Hera Pheri (1976) (HD) – Amitabh Bachchan,Vinod Khanna, Saira Banu – Hindi Movie With Eng Subtitles

Abdul, serve two glasses of cold water
at number 3.
Also give cup of tea and biscuits.
Ok, sir! Take 5 rupees from him.
3 rupees 20 paisa from the next one.
Then 2 rupees.
Yes, sir. What do you want?
Curry, mutton..
Shut up! Get me a bottle of beer.
– Beer?
Sir, you’ve taken enough beer.
Now, please eat something.
I called you here to take
down my order, is that clear?
Yes, sir.
– And Sheru never leaves the place..
..till he completely
gets intoxicated. Get lost.
Bring me one beer. Fast.. hurry up.
– Ok, sir.
– What’s the matter?
He already had 8 bottles.
He wants one more.
I hope he might not create
any chaos here. – Chaos? – Yes.
Go and tell him that
the beer is not in stock now.
Just pay us cash,
we’ll arrange it from outside.
Won’t he kill me if I go there?
Just go! Why are you so scared? Go!
Are you there with me?
– I’m there. You please go. Go.
Ok, boss.
Sir, my boss says
the beer is not in stock.
Pay us some cash we’ll
arrange it from outside.
Call your boss.
– Boss, sir is calling you.
What’s the matter, mister?
Beer is not in stock?
– Yes.
You want cash?
– Yes.
Sorry, boss. I’m late. Don’t worry.
I’ll clear your balance.
I’ll see you.
I won’t spare you. – Oh, c’mon.
Next time if you’ll be seen here,
your life will be at risk.
Go away.
Get lost!
Please come! What a fight!
Welcome, sir!
– Start with your business.
No chaos will be created here now.
Henceforth I’ll guard this hotel.
Thank you, sir.
You can consider it your own hotel.
2 meals free and 300 rupees
per month will be your salary.
I work and earn.
I never beg for it.
300, is very less.
– 400 will do? – Ok.
Ok, fine. Take this.
Kalva, bring special dish for sir. Fast.
– Ok, boss.
This is today’s payment.
What about next month’s advance?
Advance? Yes, ok. I understood.
Take this.
This is 1, 2, 3 and 4. Happy?
What are you looking at me?
Get me a bottle of beer. – Beer?
Beer is.. shall
I bring it from outside, boss?
From inside. – Ok, sir.
– What are you staring at me?
Bring it chilled.
Please have a seat, sir. Please..
1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8..
What are you doing?
It hurts. Are you drunk?
Stupid, I’m Vijay. Your friend.
Had you forgotten our
friendship in the shop?
That I’m Ajay?
I did that drama
to make some money.
To hell with your drama.
You’ve broken my bones.
I’m sorry. Did it hurt more? Show me..
– Move away.
Now you’ll spoil
the iron of my clothes.
As it is you’ve spoiled me
by making me drink liquor.
It was not liquor. It was beer.
It must be a beer for you.
For me, it was a fireball.
I’m still feeling hangover.
Even now your hangover is not gone?
So many rupees?
These are only 800 rupees.
You just see..
..how I turn it into 80000 rupees.
Will you go to casino and gamble?
Nobody wins and
comes out from there.
Why? Do they shoot the winner?
Or they have made
a big gambler sit there.
There’s one person
name Asrani over there.
He has a big mark
under his right eye.
I’ll make the same
mark under his left eye.
Stop your joke now.
Nobody can win there.
And yes,
you need to take counters worth..
..1000’s of rupees in advance.
Of course, we’ll take it.
– How?
We’ve these 800 rupees.
Will you create some chaos again?
No! You just see what I do.
Anyway, I’ll go now.
See you in the evening at casino.
– Where are you going?
I’ll.. there.. ok?
Help! Help!
Help me! Help!
Leave me!
Excuse me! Hello! Stop!
Thank you very much!
– It was my..
Do you want to say something?
They ran away.
– Are you working in some circus?
Not at all. – Then you must
be a fight master in the films.
No! I’m Hanuman’s devotee.
Now I understood.
– What?
That’s why you
can jump like monkey.
Look, you please don’t
say anything about my God.
No! I was telling this about you.
– Oh! Never mind.
– You were telling me something.
Yes. You.. please cover your shirt.
I’m going. – Very strange!
Won’t you drop me till Taxi?
Taxi? Yes, sure. Let’s go.
Won’t you drop me
till my home? – Home?
I’ve some important work here.
Strange boy! He neither
asked my name, nor address.
Did you say anything?
– Nothing.
I hope it’s not open now.
– Driver, please drive..
Oh! I’m such a stupid fellow.
I neither asked her name,
nor address.
What happens to me
with the sight of a girl?
Hi, buddy! How’s life?
– Fine.
Where do you live?
Nowadays you aren’t seen much.
And you’ve also bought new car.
Are you going to play?
– I’m also going to play.
Ok, best of luck.
Best of luck! – Excuse me!
I didn’t recognise you.
– What? You didn’t recognise me?
You mean you didn’t
recognise me at all?
No! – Let go off it.
I too, didn’t recognise you.
Move away! Just go away from here.
– Stop! Stop! Stop!
Blue Mercedes.
Take care of it. – Yes, sir.
O beggar.
Now go from here. Go away.
Why are you standing there mister?
If you want to try
your luck then be seated.
I never play to try my luck.
Then play it as a hobby.
Playing for 5 to 10 thousand
is not my hobby. – Oh!
Then you’ve come at right time.
There’s no limit on this table.
I mean till your
pocket isn’t empty.
And what if your
pocket will be empty?
Never mind,
I consider your pocket as mine.
I think I must clear this
misunderstanding of yours.
Oh! – Waiter!
One double scotch with soda.
And please send your manager.
– Ok, sir.
Partners, what do you say?
A new game with new guest.
No limit. Touch for deal.
No! New game new cards. Ok?
Jim, new set of cards. Ok?
I’ll break the seal.
– Ok, you please break the seal.
Best of luck!
– Thank you.
You’re a real gambler it seems.
I like it.
Keep the change.
– Thank you, sir.
Excuse me, sir. Did you call me?
Manger, please send counters
worth 50000 for him.
You said there’s
no limit on this table.
I thought 50000 would be
enough to satisfy your hobby.
It depends on one’s own hobby.
Manager, send all the counters..
..available in this casino.
We’ll share it. – Yes, sir.
Get for deal, first to be.
Excuse me!
– Thank you.
Oh, I’m sorry. My Mercedes
is parked outside. 8448.
Please send somebody
to bring my black briefcase.
It contains all 1000 rupees’ notes.
– What?
What happened? 1000 rupee’s note
is not accepted in this casino?
– Never mind.
There’ll be a white briefcase.
It contains 100 rupees’ notes.
And please do it fast.
Because the game shouldn’t stop.
You please start with your game.
I’ll arrange to bring it soon.
Thank you.
Ok, gentleman! 1000..
Black and white. Both are there.
But where’s the driver?
Driver! Driver!
– Pack! – Blind! – One more.
Yes, again blind.
Do you want to play, mister?
This table is for no limit.
– No limit? – Yes.
One more..
One more blind!
Will you gamble in one game only?
You won’t have a chance
to play the second game.
I play only one game in a day.
If you wish you can see your cards.
Ok, I’ll see.
Move! Gentleman, move!
Where these people go?
Three covers are done, mister.
Four more.
One more?
Four more!
Yes, that’s me. Excuse me!
I’ll just receive a phone.
My cards!
Yes, hello!
King’s prince Kalyawan speaking.
Who’s it?
– I’m your father. – Yes, papa.
Your other partner
has three cards of 9. – Ok.
Take care.
– Ok, thank you!
Yes, sir. I’m sorry.
Papa is also very strange?
He called me to inform
that dog is not eating anything.
– Whose turn?
– Ok.
– This is from me.
Thank you!
– You’re welcome!
Not here.. over there..
Hurry up!
What a relief!
Has it ever happened with you?
– What?
Whose turn?
– Yours. – Oh, mine?
No limit!
– I know. I know.
He has changed the cards.
Out of order?
Everything is useless here.
What will happen now?
– Double from me.
One more!
One more!
Will you take with
Soda or with water?
Bring one glass of buttermilk.
– Ok, sir. Buttermilk?
One more!
– One more!
One more!
One more from me.
One more.
Why don’t you say show?
– Why?
Are you gambling here or I?
You please do the show. Please..
Now, this is the limit.
Mister, I said no limit.
Of course. No limit.
– Your turn.
Sorry, Excuse me! Double!
– Double!
Excuse me, your driver
is not present near the car.
Don’t disturb me, please.
Just check.
He must be somewhere here.
Ok, who’s turn?
You please wait there.
– Ok.
Your turn.
One more!
One more!
Where this driver is?
One more!
One more!
I asked to show.
I didn’t throw my cards yet.
Sir, your driver hasn’t yet come.
He has still not returned?
– No.
I think I must punish him.
Anyway, please take
care of him for now.
He has fainted.
Cash these counters.
– Of course.
No limit!
– You?
When he’ll be conscious
tell him that..
..tomorrow we’ll come again.
They said they would come tomorrow.
What? – They will
come again tomorrow.
Never mind. I’ll carry it.
Keep the change.
– Thank you, sir.
“Have you lost something, sir?”
“Have you lost something, sir?”
“What has happened
to you suddenly?”
“Tell me something.
Don’t keep quiet.”
“Tell me something.
Don’t keep quiet.”
“Why are you so upset?”
“Have you lost something, sir?”
“What has happened
to you suddenly?”
“The past has gone..”
“Now forget it.”
“Now forget it.”
“Enjoy life.. come in my hug.”
”come in my hug.”
“Come and reside in my
eyes that nobody will see you.”
“Reside in my heart without
anybody’s knowledge.”
“Have you lost something, sir?”
“What has happened
to you suddenly?”
“I’ve gone crazy with
the first sight of yours.”
“I’ve gone crazy.”
“It’s not good
to avoid me so much.”
“It’s not good to avoid.”
“Why do you ignore me so much,
my dear?”
“Please let go off it now.”
“You won’t find such love again.
Don’t dishearten me.”
“Have you lost something, sir?”
“What has happened
to you suddenly?”
“Tell me something.
Don’t keep quiet.”
“Tell me something.
Don’t keep quiet.”
“Why are you so upset?”
“Have you lost something, sir?”
“What has happened
to you suddenly?”
Ajay! You?
– Uncle, please sit. How are you?
I’m fine, my child. But
where were you from so many days?
Where had you gone?
– It’s a long story, uncle.
You can say that
I’ve taken a rebirth.
– Yes, uncle. I’ve got a friend.
You can say he’s an angle.
Where’s he? Why didn’t
you bring him along with?
I’ll bring him one day, uncle.
But for now, he has sent
a small gift for our area.
So many rupees?
– This is just a beginning, uncle.
We’ll change the entire
area by the grace of god.
You just pray for our
friendship to last long.
Sherry, are you sure he was Vijay?
Not just I,
but he also recognised me, PK.
That means he has found us.
Possible, that his entry
in the casino was just..
..a coincidence?
No, Sherry, do you remember
that night of Lucknow?
I’m sure he has reached
till here on the basis of..
..that photograph.
Never mind, PK. We’ll kill him too.
No, Sherry!
We must reach to his mother..
..to whom, Dinanath had
said everything about me.
And god knows where
Vijay has hidden her.
She’s unconscious from the morning.
Did you give her the new medicine?
– Yes.
But it’s useless.
She become conscious for a moment..
..and starts with
the same old days.
She asks, where’s sir?
Did you return from
the college or not?
And where am I?
A year has passed, Shanti.
We left Lucknow and came to Mumbai.
But, mummy didn’t
come out of her shock.
Even the medicines
are not reacting.
Medicine will react
when she’ll be sick.
This is a terror that
has stuck in her mind.
Sir, can’t you bring
an expert doctor here?
You very well know that
I can’t bring anybody here.
But..There’s no treatment
of her sickness?
There’s one, Shanti.
But I can’t find him.
And if I’ll find
him someday.. I’ll.
“God, I’m sailing
with the faith in you.”
“Kindly grace me and take
me to the other end successfully.”
“God, I’m sailing
with the faith in you.”
“Kindly grace me and take
me to the other end successfully.”
Have you started with your prayer?
Before, it was your
routine in the morning..
..but now you’ve also
started praying in the evening?
Carry on! Carry on!
I’ll see how long you’d pray him.
“God, I’m sailing
with the faith in you.”
“Kindly grace me and take
me to the other end successfully.”
He won’t just help you..
he’ll kick you..
Kick you in such a way that..
..you’d remember
it in your entire life.
Hanuman’s devotee!
Disbeliever of god.
Go to sleep now.
Why are you folding
your hands and praying?
Get up! Vijay, Get up!
Get up!
– O god!
Your tea is getting cold.
– Thank you.
What are you drinking?
The same that you drink at night.
I’m drinking it in the morning.
– Give! Give it here. Give it..
Leave! Leave it!
Are you acting with me?
This is cold drink.
Idiot! Do you know about
your situation at night?
I’m sorry.
I hope I didn’t misbehave.
No, not much. Instead
you came in like a good boy.
Touched my feet.
Took my blessings and promised me..
..that you’d never drink liquor.
That’s it.
No! I never did all this.
But I can remember that I was..
..talking about sailing.
Yes, one bottle was
stuck up in your mouth.
I’ve kept it safely.
Oh, c’mon, I said sorry.
Now will you kill me?
Your life is showered for girls.
How will I take it?
Ok, stop joking. Have you prepared
the list of those great men?
Shall we start with our work?
– Yes.
Shall I read the names?
– Yes.
First number is sage Ramdin.
– Occupation?
He’s the trustee of five
temples and seven mosques.?
That means he owns the paradise.
– Yes.
If not from temple
he can enter from mosque.
He smuggles and hides
it in the temples.
After all he’s a great soul.
– Yes.
Second number is..
Hello, I’m Khatlewala!
– Khatlewala.
– How’s your salt business going?
Salt business? I never sell salt.
But you do sell girls.
– You bloody fool, idiot!
We’ve come from Delhi’s
special crime branch.
And we’ve the list
of all your secret places.
And we’re given orders
that you must be made bald..
..and take out your
procession on donkey.
And all the girls whose
life you’ve spoiled..
..will hit your bald
with her footwear. And..
This much is enough for him.
Now number 2. – Ok.
Is it Dhaniram?
– I’m just Dhani (rich) by name.
Otherwise I’m poor.
– Yes, it seems you’ve a black tongue.
That speaks everything true.
What rubbish!
– Yes, we’re calling from CBI, Delhi.
What are you saying? Hello! Hello!
You just see what I
do tonight at the casino.
All of them are connected
with that casino.
Shall we go!
– Ok.
Whatever you say, but if
they were from police department..
..or CBI they wouldn’t
have informed us before coming.
Why they would have called
us before? Think over it.
He’s right. Possible that
somebody made fun with us.
Or our enemy tried to threat us.
whether it’s a fun or enmity.
We must be careful in any ways.
It was ok,
if PK, would be in the city.
But if anything will
happen in his absence..
..then who will dare to face him?
If police has really come
to know about our business..
..then they must have
kept watch on every step of us.
Friends, I’ve an idea.
– What’s that?
Master Brahmanand
has come to our city..
– Yes..
His two disciples have come
to our city. Let’s invite them.
Let’s have a program
of devotional hymns.
And invite great
personalities of the city.
This way police will
be diverted to us..
..and our men will
arrange to send the goods..
..to the basement from temple.
Wow! Excellent idea!
Then why to wait
for the good thing?
Invite them tomorrow.
– Ok.
Goga sir!
– Yes.
You please send the
invitation to everybody.
Not a bad idea.
Who are they?
Who are you?
We both are black thieves.
Black thieves?
– Yes.
Yes, sir!
– Catch them. Don’t let them go.
Catch them! Don’t miss them.
Don’t let them escape.
There! C’mon!
Beat them! Beat! Catch them!
Beat them! Beat! Catch them!
Our luck really favours sometime.
You always get carried away.
She’s not yours. She’s my luck.
Look, I’m elder to you.
Listen to me.
Pray your Hanuman
for few more years.
She’s your to be sister in law.
– Sister in law? – Yes.
You? How come you’re here?
You? You..
– Don’t say anything.
I thought you’re joking. But you’re
congratulation! -Thank you.
Is it good to enter in
somebody’s house at this night?
Please don’t misunderstand.
those goons were standing down..
..who were forcing you that day.
I thought something is fishy.
So I came up.
I hope you’re alright.
But how did you get my address?
It’s very simple.
When they stopped down..
..at this bungalow
we immediately came up.
Who are you?
– I’m the one who does everything for him.
– Yes.
Ok, I’ll call up the police now.
Why do you drag the
police in this matter?
They have left by now.
– And we’re also going. -Yes.
But tell me your name please..
He’s Ajay and I’m Vijay.
Yours? – Asha!
But I hope you’d
remember the address now.
Yes! Address!
Two disciple of Brahmanand. Oh!
Disciple of Brahmanand?
They are two disciples
of master Brahmanand.
The entire country
is aware of their power.
They reside in Himalayas
cave and eat only roots.
Meditation is their life.
I’ve requested them
for your betterment..
..and made them come
here from Himalayas.
He’s lying so much.
Did you recognise him?
He’s that same waiter of the hotel.
– Yes.
When star favours,
any difficult work becomes easier.
What can be done,
so that we are out of trouble.
So, ladies and gentlemen.
– Yes.
I beg your pardon
for disturbing you.
I hope you’ve recognised us.
Of course.
Why did you take pain to come here?
You should have called me.
I’d have come.
Your grandfather has sent us here.
– Yes. Your grandmother expired.
What? So, friends,
my grandmother died.
Master, I’m sorry. But I’m going.
Do something that
these two won’t go to..
..Dhaniram’s place tonight.
– No?
Yes, ok.
They won’t go. How can they go?
They won’t go.
Thank you, my lord!
You’re another form of a god.
Till today, I had seen only one.
I am seeing them together today.
Cigarette from my cap?
– God!
Miracle! Miracle!
Cigarette? – Silly, do you
call our offering, a cigarette?
– Smoke, sir. Fast! Yes.
God! You’re the heart reader.
You must have understood my wish.
Yes, my child.
You’re not the one that you appear.
And only our intelligent
eyes can see your real form.
I’m your slave.
You’ve proved your greatness.
But, my child. We’re also
not the same that you think us.
I’m an ordinary human.
How can I understand?
But, we promise you that
before going from here..
..we’ll give you an eyesight
to view everything clear.
– Oh! Come! Please come.
Devotees, master have come!
Salute them.
Salutation, master!
– Greeting, master!
Salutation, master!
– Greeting, master!
Salutation, master!
– Greeting, master!
Salutation, master!
– Greeting, master!
Salutation, master!
“Till now you had forgotten god.”
– Yes.
“Till now you had forgotten god.”
“Now you’ve started praying him..”
“..when you realised
your wealth is decreasing.”
“..and that made you restless.”
“So you started with
donations and charities.”
“But no need to worry at all.”
– No.
“We’re with you.”
– Of course!
“We’ll send..”
“..your message to Him.”
“At God..”
“At God..”
“..there’s delay but not denial.”
“..there’s delay but not denial.”
“At God,
there’s delay but not denial.”
“At God,
there’s delay but not denial.”
“This is the game
of one’s own destiny.”
“This is the game
of one’s own destiny.”
“..and time swaps accordingly.”
“..and time swaps accordingly.”
“..and time swaps accordingly.”
“As much you love your wealth..”
Yes, wealth..
“..so much if you love the god.”
“..so much if you love the god.”
“Then all your
problems and sorrows..”
“..will keep away from you.”
“..will keep away from you.”
“Stop running after the money..”
“Stop running after the money..”
“..it’s neither yours nor mine.”
“..it’s neither yours nor mine.”
“It’s mine, not yours..”
“It’s mine, mine only.”
“It’s mine, mine only.”
“It’s mine.
Mine! It’s mine! It’s mine..”
“..it’s neither yours nor mine.”
“It’s the time that swaps.”
“It’s the time that swaps.”
“Gold, silver,
diamonds and pearls.”
“Diamonds and pearls.”
“It’ll remain as
it is in your locker.”
“It’ll remain as
it is in your locker.”
“He knows everything
about what you’ve kept..”
“..in each and every
sack of your basement.”
“..in each and every
sack of your basement.”
“This prosperity won’t
accompany you forever.”
“This prosperity won’t
accompany you forever.”
“It’s a heap of sins.”
“It’s a heap of sins.”
“This is the game
of one’s own destiny.”
“..and time swaps accordingly.”
“..and time swaps accordingly.”
“..and time swaps accordingly.”
“You please don’t
be greedy for more.”
Yes, don’t be greedy.
“You eat and let others eat, too.”
“You eat and let others eat, too.”
“Welcome, everything
that comes to you.” – Welcome!
“And don’t cry for
things that goes.”
“And don’t cry for
things that goes.”
“Let it go. And welcome rest.”
“Welcome! Welcome rest.”
“Let it come! Welcome it!”
“Keep in mind what sages say.”
“Keep in mind what sages say.”
“It’s better for you.”
“It’s better for you.”
“It’s the time that swaps.”
“It’s the time that swaps.”
“He knows everything
about his children..”
“..about all your
illegal businesses.”
“..about all your
illegal businesses.”
“You’ve only two,
but he has millions of hands.”
“You’re nothing at his power.”
“You’re nothing at his power.”
“If he wish he can convert..”
“If he wish he can convert..”
“..your days into night
and night into days.”
“You’re a branch
and he’s the leaves.”
“You’re a branch
and he’s the leaves.”
“You seem to be at distance
but both are together.”
“You think yourself very smart.”
“You think yourself very smart.”
“But He’s smarter than you.”
“But He’s smarter than you.”
“It’s the time that swaps.”
“It’s the time that swaps.”
“It’s the time that swaps.”
Your game is over, Smugglers.
What appearance is this, master?
We never understand your language.
Play such game with
us that we can understand.
This is our real appearance.
What do you mean?
Am I right, Inspector Hirachand?
Yes, inspector Virachand.
Inspector Hirachand?
Inspector Virachand.
Yes, Inspector Hirachand
and Virachand..
..from CBI.
‘Sabji Mandi.’ New Delhi.
And constable Pandu.
Police station, Nagpada. Mumbai.
Don’t you dare!
If you try to escape from here..
..I’ll shot you dead.
You’re under arrest!
Take them away.
But where shall
I drop them at last?
Drop them anywhere near
the market or station..
..or at any other place.
But far away from
the police station.
– Yes. C’mon, let’s go.
But where will take
away these goods?
A customer is ready to pay 50000.
But it’s worth millions.
What’s our loss in this?
Welcome everything that comes..
..and don’t cry on
things that goes off.
4 and 4, 8. And 4, 12.
And 4 make 16. And 4 make 20..
..And 4 make 24. And this is 25th.
And this is 25th.
25 plus 25? 50. Cheers.
I hope this big thievery
won’t put us in trouble.
Have you come to your level?
We didn’t come under doubt
after so many small thieveries.
And today you’re scared
after big thievery?
Doing the thievery
at the thieves house..
..isn’t called a thievery.
It’s called swapping.
I tell you.
When they’ll come to know that..
..they are being cheated.
They will literally cry.
Again you’re wrong.
They’ll neither cry
nor open their mouth.
As if they’ll keep quiet.
What if they will come here?
Who’s it now?
Oh God! A raid. Let’s run. Come on.
Hurry up!
Who’s it?
– There’s a girl.
– Yes.
I’m in trouble.
They are following me.
They want to play with my chastity.
They want to play with my chastity.
– Rape!
What does he think..
– No, sir. Please don’t go there.
They are very dangerous.
– Ok, fine. We won’t go.
we’d have taught them lesson.
What? – I mean we’d
have beaten them very hard.
He has a habit to talk
everything in puzzle.
You please don’t worry.
Come in! – Come!
Please come!
Sit here. please..
Don’t worry. Please have a seat.
Please sit down.
I’ll drop you home.
– O god!
What will happen with me?
Please give me a glass of water.
– Yes, I’ll bring it. Hurry up!
Hurry up! You please sit down.
You please don’t worry.
Actually, you’re scared.
No need to get scared.
Both of us are here.
Please come soon.
Here is the water. Please have it.
– Thank you.
Tell me something, madam.
Where were you
going alone at night?
You’re too much.
Why did you ask her at this time?
But what did I say?
You’re scolding me
as if I’ve made her cry.
You don’t understand.
Any hurt heart..
..can start crying
with a single bump.
What happened?
– Nothing.
Nothing. Actually,
he can’t see anybody in pain.
You’re so kind.
.. I wish I should
have a friend like you.
I’m there. I’m there.
Again you made her cry?
What are you doing?
– C’mon, get up!
What are you doing?
– Go and bring something to eat.
Why are you sending me?
– I’m there. You go.
Look! You please don’t cry.
We’ll drop you at your
home after some time.
You mean you’re restricted
to enter in your house?
Yes. But nobody can restrict me..
..to go to ocean or railway track.
What are you saying?
– Listen to me.
You can stay here
as long as you wish.
As long as you wish.
– Really? – Yes.
You can consider it your own house.
Now go and get fresh.
Vijay will be back
with some food now.
There he comes. He has come.
A hen.
My god! What happened?
“In love the lover was bashed up.”
“The lover was bashed up.”
“The lover was bashed up.”
What happened?
– They killed Gulfam.
– Those goon!
– Yes, those who were following you.
I was alone and they were four.
Four? But they were eight?
I could see only four with one eye.
They didn’t let
me open my other eye.
But I’ve beaten them so hard that..
..they will never misbehave
with any girl in life.
But you’re also injured.
– What are you looking at?
Please bring some hot water. Fast.
Water? Yes, ok. Water.
The moment he sees any girl,
he starts with his drama,
Add some salt in the water.
Want some salt?
I’ll add it now.
Tell him to bring a
glass of warm milk please.
Ok, and a glass full of warm milk.
With some butter.
– Butter? With butter in it.
With butter? Ok, with butter.
Let me add butter like this.
I’m very hungry.
– Here’s your milk with butter.
And this is your water.
Ah! Ah!
Sir, here’s the
water and milk both.
What would you like to drink?
– Milk. – Milk!
Please lie down. I’ll help you.
Idiot! Had they broke your hands..
..that you’re drinking
from her hand?
What are you saying?
– You don’t know him.
He’s smart in doing
drama with girl.
Sometime he says my
grandmother died and..
..sometime he says
grandfather has died.
No, I never lie like him.
It’s true..
..that my grandparents have died.
You please give me milk.
– Yes, ok. – Please..
Was it milk or something else?
It’s milk with some salt.
– Please, drink it.
What are you doing?
– It’s good for your health.
Yes, it’s good for your health.
C’mon, drink it. Good boy!
– Madam, it’s too late now.
You please go and
sleep in the other room.
We’ll sleep here.
– But, he..
You just don’t worry about him.
He’ll be fine by the morning.
Yes, everything will
be fine by morning. – Yes.
Ok, then. I’ll go to sleep.
– Yes, let’s go.
Let’s go and sleep. Let me go.
– No. – What are you doing?
– Let me go! Shut up!
You’re still awakening?
– Yes, my child.
When a fire is at home
and a child is innocent..
..then one must remain alert.
C’mon, go to sleep.
Neither you enjoy life
nor do you let me enjoy.
Vijay! Vijay! Get up, now!
It’s 9 AM. Now go and wake her up.
Neither you slept nor did you
let me sleep for the entire night.
I want to change dress.
– Just a moment.
Are you taking bath, madam?
It seems he stuck up there.
We’re robbed. We’re finished.
Neither a girl nor
the money is in the room.
She has left a note.
Friends, this prosperity
was neither yours nor mine..
..it was just a swapping of time.
Money came with you at
night and now it’s going with me.
Thank you very much
for the trouble at night.
I’ll be happy if you take
the diner with me tonight..
..and give me a chance
to clear your balance.
My address is 47 park avenue, Khar.
Bombay 52. Kiran.
Now what will happen?
– What?
We’ll back answer her.
– Of course.
I hope she’s not back again.
Police! – Police?
– Welcome, inspector!
Mr. Vijay and Ajay. – Yes.
– We want to search this house.
What? – Search! – What is
left with us to make you search?
It’s done at night.
– You can give your clarification..
..at the police station.
Mr. D’souza. Search the entire house.
– Yes, sir.
Mr. Ajay and Mr.
Vijay. Did you see..
..how far Law can reach?
No matter how long it may be..
..but it can never reach
to a decent man’s neck.
This is the common excuse
of every thief after arrest.
Whereas both of you are arrested.
It’ll be very costly for
you to arrest us, Mr. Inspector.
For your information,
I’m not just MA..
..but also bachelor of Law.
– Along with this you’re..
..also a thug,
thief, loafer and cheater.
I feel like laughing on you,
Police keep charges on anybody.
But court decides whether
it’s right or wrong.
To which you say Law.
Why? Why did you stop?
And why are you silent now,
Mr. MA. LLB?
This beggar seems
to be police’s informer.
– Aye, mister. Mind your language.
You’re talking with
police commissioner Khanna.
Commissioner! Salute, sir.
Any big criminal can
stammer in presence of police.
You’re just a child.
You’re right, commissioner sir.
And you explain them
about how decent we’re.
Yes! And the proof
of your decency is with me.
“Till now you had forgotten god.”
– Yes.
“Till now you had forgotten god.”
“Now you’ve started praying him..”
“..when you realised
your wealth is decreasing.”
“..and that made you restless.”
Commissioner sir! it’s not
a crime to sing a devotional song.
Not at all, masters.
But taking up a bogus inspector’s..
‘Yes, Inspector Hirachand
and Virachand..’
‘..from CBI.
‘Sabji Mandi.’ New Delhi.’
‘And constable Pandu.
Police station, Nagpada. Mumbai.’
To say and to act are
two different things, sir.
And that’s why Law punishes
on the basis of proof.
Very true!
those notes worth 50000..
..have police’s marking.
And by now it must
have got your fingerprints.
Sir, we searched their
entire house minutely.
But notes are not found there.
They didn’t find anything. Nothing.
No? How’s it possible?
Shall I tell you, sir?
“Keep in mind what sages say.”
“Keep in mind what sages say.”
“It’s better for you.”
“It’s better for you.”
How long will you survive?
We could release from here.
Now Miss Kiran’s turn.
Give me that address.
– Address? I ate the address.
– Yes. Take it out. – Wait.
Wait! Look at there.
Look there only.
It came out.
– It has come out.
Here it is. 47 avenue. Ok.
Listen, I’ll go upstairs.
And you wait for me at downstairs.
If I won’t come back
after half an hour then..
Shall we go then?
– Ok. – Let’s go.
Please, come in.
Where’s madam?
– She’s coming. Please, be seated.
Please sit down, Mr. Vijay.
– Thank you.
How do you know my name?
The guest like yours name..
..is known to everybody
in this house.
I was waiting for you.
Please be seated.
Please, come.
What will you drink and how?
With soda, water or neat?
I’m sorry but I never
drink liquor alone.
It’s your fault and not mine.
You didn’t bring
your partner with you.
It seems he has stuck up there.
Please sit down.
– Thank you.
I knew you’d come alone.
And that’s why I’ve
served two plates.
Now let’s come to the point.
It seems you want to say something.
I didn’t wish to say.
But let me tell you now.
If you’d have stolen
my mind instead of money..
..then 50000 would
be of no value to you.
I always believe in solid proof.
Show me the skills of your mind.
Then I’ll fix the rate.
Not only you but the entire..
..world will be
ready to rate my mind.
Can you see this?
Two pinch of the
content of this bottle..
..if added to water
it become a fuel.
Rates are fixed for converting
impossible into possible.
In future,
all the cars of the world will..
..run with the water
mixed with this content.
Future is never sure, Mr. Vijay?
But present is always yours,
madam. – Ok.
Only two pinch.
In presence of you. – Ok.
– Ready?
My god! We can rob
the entire world like this.
It’s my mind and not yours.
– Oh, I see.
How much will be the advance..
..I must pay to
you to keep my share?
Add 2.5 in the amount
that you brought from my house.
You can take away 5. I know
to appreciate the intelligence.
Thank you!
– I’ll just be in a moment. Ok?
So, miss Suzie,
how did you find my magic bottle?
But how did you
come to know my name?
Just how you came
to know mine. – Oh!
So, I was telling you..
– Here we’re, Mr. Vijay.
Thank you!
– Take this.
Mr. Vijay! All are real.
– Ok. then.
See you.
– Have the dinner first.
Now we’ll daily take your dinner,
madam. Bye!
Where he must have gone?
Where’s Ajay, Miss Kiran?
You seem to be very angry, sir.
May God bless you!
– Where’s Ajay, miss Kiran?
May your pair remain untouched.
I was going to ask
you this question.
That your partner..
– Ajay is more than a brother to me.
I’m impressed.
What happened to your brother?
Don’t try to act smart.
If anything will happen to him,
I’ll kill you.
I liked this style of yours.
You’ve declared the..
..punishment without
charging the crime.
Ajay is missing from the
gate of your building from..
..yesterday night and he
didn’t come home entire night.
God knows how he must
have spent his night?
Yesterday, I couldn’t
sleep for the entire night..
..after just two meetings
with you till now.
You’re dialing a wrong number.
I never weigh my
friend with beauty.
Mind it. I’m not that
type of a girl. I’m a buyer.
And I’ve paid you
5 lakh rupee cash.
Don’t live under impression
that you’ve bought something.
You had asked for the partnership..
..to convert 5 into 50.
Over smartness is not
allowed amongst robbers.
And even thief never
trust the thief..
..who does the thievery
at thief’s house..
People like you must
be doing this thievery, madam.
I never do any thievery.
I’m expert in swapping.
And that too openly.
And now it comes to Ajay.
If he won’t return
home by today evening..
..then I’ll use my
hands instead of mind.
And I can confidently say that..
..it’s as sharp and strong as my..
– Who’s it? Let me sleep.
Stupid, you’ve spoiled
my sleep and now you’re sleeping?
C’mon, get up.
Get up!
Get up!
I’m here?
I was there. Who brought me here?
Where were you?
I was waiting for you
outside Kiran’s house.
What are you saying?
That’s a story of yesterday.
Where were you in between?
– Yes.
Tell me. What had happened?
A blast and then
everything turn into dark.
You’re injured here.
– Oh, yes.
Now I remember.
I was waiting for you
and suddenly I felt a stroke..
..on my head. And I got faint.
Faint? Who were they?
Where they had taken you?
I don’t know about that.
But after that I got
my consciousness now.
No, Ajay, it’s not possible.
Think over it. Who were they?
Where they had taken you?
No, Vijay.
I just can’t remember anything.
You’ll, Ajay.
Just stress your mind.
Where they had taken you?
– No, I can’t remember anything.
Do you doubt anybody?
Not just doubt. But I’m
quite sure that it’s Kiran’s plot.
Kiran? What this Kiran is?
Thank you very much for given me..
..so much of importance.
You must be surprised
about how did I come here?
Mr. Vijay! After the first visit,
frequent visit is common.
This is the amount that
you’d taken away from me..
..for converting water into fuel.
No! No! No!
I could have taken it away.
But no! Do you know why?
Because only jeweller
can value the diamond.
Whereas, both of you
are precious diamonds.
If you’re ready to work
with me then this is the token..
Otherwise.. otherwise these..
..money will
automatically come to me.
now the ball is in your coat.
Decision will be yours. Ok? Bye!
Did you understand what is she?
What? 5 lakh?
Have you bought diamonds?
I’ve bought them for you.
Two precious diamonds.
Have you tested them?
What if they are
proved a glass piece?
Kiran never failed to
test glass pieces and diamonds.
I know that.
But, miss Kiran. I want the proof.
A solid proof.
Ace! King!
Queen is here, sir.
And here too.
But where are you?
Over there or here?
Wherever the market is hot.
Excuse me, gentleman!
Ok, tell me.
Have you decided then?
Will you work for us or..
If we didn’t intend
to do then your notes..
..would have come
to you by now. Right?
May your pair be graced!
Have you come out from
earth or dropped from sky?
It’s a question of 5 lakh, madam.
Now I’ll drop from
anywhere you say.
Will you do the robbery?
– Sure!
Will you rob the bank?
– In a daylight.
And hijacking?
– If you’d be with us..
Will you do any murder?
– Yes..
No! No murder..
– Shut up!
How many times I explained
you not to interfere..
..while dealing the business?
-She’s telling us to murder.
Ok, madam.
I don’t mind murdering anybody..
..as it is your
beauty has killed me.
Tell me who do you
want me to murder?
We’ll tell you that with times.
Then now..
– For now you can go back..
..to your other queen if you wish.
– Bye! – Bye! – Bye!
Have you gone mad?
She was telling us to murder.
With the sight of a
girl you forget yourself.
You need to be energetic
to reach your goal..
..and not in your sense.
You won’t understand.
– What I want understand?
What’s your goal for
which you’re ready to murder?
Ajay, you must not ask
questions in friendship.
Have your concern with
friendship you’ll be happy.
That means you’ll do murder?
I’ll see how you do that.
What’s so special in this photo..
..that’s making you so excited?
This is just the sand of our way.
But it’s coming with the tornado.
Before this sand comes
to us with this tornado..
..find out from where
this sand has come?
And by what speed
it’s coming to us?
C’mon, run!
Ajay! – What happened?
Are you tired?
I’m not Hanuman’s
devotee like you..
..that I can keep running?
Look, Asha, if you taunt me
I’ll start with my devotion again.
Then you’ll remain unmarried
in your entire life.
No way!
Now I can’t live without you
for even a moment.
– Yes.
I love you, Asha! I love you.
This locket? What’s the matter?
Whose symbol you’re
carrying along with you?
Asha, this is the only
one symbol I’ve of my parents.
My father had sold me
off in my childhood. – What?
A father sold off his son?
No, Asha. Don’t misunderstand him.
My mother was very serious.
We didn’t have money
for her treatment.
I remember very little.
Papa snatched me
away from mother’s hand.
Mummy, screamed..
..that let me die
but don’t sell my child.
Papa cried and hugged
me tightly for the last time.
Then what happened?
Those who had bought me,
also died after some time.
And I became an orphan.
I worked hard in daytime and
studied in the streetlight at night.
I obtain the degree of MA.
LLB. But I failed..
..to continue with my practise.
I tried to commit
suicide at the last.
But Vijay saved my life.
And I got a new life.
And then you..
I can’t forget this obligation
of yours in my life.
Will you bring him home
tonight for the dinner?
To prove you that I can cook food..
..I sent the maid home.
Very good!
Now you, please be seated.
Some things are left.
I’ll just come.
It seems your prayers
have turned fruitful.
What a girl she’s!
You also start with
the prayer from today.
You will also find one like her.
She stays alone?
– I didn’t ask her.
But why are you asking?
– No! It’s nothing like that.
Ajay, please open the door.
Shall I go?
Yes, tell me!
– Police?!
Police?! How come they are here?
– See..
Commissioner sir!
– Salutation, sir.
Commissioner, sir.
You’re following us everywhere.
We’ve come here with
a marriage proposal.
If you don’t believe
me then ask the girl.
How dare you step in this house?
You’re asking us as if
we’ve entered in your house.
Mr. MA. LLB. Today you’ll
forget all the books Law.
Arrest them.
– Excuse me!
Don’t misunderstand them.
I’ve invited them
for dinner, brother. – Brother?!
Please don’t bother
about the dinner.
Only one glass of water will be fine.
– Water?
Can we have a glass of water,
Asha, from when do you know them?
From the day he has saved my life.
– Yes.
How can the infamous person
take care of anybody’s prestige?
Those who have unmarried
sisters and daughters..
..at home should think
before giving opinions.
What’s this, Asha?
I was going to tell
you everything, brother.
Shut up!
Get out!
I’ll shoot you if I see
you in this house again. Out!
Thank you, Asha.
You didn’t do this right, brother.
Enough, I’ve heard
everything after this.
You go and send Sherry to me.
Have I done any mistake, sir?
– No! Your stars have favoured you.
I’ll award you much
gold for this information.
Thank you!
Thank you very much, sir.
Isn’t it necessary
to meet Ajay personally..
..before rewarding him?
No, Sherry. Whatever
Ajay has told to that girl.
He can’t be anybody
else other than my son.
What will happen now?
He’s enemy’s friend.
Then make him an enemy.
Did you get it?
You can’t escape
from your death, Sherry.
And I’ll be the cause
of your death. Key!
Take the right turn.
I said turn towards right.
Car turns by steering
and not by the order.
And at present steering
is in my control.
That’s why I’m telling
you to turn towards right.
It seems you didn’t
read the newspaper today.
Yesterday night,
a murder took place.
And the dead body is still missing.
Keep quiet. Otherwise,
same thing can happen with you.
Whether it happens with me or not..
..but I know about that dead body.
If you don’t mind,
just turn back and see.
Dead body is lying in the car.
Police is following the car.
And you’re on the driving seat.
Good luck! Goodbye!
Cheating with Law is not so easy,
Mr. Vijay.
Inspector, I’m innocent.
I didn’t do this murder.
This car is also not mined.
It’s a plotting against me.
Court will decide that. C’mon.
– Look, inspector!
Constable, take care of this car.
– Ok, sir.
O god! When wills this
crime and murders end?
Let’s see the dead body once.
No! I get scared. – It’s
just a dead body and not a ghost.
My situation becomes awkward..
..when I see the dead bodies.
If I’ll see this dead body.
I won’t be able to
sleep for the entire night.
I’ll get the fever.
You’re very strange.
God may not give
sorrows to anybody.
Only then the constable like
me won’t be found in this area.
You know that.
C’mon light my cigarette.
Come on, give it to me.
I wish nobody to have
sorrowful days in life.
Please light the cigarette.
– Yes, sure.
– No mention.
Yes, it was very nice.
Too good! Ajay!
Are you talking to me?
Are you still disappointed
with brother’s behaviour?
So much of anger on my love?
But I love your anger, too.
I think your Ajay’s
face resembles mine.
I’m seeing you for the first time.
Sir, madam is calling you.
Tell her I’m coming.
Did you hear this?
Now you must have understood.
Ajay! Ajay, I’m Asha! Your Asha.
I don’t know any Asha!
Tell me!
Your friend is in the lock
up under the charge of a murder.
If anything will happen to Vijay,
I’ll kill you very first.
Yes, sure! You can kill me.
But shall I drop you
to the police station first?
Please, come. C’mon.
It was my craziness
that I loved you.
I will forget you.
Brother was right.
You’re a liar. A decisive.
I’ll tell brother
to send you to the lock up.
Only then you’ll realise.
That innocence of
yours and bashful look.
I’ll also tear off your letter.
“Somebody has written
a love letter to me.”
“Somebody has written
a love letter to me.”
“It states that he’s crazy for me.”
when he met me personally..”
“..he isn’t speaking anything.”
“I don’t understand
this style of him”
“Somebody has written
a love letter to me.”
“He looks at me
with so much of love.”
“He looks at me
with so much of love.”
“But when I look at
him he avoids meeting eyes.”
“Actually, he loves me a lot.”
“Actually, he loves me a lot.”
“If anybody try to tease me,
he never spare them.”
“What this secret is..”
“What this secret is..”
“Do you know what
it means actually?
“I don’t understand
this style of him”
“Somebody has written
a love letter to me.”
“Those who feel shy with
the sight of a beautiful lady.”
“Those who feel shy with
the sight of a beautiful lady.”
“How can he claim to be in love?”
“What a sweetheart I’ve got?”
“What a sweetheart I’ve got?”
“Such lovers are very
rare in this world.”
“He’s very mean..”
“He has a new style
of attracting me.”
“I don’t understand
this style of him”
“Somebody has written
a love letter to me.”
“It states that he’s crazy for me.”
when he met me personally..”
“..he isn’t speaking anything.”
“I don’t understand
this style of him”
“Somebody has written
a love letter to me.”
Ajay, you and here?
Who told you that I’m locked here?
That, smart woman.
Oh! Kiran!
That means she also
knows him very well.
– Nobody.
Ajay, I’ve told you this before
and even today I’m telling you.
Please forget me.
You won’t get anything
other than defame..
..with the company of a criminal.
No, Vijay! I’ve forgotten her,
whom I should have.
I’ve refused to recognise Asha.
Ajay! What did you do this?
You can never get such a nice girl..
..and family being in my company.
Vijay! Which is that
secret that’s more than..
..our friendship for you.
Even after the murder charges..
..you don’t want to disclose it.
It’s not a secret. It’s a fact.
I’m involved in a murder case.
And now my bail
is also not possible.
Why it isn’t possible?
I’ll do anything to give your bail.
You’ve got the bail.
Sir has called you.
Please, come sir.
You please sit here.
Constable has gone to bring him.
He’ll come soon.
Thank you!
Uncle! You?
May you have a long life, my child!
Won’t you come in my hug, my child?
Vijay, I didn’t recognise him.
Ajay, he’s Mr. Ghanshyam Das.
A dearest friend of my father.
He’s the richest and..
– Enough!
Don’t praise me more.
As it is I’ve put on a lot.
Pleased to meet you.
We just can’t control
our happiness when we find..
..somebody from our own
after many years. But, Vijay.
You really scared me today.
When I saw police
arresting you on the road..
..I just couldn’t
believe on my eyes.
Right from the
DIG to the inspector.
I had to convince them that..
..they have
misunderstand something.
They said dead body
was found in the car.
I asked them, was it Vijay’s car?
They said no.
But he was driving it.
When I asked them
about the dead body..
..they said it’s disappeared.
Then what? I told them
that the day you find the..
..dead body and prove that
Vijay has murder him then..
..hang me onto noose
in place of him.
They kept quiet and I got relief.
Vijay, my child.
If I hadn’t paid your bail today..
..how I’d have faced your mother?
Vijay’s mother?
Vijay, what type
of a friend you’re?
You didn’t introduce
your friend with your mother?
I’ll come to your
house some other day..
..and explain you everything.
– Why some other day?
How many days have passed
that you came to Mumbai?
Nearly a year.
And you didn’t get time
to meet me in this entire year?
Actually, I was so helpless that..
Anyway, let it be.
Will you come now?
And also bring your
mother along with.
You too, come with him, my child.
Yes, of course. If he’ll bring me,
I’ll definitely come.
Ok then, see you.
Before taunting you should
have asked me the detail.
Vijay, my child.
I forgot to ask you something.
Did you get the information
about your father’s murderer?
If he’s alive,
I’ll definitely find him one day.
God knows when that day will come?
Ok then, see you.
Vijay, how many secrets
you’ve kept from me?
And I’ve considered
you everything of mine.
I can understand, Ajay.
If I’d be at your place..
..I also would have felt
hurt to know about this.
But believe me,
if you’d be at my place..
..you also would have
done the same thing.
Never, Vijay! You know
that I’ve always craved for love.
I’ve carved for the
parental love in my life.
And still you did this?
Your mother can’t be mine, too?
No, Ajay. She’s your mother.
but she has lost her
mental balance with a shock.
She’s not getting
the right treatment.
Which is that shock to which..
..she’s not getting
the right treatment?
Tell me, Vijay!
I’ll finish off myself
to get her treatment.
By swear of me. Tell me.
Tell me, Vijay. Otherwise..
– Ajay!
Don’t say that.
I don’t have strength
to resist more shocks.
That black night..
I was studying in my room.
Are you talking about
Sir Ghanshyam Das?
Sir? He’s a smuggler,
a murderer, a robber.
Today I’ve seen
everything personally.
See, this is his real picture.
It’s not possible. It can’t
be Sir Ghanshyam Das’s photo.
I’m sure this is
a misunderstanding.
Now take some rest.
Tomorrow morning
you’ve to go to Delhi.
Morning? First I’ve to
make him arrest in the morning.
Everybody will believe me..
..when he’ll be sentenced to death.
Mr. Vijay! Mr. Vijay!
Papa! Papa!
Papa, who did this?
– Vijay!
Vijay, my child, you please
run away from here. Run away!
He’ll kill you. He’ll kill me, too.
He’ll kill all of us.
Who, mummy?
Did you see him? who was he?
Why don’t you say something?
Tell me, mummy.
Why your papa is sleeping here?
Take him upstairs.
– Mummy!
Tomorrow is your exam, I suppose?
You’ve still not slept?
What are you doing here?
Go and relax now.
– Mummy? – Go! – Mummy!
Go to sleep.
– Yes, mummy, I’ll go to sleep.
You please come here, mummy. Come..
Shanti, please take care of her.
Hello! – Vijay, my child?
Ghanshyam here.
Give the phone to papa.
Uncle! Uncle, papa is no more.
– What?
Is sister in law alright?
– Mummy!
Mummy has also gone madly, uncle.
God knows suddenly what happened..
Papa! Papa! Papa!
This man’s death is
mother’s treatment, right?
I’ll kill him and
bring him to our mother.
My son has fallen in love with
a girl and that too, which girl?
With a top most enemy’s sister.
He’s a friend of one,
and is in love with other’s sister.
Had you seen the locket properly?
I’ve seen it, Sherry.
And my eyes are very sharp.
Ajay is my son and
I’ll meet him at any cost.
Then why don’t you meet
him in this appearance?
He’ll be known as
Sir Ghanshyam’s son.
No, Sheery. It’s not possible.
When I had sold him off..
..Sir Ghanshyam
was not in existence.
That time I was.. I was..
– But he was too small that time.
And as per Mack’s information,
he doesn’t..
..remember about his
childhood very clearly.
What will happen if he’d
remember his father’s face?
Then what’s use now, PK?
By now Vijay must
have told him everything.
And now he must hate PK’s face.
Whether he loves me or hates me.
But he’s my son.
Ok, then let’s go to Vijay
and ask your son from him.
Sheery! Don’t cross your limits.
If I’ve a fatherly heart.
I also have a dangerous mind.
I’ll go to commissioner
Khanna’s house..
..and meet his sister.
Commissioner Khanna
is searching for you.
And even then you
want to take this risk?
I don’t mind taking
this risk for my son.
Yes! – Is Asha at home?
– Yes, she’s. Please come.
Please, come..
..have a seat.
– Thank you!
What’s your name?
Tell her Ajay’s father
wants to meet her.
Yes! I’m Asha.
Long live, my child.
– You.
My child, I’m the
unfortunate father of Ajay..
..who can’t meet his
son even after finding him.
What? I didn’t get you.
My child, I need your help.
I’m sorry. But I can’t
help you in this matter.
I’ve forgotten Ajay completely.
I don’t want to see his face.
He refused to identify me.
No, my son can’t be like this.
You don’t know. But he’s trapped.
And that’s why your brother
is also prejudiced about him.
He has got a company
of a wrong person.
And he has prompted him so much..
..that he considers
me his enemy. – What?
Only you can convince Ajay.
He’ll never refuse you.
Please bring him to me once.
I’ll clear all
his misunderstanding.
I’ll give him everything
that he hasn’t find till today.
Fatherly love, wealth and fame.
And your brother also
won’t misunderstand him then.
Please bring him to me once.
I beg of you.
Lift-man! Lift-man! Just check
the lift! What’s wrong with it?
Sir, you and here?
Actually, my car was spoiled.
So I thought of meeting you.
But you, police officers
don’t have time for us.
What are you saying, sir?
C’mon, let’s go.
No, I met Asha just now.
– Really?
Now I’ll come with your invitation.
– Ok.
Ok, bye!
– Yes, brother!
Sir had come home.
Did you serve him the best?
He didn’t give that chance.
He was just telling
me about his misery.
I wish if you’d be present,
all your misunderstanding..
..about Ajay would be clear today.
– Ajay?
How’s Ajay concern with sir?
– He’s Ajay’s father.
Ajay had told me everything about him.
Ajay is the son of this big personality?
Yes. And he doesn’t know about it yet.
Brother, if you allow me..
It’s very important
for me to meet Ajay.
Yes, sure! You can go.
– Thank you, brother!
But sir never discussed
about his son..
Come in, my child.
Why are you standing in dark, papa?
Why don’t you come in light?
– I’ll come, my child.
But before that I want
to tell you something.
The face that you’ll see now..
..many times it is presented
to you in the wrong format.
It’s identified as a murderer.
And you hate him.
What are you saying, papa?
I’m craving to see my
parents from so many years.
Do you remember your mother’s face?
Yes, papa. How’s she? Where’s she?
I failed to save her life
even after selling you. – Papa!
Control yourself, my child!
You’ve to resist many shocks today.
No! No, this is not possible.
O god! How you’re testing me?
Don’t be sad, my child.
I’m your father.
I’m ready to give my life
to keep your words.
A son met his father
after so many years. But how?
Papa! Papa, tell me that
you didn’t kill Vijay’s father.
Tell me that it’s a lie. Mere lie.
Who will decide truth and lie?
Who will believe me?
But, papa! Vijay is my friend.
He can’t lie to me.
And a father can lie to his son?
You don’t know, papa.
Today I’m alive because of Vijay.
He has given me a new life.
I’m under his obligation.
Then pay off to this obligation.
Kill me and present me to him.
Enough, papa.
Don’t say anything more.
Otherwise, I’ll go mad.
My child, if possible,
bring your friend to me.
I will resolve all
his misunderstandings.
Really? Papa!
– My child!
No! No, it’s not possible, Ajay.
Tell me that you were joking.
A dirty joke,
that you’d never do again.
You’re joking with me, Vijay..
You’re telling me to refuse
to accept him as my father?
You know that I’m craving
for this happiness from childhood.
And you’re telling me to forget it?
Ajay, once again I’m telling
you he can’t be your father.
I can’t fail to recognise
the face that’s clear..
..in my mind right
from my childhood.
No, Ajay! That rascal
is not your father. – Vijay!
If it weren’t you,
I’d have cut off his tongue.
Look, Vijay! Parent’s relation
is always higher than the rest.
Please don’t abuse it.
Why don’t you believe me..
..that my father
didn’t kill your father.
I know that rascal very well.
And now I’m sure that
you’re also his dirty blood.
You’re still alive because
of his son. Don’t forget.
Look at there.
Oh! So, you’ve brought
your father’s swine, too?
No! He had saved my life once.
Today I’m pardoning his life.
Balance is clear.
Your balance, promises and words.
It says, do good and
cast it into the river.
I did good and caste
it to the drainage.
Enough, Vijay.
I can’t listen to anything more.
I might not raise..
A child inherits
traits of his father.
Kindness is always lost
upon an ungrateful man.
Stop it, Vijay. Even the
god couldn’t keep patience..
..after 100 abuses. Whereas
I’m an ordinary human being.
Not just human.
You’re a black spot..
..on the name of
friend and friendship.
Don’t say anything more, Vijay.
If you want to stop me then
tell me that you’re my friend..
..and not that rascal,
bloody swine’s son. – Vijay!
“A friend has done worst
than an enemy.”
“He has insulted the word friendship.”
“This friendship of many years..”
“..why it has broken up in a moment?”
“..why it has broken up in a moment?”
“My friend..”
“My friend..”
“My friend, you turned your face..”
“..it’s like,
my god has turned face from me.”
“..it’s like, my god
has turned face from me.”
“This friendship of many years..”
“..why it has broken up in a moment?”
“..why it has broken up in a moment?”
“I’ve shed my blood for you
in your difficult times.”
“I’ve shed my blood for you
in your difficult times.”
“How come your blood became so thin?”
“What is this day
I’ve come across today?”
“Your friendship..”
“Your friendship was my life..”
“Being close to me..”
“..today you’ve robbed
everything of mine.”
“..it’s like, my god
has turned face from me.”
“This friendship of many years..”
“..why it has broken up in a moment?”
“..why it has broken up in a moment?”
“Just like the lines created in water..”
“..all the promises of friendship
have broken today.”
“Just like the lines created in water..”
“..all the promises of friendship
have broken today.”
“My friend’s friendship
was a weak wall.”
“Why this happened with me?”
“Why this happened with me?”
“Whose curse affected us?”
“With this indifference of yours..”
“..I feel I’m dead today.”
“..it’s like, my god
has turned face from me.”
“This friendship of many years..”
“..why it has broken up in a moment?”
“..why it has broken up in a moment?”
“My friend, you turned your face..”
“..it’s like, my god
has turned face from me.”
“..it’s like, my god
has turned face from me.”
Who’s it?
A friend..
whom you consider your enemy.
I don’t have any friend.
Now I don’t have any friend.
Whether you consider
me a friend or enemy.
Never mind if you hate me..
Those who don’t have a friend
also do not have an enemy.
Vijay! Vijay, you need support.
– Support?
Who will give support to me?
– I’m there.
Control yourself, Vijay.
When one door is closed..
..God always opens
the other door for you.
He opens?
– Yes.
Ok, let’s go.
Ajay! You take so much care of me.
You do so much for me.
Your obligation..
How will I pay off to
this obligation of your, Ajay?
A small support is enough
for the drowning person.
Vijay will never forget
your obligation in his life.
He was continuously
remembering your son Ajay.
It seems he’s really hurt.
I hope you’re also not hurt.
You’re showing
sympathy towards enemy.
Never show pity for
the enemy in your trap.
And the enemy, like Vijay?
Your enemy is still unconscious.
Tell me how I must behave with him?
Just like a friend behaves
with the other friend.
Assure him that he has
nobody in this life except you.
And what should I do
when he’ll be assured..
..that I’ve nobody
in life except him?
What should I do next?
We must reach to his mother.
Do something that he’ll
completely forget himself..
..in your company and
he’ll take you to his mother.
I promise you. I’ll definitely
reach to his mother one day.
That’s like you, Kiran.
If you wish you can take him..
..to our bungalow at Madh island.
There both of you will be alone.
And complete silence around will
help your work done easier. Ok?
O god!
Ajay, get me a cup of tea.
Where am I?
Yesterday night I was on the road.
Whose house it must be?
It’s not of your enemy.
Those who don’t have a friend..
..also do not have an enemy.
– Don’t say that, miss Kiran.
Only a friend can do so
much that you did for me at night.
Now that you’ve
called me your friend.
I hope you won’t consider
me your enemy now.
Miss Kiran..
– My name is Kiran.
Kiran, before you misunderstand..
..let me clear all
your misunderstanding.
Some things are such that..
..more you try to go
away more it comes closer.
Kiran, the person
for whom you’re working..
..is the biggest enemy of my life.
It’s between you and him.
I was talking about you and me.
But, Kiran.. love with an enemy?
We left from home
to kill an enemy..
..but when we came face to face,
we fell in love with him.
What if I ask the proof of your love?
I can offer my life for you.
I must reach to him first.
And you must come
with me to reach to him.
You must not ask questions in love.
Please come! Come in!
Kiran, you had promised
me to take you to PK?
Where have you..
I had told you..
Not to ask questions in love.
– Did you get the answer?
Kiran has gone with Vijay
to our bungalow at Madh island.
I’ve personally been there, PK.
But Kiran didn’t reach there.
Then where’s she?
– Mack came to inform you the same.
But you became angry.
Tell me, Mack. But remember.
If your information proved wrong..
..you know the result.
And what if it’ll be true?
Then I’ll peel off her skin.
– Then come with me.
Then decide who’s honest
and who’s dishonest?
Let’s go.
Papa, I’ve heard everything.
I’ll do this work.
No, my child. I won’t
let you do this dangerous work.
Papa, now your life
is very precious for me.
If anything will
happen to you then..
Nothing will happen to me.
And Tiger is with me.
Who’s Tiger?
– Tiger!
You don’t know his strength.
I’m sorry to say papa, but
you’re not aware of my strength.
And also not of Vijay.
We’ve tackled many
such Tigers till now.
Do you realise now, papa?
PK, it’s proved
that he’s your blood.
But still, my child.
I won’t let you go alone.
Kiran, I know you love me.
But you don’t know
the outcome of this love.
“Who doesn’t know
the outcome of love?”
“Who doesn’t know
the outcome of love?”
“Who doesn’t know
the outcome of love?”
“But, I’m helpless
at my crazy heart..”
“..it doesn’t listen to me.”
“..it doesn’t listen to me.”
“Who doesn’t know
the outcome of love?”
“One, who fears of death
can never fall in love.”
“Life is as good as death in love.”
“Life is nothing compared to love.”
“Even the death can’t
overcome the love.”
“If this wasn’t true then..”
“If this wasn’t true then..”
“..any lovers wouldn’t have spent..
a madly life for his love.”
“..heart doesn’t listen to me.”
“Who doesn’t know
the outcome of love?”
“Whether she was Laila,
Shiri, Heer or Sohani.”
“..they are still
remembered after death.”
“Who offered their life for love.”
“Their fragrance is
still felt in the seasons.”
“There’s something.
Otherwise my heart..”
“There’s something.
Otherwise my heart..”
“..wouldn’t be so obstinate..”
“..to offer my life for you.”
“..heart doesn’t listen to me.”
“Who doesn’t know
the outcome of love?”
“Who doesn’t know
the outcome of love?”
“But, I’m helpless
at my crazy heart..”
“..it doesn’t listen to me.”
“..it doesn’t listen to me.”
Kiran, I used to believe that nobody
could impress me in this world.
But your love has really
impressed me today.
I just can’t believe myself, Vijay.
When I met you for the first time,
I had seen a dream.
Let’s go somewhere
very far from here.
So far.. where except you,
I and your mother..
Mother? How do you
know about my mother?
Vijay, I..
Is there any phone here?
Yes, but it’s too far from here.
Vijay! Please don’t go! I’m scared.
Don’t worry. I’ll just come. Ok?
That’s Kiran’s car. – That
means Vijay also will be here.
We’ll go and shoot them now.
– No.
Nobody will take any
step without my order.
You go and bring Kiran.
I’ll take care of Vijay.
No, sir. If we’ll leave you alone,
PK will shoot us.
Ok, you please come with me.
And, all of you bring Kiran.
Excuse me! I want to
make an urgent call to Bombay.
Can I please?
– Yes, sure. – Thank you!
How much time it
takes to get the line?
If the line is clear
it won’t even take 2 minutes.
Will you have some tea?
– Can I have something cold?
Yes, sure. I’ll bring it now.
Hello! Trunk booking!
I’m calling from 43431.
I want to make a call to Bombay.
I want to listen
to the conversation..
..of the person
calling from outside.
Yes! Bombay!
– You can listen to it from here.
Yes, Bombay number is 212133.
Shanti, Vijay here.
Mr. Vijay, where are you?
Madam is not well.
What happened to her?
She’s getting the attacks.
– Look, Shanti.
This is not the first time
that she’s getting attacks.
You know which injection
can give her relief.
Injections are not in
stock from last two days.
Injections out of stock?
Look, Shanti,
I can’t reach there soon.
You please go and
get the injections.
But how can I leave
madam in this condition?
I don’t know anything.
You please hurry up.
Go and get the injections. Ok!
Where’s she?
Where’s this Shanti? Shan..
Send them in!
– I’m sorry.. I’m sorry, Vijay.
Police is trying it’s
best to find her. – What?
But how did you come
to know that Kiran is missing?
– Yes, Kiran. My friend.
Who took me to her
house to save my life.
Who’s she from whom
she wants to save you?
Yes, PK.
This is his photo.
What’s your enmity with him?
This man has murdered my father.
Your father?
– He’s right, Commissioner.
My child,
once again I’m telling you..
..please come to my
house with your mother.
Otherwise her life
will also be at risk.
You didn’t do this right
by hiding all this from police.
Anyway, you please
call up on 212133 first.
How did you come
to know this number?
Is my mother alright?
Your mother is missing.
Nurse had come to report here.
Vijay! Vijay! Listen to me..
Excuse me!
How far is Hasratganj from here?
– Yes.
Why are you looking
at me like this?
It seems you’re new in Lucknow.
Sister, this is Mumbai
and not Lucknow.
Mumbai? – Yes.
– How can this be Mumbai?
What’s the matter?
– I don’t know why she’s..
..calling Mumbai, Lucknow?
Sister, this is Mumbai.
– No, this is Lucknow.
It seems she’s mad.
You rascal!
Where’s my mother?
Where’s your murderer father?
Where’s his secret place?
Tell me about his accomplices.
Why don’t you say anything?
Did you come across
my father’s accomplices?
And did you see my power?
Coward! You’re using
your manpower to control me?
If you’re so brave
then release me once..
..and then see my strength.
Sir, police!
– You please go.
Vijay! Vijay!
Vijay, what happened?
Who beat you? Who were they?
– Yes, sir.
Take care of him.
How come I reached to Mumbai?
Vijay! Vijay! Vijay!
Sir, let’s take
her to the hospital.
No! It’ll be a police case
if we take her to the hospital.
Take her home.
We’ll call the doctor at home.
Hurry up!
Shanti! Shant..
Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!
Where are you, mummy?
Where will I find you now..? Mummy!
Have patience, Vijay!
Police will find your mother soon.
And what if it’ll fail?
It’s impossible.
Impossible! If this is impossible..
..then why police failed
to arrest PK till now?
Do you have the answer to this?
Tell me that.. he’ll definitely
be arrested one day.
But what will happen..
..if something will
happen with my mother today?
What will happen then,
Will police..
be able to bring my mother back?
Will you be able to
give my mother back to me?
Will you be able to
give my mother back to me?
No, commissioner!
You and your police
can’t help me by any means.
Go away from here for god’s sake.
Leave me alone.
PK took away my mother. My mother
is with him. I’m sure about it.
Ok, fine. I’m going..
But let me tell you
something before going.
How can you doubt PK
for kidnapping your mother?
I’m sure about it, commissioner.
If it’s not true then
his son wouldn’t be found..
..at the gate of this building.
Who’s his son?
Who’s his son?
Now I’ll never take that
rascal’s name again. Never!
Ajay! PK’s son?
Doctor! What’s the matter?
Is everything fine?
Actually, Mr. Ajay made
an accident and was disturbed.
Accident? My son is so emotional?
What’s the matter, my child?
A woman came in front of my car.
– Woman?
Doctor said she’s very serious.
I’m so disturbed.
– No need to be disturbed in this.
Many people die with
accident in big cities.
Consult the doctor
and arrange for a nurse.
We’ve many other things to do.
What’s that?
Search the entire city.
We must find Vijay’s mother.
I’ll tackle Kiran!
Asha! Asha, come soon.
– Yes, brother.
Asha! That day Ajay’s
father had come here, right?
Yes. – Look at these pictures
and tell me who was he?
He! – Are you sure?
– Yes. – Very good.
He’s that murderer..
He had killed my husband.
You’re one from his group. Tell
me who brought me here. Tell me.
Where’s my Vijay?
I’ll kill you. You please
tell me where’s my Vijay?
Where’s my Vijay?
Is she the same?
Well done, my child! Great!
But how did you come to
know that she’s Vijay’s mother?
When she came in sense
she started screaming..
..with the sight of
your photo and was saying..
..that you’re a murderer. And I..
– Did you kill her?
No! I wanted to kill her.
But for now I’ve given
her sleeping tablet.
Papa, I kept my promise.
Now you please keep your promise.
Tell me how can we live
with respect in the society?
Come! Come and see it yourself.
Leave me! I said leave!
Leave! I said leave! Leave me..
Leave her.
Asha has come to meet me.
No, Ajay. This girl has
no place in your life now.
What do you mean?
You must give this sacrifice for
the new life you want to live. Papa!
Ajay, this man is a fraud,
cheat, criminal and impostor.
Girl! You haven’t
seen my anger yet.
My brother has told
me everything about you.
At least you should have
kept your son away from all this.
Shut up, Asha! Stop your nonsense.
I don’t want to see your
face who can dare to insult..
..my father in my presence.
Brother is coming here with police.
Let’s run away from here.
Otherwise you’ll repent
in your entire life.
Unfortunate people
come and go off..
..from this world while crying.
Take her inside and locks her.
And keep watch on her.
Let’s go, papa!
Ajay! I never knew you
could go down to this level.
Which is this place, papa?
Wait for some time.
You’ll come to know everything.
I’ll just come.
Vijay, your mother’s
life is in danger.
How do you know that?
-What all I know..
I’ll tell this to you later.
But, you..
– Don’t worry about me.
Your mother’s life is at risk. C’mon!
Come on!
Sir Ghanshyam Das?
Yes, my child,
another form of your father.
I had told you..
The day I’ll find Vijay’s mother..
..Police will never
be able to reach to PK.
Because today,
PK and his entire life will..
..completely vanish
with this old woman.
And only Sir Ghanshyam
Das will remain alive.
Who’s a respectable
person of the society..
..who gives charity.
And world salutes him.
Also accept my salutation, uncle.
Vijay, my child. My child!
– Mummy!
Mummy, what happened to you?
I’m fine.
You please don’t worry about me.
He’s.. that murderer.
He killed your father.
Don’t worry, mummy.
So, uncle!
You always used to complain
that I never come here.
Today I’ve kept my promise.
Today mummy and I, both are here.
But I’m sorry to say
that after some time..
..you won’t exist in this world.
Uncle! I used to play with
these toys in my childhood.
Now I’ve become young.
Now these hands need your throat.
How will you reach
to him when I’m here?
Tell your mother to pray for you.
You, disloyal,
she’s the mother of a brave man.
I’m a lioness’s son. Mind it.
No, Sherry! He’s my hunt.
I’ve promised him that
if I’m a brave mother’s son..
..I’ll fight with him
alone and fulfil his wish.
Once again, I’m telling you, Vijay.
Did you see my strength?
And I’m giving you one more chance.
Then don’t complain
that you were slipped.
And you had to defeat. Take this.
Winner is always decided
in the last game.
Sit quietly.
Or else I’ll shoot you.
I can defeat in 14
rounds of each game, Ajay.
But in the 15th one.
So! This is the 15th
and last round, right?
I had told you that
I’d win the last game.
I’ve come to enemy’s house
with complete preparation.
Sir! Tell your men
to throw away the gun.
Otherwise you’ll lose your son.
Sherry! Throw it away. Throw!
Vijay! Don’t shoot my son.
Let’s join hands.
No need of it, sir.
Only one bullet.
I’ll hit one bullet to you
and your son’s life will be saved.
Vijay! My child! My child!
Ajay! Ajay! What did you do this?
If you wouldn’t released
the enemy once..
Who has released him, papa?
Who left him?
I thought if I miss the target
he’ll shoot at me.
Liar! Disloyal! You told me that
you’re under Vijay’s obligation.
That I’m his friend.
Our own blood matters
more than everything.
Would I have offered
my father for his mother?
But you said, you’re not his son.
If I’d not said so,
you’d not have stopped screaming.
Papa would have killed you..
..and Vijay wouldn’t
have come in my trap.
Sherry, go and demolish
the den with dynamite.
Papa’s illegal life should
be completely washed out..
..before police reaches.
Is that clear? Get it!
Yes, Sherry! C’mon, do it fast.
And I’ll kill you, sir!
– Vijay! My child, Vijay. Vijay!
He’s alive, my son.
Who son? And whose son?
It says needy stoops
to everything however mean.
And I did the same.
And now you’ll meet
death like an animal.
Such a big fraud?
I’ll peel off your skin.
Animals skin can be peeled
off and not of humans PK.
Which can be useful
to others after death.
Your skin won’t
be used for anything.
Where are you going?
I still have to explain you
how you got trapped in my plot.
Vijay! That day when
I was standing down..
..at Kiran’s house..
Yes. Then what happened?
It was our good luck that
he locked me in the same room..
..which he had built
in memory of his son.
Mack, this is a special room of PK.
He has built it
in memory of his son.
What? PK’s son is dead?
He might be alive but
you’d be definitely killed.
He had sold off his
son in his childhood.
And these statues?
– It’s the symbol of him.
He also has the
same statue’s pendant.
And PK is madly searching
for it till today.
But I don’t understand how come..
..Kiran told you
to lock this man here?
And I decided at the same moment..
..that I’ll be your lost son.
To reach to the enemy
I made my friend, my enemy.
What if something would
have happened to you?
This life was under
your obligation, my friend.
So what if it’d
have offered for you?
I’ve hurt you a lot Vijay.
Please, forgive me.
Shall I?
Ok, I’ve forgiven you.
Really? Thank you!
You’re welcome!
– Stop!
Mr. Ajay! After cheating PK,
you got cheated here.
Did you forget your lover?
I’ve been loyal to
PK from so many years.
If you wish her life
then hand over PK to me.
No, Ajay,
don’t leave him even if I die.
– Ajay!
Ok, Sherry! You leave Asha.
We’ll leave PK. – Ok
PK! Sherry?
That’s a good boy!
I’m also loyal to you, PK.
The son whom you’re searching for..
..since so many years.
At least meet him once.
This is the locket.
In memory of which
you’ve made an entire room.
And this is the photo that..
..nobody can have except your son.
Now you might ask me..
..Why did I keep it secret
even thought I knew everything.
Because I wanted
this son to be alive..
..at the time of performing
last rituals of his father.
So that your soul might get rest.
And the time has come now, PK.
Do you remember Hari Singh?
Whom you had thrown
to the hungry tigers?
Yes, I’m his only one daughter.
And today.. I’m throwing
you to these two tigers.
C’mon, PK. Sherry! C’mon!
Take your revenge.
Mummy, take this revolver.
And shoot him.
Take your revenge.
I’ll tackle the Law. C’mon.
You rascal! I’ll kill you..
It’s my job to kill people
and not the newcomers like you.
If anybody will move from here,
I’ll kill this woman.
C’mon, Sherry!
– Vijay, my child!
Mummy! – Vijay, my child!
Child! – Mummy!
So, sir! Didn’t I tell you that..
..who will take care
of you if we won’t be there?
And Vijay, we’ve got
detailed information about..
..you and your friend, Ajay.
You’re Dinanath’s son, right?
Yes, commissioner sir,
but how come you..
You’ve increased our job
by hiding everything from before.
I must say, Commissioner.
If you had not come on time
I’d have lost my mother.
Anyway, everything
happens for better.
But I didn’t understand something.
When did you come to know
that Ajay is not PK’s son..
..but your friend?
it happened in presence of PK..
When I came here
and mummy hugged me..
She softly told me that
Ajay is just doing a drama.
Don’t misunderstand him.
If that was the case, Ajay.
Then why didn’t you tell
this to Vijay from before?
Ah!.. I was helpless, commissioner.
His accomplices used
to be around me all the time.
I see..
Did you hear this, PK?
You used to underestimate them.
But they are proved
to be smarter than you.
Take him away. And listen!
Both of you come
to my house tonight.
I’ve to talk to you
something very important.
Let’s go. – Won’t you hug
your father for the last time?
No, he’s not my father.
He’s my father.
Father, at least now you tell me
how did you get those three queens?
Just how you had got three jacks.
That’s where I made mistake.
If I’d have made three aces..
How would you have
made three aces, my dear?
Those three aces were with me.
What? – Yes. I’m carrying
it from that day onwards..
..to show it to you.
Now, this is the limit.
Oh, sorry! Sorry!
“At God, there’s delay but not denial.”
“At God, there’s delay but not denial.”

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