the Front Range GI Joe is going down in a firefight we’ll see about that children two of the Joe’s are safe during the firefight thanks to their concealment ability [Music] I and yeah huh Cobra you have four hits left but there aren’t any other Joe’s that you can defeat those hits are wasted I guess you miss math classes villain school now that both sides have fought in one-on-one combat and in the fire fight the turn is complete and it all starts over both players draw two new boost carts and the first player starts one-on-one combat big bad roadblock is gonna fight little old Cobra Commander roadblocks hand-to-hand ability makes him an eight-player boost sneaky reveal your boost yes see a Cobra don’t celebrate yet Duke the block may have won this battle but Cobra cañedo will have his revenge The Revenge ability lets me discard any soldier of yours then hm I couldn’t hit Snake Eyes in a firefight but I can’t get him now now mice are like the we’ll get rid of that blasted spirit iron knife hey a boost GI Joe has a surprise for Cobra what this five is a trough you mean nobody wins that’s right Fang face you can draw in one-on-one combat by using cards like this one that says draw or if both soldiers totals are the same both soldiers survive in a draw well we’ll see how GI Joe does in the next fire fight back to the fireplace remember count the number of soldiers you have in your ranks and flip that many fire fight cards from your deck your opponent does the same it’s still enough to get rid of the Crimson Guard and the more a recruit still wasting hits a Cobra even though you defeated roadblock you can’t hit the soldier behind him because back rank soldiers do not move up until the end of the firefight you have to discard your other hit cards again save you now that the fire fight is over it’s back to one-on-one combat remember both players draw two new boost cards and the first player starts one-on-one combat I have to choose an untapped soldier to attack with that means the green shirt riflemen will have to fight since he’s the only untapped card left in my front rank tap soldiers cannot attack although they can be the targets of enemy attacks the rifleman will attack the saw Piper puny one power tree shirt against my minimum 5 power saw by man just play your boost losing stinks doesn’t it that’s what you get for living a recruit fight your battles my boost card has a special ability using this Boostability I will switch the places of Mirage and sad weakening your front rank some cards have boost abilities to do other things during or after the one-on-one combat Cobras Boostability let him switch the positions of two of my soldiers now it’s time for my one-on-one combat since my front rank soldiers are all tech feel untapped to fight again stume shadow will attack spirits iron knight and easy fight with a 7 power against f4 don’t forget the boosts can win the fight stinks Biaggio will do great in the firefight [Music] since cobra commander ran out of cards he just reshuffles his discard pile starts a new deck and draws cards from their story there’s still plenty of time for Cobra to miss something up like they usually do I still have enough to take out your saw Viper well Cobra looks like it comes down to the wire zap versus Storm Shadow mano a mano do you have your boost you I’ll give you a chance to fulfill the game that’s avoid in the humiliation of defeat at the hands of Cobra I don’t think so GI Joe never quits lay down your boost not this time Cobra yo Joe my ninja was defeated pay up I didn’t and every night after you’ve played a few games you’ll probably want to build your own deck featuring your favorite GI Joe characters you can add new cards to your collection with booster packs each pack contains ten new soldiers to add to your force while your favorite shows are in the game including scarlet high-tech jinx and gung-ho there are so many different ways to build your own deck you can focus on the firefights using noble guests know the assassin blackout pour an army of highly-trained laser Vipers you can try your tactics for the sinister start and master of this ninja bus and night creepers my ass no favorite there heavy-hitter strategy using powerhouses like overkill and big fella to primal GI Joe into that ground and the new venomous Nexus 5 is a fantastic addition to such an it’s out don’t think Cobra has all the fun the GI Joe team puts an awesome arsenal of abilities at your command as well our long-range Gunners can hit any target our hand-to-hand specialists can win any fight and our Navy SEALs know how to keep the enemy off-balance as if that’s not enough excitement look for the new vehicle cards coming out in the first expansion they add a whole new level to the battle why are you wasting time listening to me soldier there’s a battle to fight get out there and start whipping Cobra tail yourself [Music] [Music] you

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  1. Yoooo, I remember this when my parents bought me the VHS of GIJoe valor vs venom, I would always watch this but never was able to buy it until I was in middle school

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