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rev up your engines blacksmith says hey I wonder when Scotty
that’s gonna be available and then JB says poor old boy that’s a joke no it is
not a joke it is very serious working on an app and now it’s gonna take a while
to get it up cuz it’s not gonna be a crappy app I’m not talking about small
time guys they’re talking about people who know what they’re doing sign up for
it now and then when it’s up you’ll get the information on it but we don’t want
to release something that’s terrible that is garbage like a lot of apps that
I’ve seen happen I’ve even involved with some apps that we’re absolute garbage
and this is not going to be it’s gonna be very good app it’s not a joke
have patience you have to wait for good things better to wait for good things
tend to get crap now that’s what I say QR says Scotty how do you think the
complexities and even basic cars today gonna affect the average person be able
to afford to have cars down the road yeah that’s a big problem you know
because as they age these complex cars when they break a lot of people aren’t
gonna be able to fix them so like today people love having a 67 Mustang Fastback
right even though the thing is what 53 years old right you’re not gonna get
tires built today driving them 53 years now I can guarantee you that who knows
maybe we’ll have electric cars I have no idea what’s gonna happen 50 years now
but yeah the complexity there’s a lot harder to keep them over a longer period
of time because of all the technology like gasoline direct injection turbo
charge small engines stops gonna wear out costs a lot of money to fix and it’s
gonna be a much more expensive endeavor than it was in the past mr. poppy said
hey Scotty what is the new Ford Bronco need to do to be successful
well obvious it needs people to buy it they’re building a big one and a small
one but they said the small ones gonna come out before the big one I guess it’s
easier to make the small one then they’re gonna make the big one come out
later who knows you know people like the old Bronco and if it’s got things that
people want they would want power and they would want in a small one a little
bit better gas mileage probably than the original ones what’s your tremendous gas
hogs still ask you vyas biggest type thing even a small one the gas mileage is
gonna be kind of the killer there if it is decent to probably sell a bunch if
it’s a complete gas hog well they’re only gonna get the guy want
big broncos and don’t care about gas mileage
whose Mennonite says Scotty can you take the thermostat out of a 250
cc engine it’s too hot here in Pakistan thermostats
are to make a vehicle run at the correct temperature as soon as possible they
stay shot the hot water stays in the engine until it gets hot enough turret
that opens goes in the radiator and it keeps it at that temperature if it gets
too cool it’ll shut down again so the temperature of the engine always stays
the same because the engine has to run at a certain temperature but if you’re
in Pakistan it’s hot all the time let’s say you take the thermostat off if it
runs in the middle and you take the thermostat out and it still runs in the
middle it’s not gonna hurt anything but if it runs lower they’re not made to run
lower they have to run it at a certain optimal temperature if engines run too
cool they can actually ruin the bearings inside the engine a lot of people don’t
know that but that’s truth and I’ve been explained by very good engineers that I
know why so it is true it can damage the engine running too cool but if you’re in
a hot place and even taking a thermostat out it still stays in the middle yeah
you can do that it won’t hurt rusty died says Mazdas very advanced
technology what you thought I’d will they hold up over time so likely get
through a lot of oil okay when they started to do them no they didn’t hold
up and one of the main reason was they had a deal gone with Ford Ford Mazdas
always have deals going on and they were using a lot of these Ford variable valve
timing cam assemblies and they had problems with them they also problems
with the cam faces on the Ford v8 engines they weren’t built that well so
the early SKYACTIV engines had engine problems now the new ones have more of a relationship with Mazda and Toyota and they are better made that said you got
to see all that last I got a costumer with a two-year old one he’s happy with
it he hasn’t had any problems yet but you know you want to see what happens
when they get 100 something thousand miles and if it’s a proven technology
yeah now I do have to say Toyota is now using some of this Mazda engine
technology they traded Toyota engine technology for Toyota electrical
knowledge so that they can make electric cars because everybody’s planning to
make an electric car so hey we’ll see so far so good but it’s only been a couple of
years really so I’d wait on that one to see what’s happening five or six years
down the line el globo says 95 Dodge Caravan any thoughts $1,000 okay the caravans were one of the worst van’s ever made in history of mankind but $1,000 if it runs and it
shifts okay that’s nothing for a vehicle and if it lasts you six months that’s
okay and if you want say you drive it it seems to go pretty good you want a van
you can use on weekend but don’t buy and think you can move your kids around
driving twenty thousand miles a year it’ll just bankrupt you transmissions
are horrible in those Carvalho says 2012 Scion tC is it worth taking a look at
yeah those are great vehicles I got customers one I absolutely love as I
always warn people we’re looking at used cars don’t trust the people that are
selling them do not trust them you want a mechanic to check it out I do it all
the time for people checking out used cars and I can find anything that’s
wrong with them within an hour because the modern scan computers do everything
then while they’re running their diagnosis I look around the car measure
stuff look at stuff smell stuff look for leaks have a mechanic check out if he
says it’s good they can be great cars I’ve seen those things with 250 250
thousand miles they’re still running strong jacy says what are your thoughts on a modern Dodge Challenger with a Hemi engine they are
screaming cars they are super super fast for my experience with customers who
bought them they don’t hold up well over time you don’t want to buy a
used one that beat out of them and they’re ready for the junkyard when some
but he drives the heck out of them and tries to sell they have very strong
engines they’re great engines if people don’t beat them and blow them up they
have a lot of power and they can last if you don’t over-rev whole vehicle they
generally have tendency of wearing out cuz people beat the heck out of them and
some of it is because they’re really being beaten and the other is it’s still
the Dodge and their quality controllers and all that hot they’re great ideas but
no vehicle itself it’s still just a Dodge mass-produced poorly built car
they’re not down they rattle as they aged and thought tronics go bad
they’re not the greatest they’re fast and fun if you got a lot of money buy a
new one and have fun with it Harrison Agra said my dad purchased an 04 Lexus rx330 225 miles is that engine an interference engine well yes it is
that’s one of the rear Toyota interference engines that a v6 the 300s
weren’t the 330s were but the three fifties weren’t that’s the only one but
I mean it’s not like they have problems just good a timing belt put on it you
know to think about it for a long long time I had a customer it’s one of those
and it had 350,000 and the belt had never been changed and he’s still
driving it still hasn’t broken so I mean there are pretty well made vehicles but
it is an interference engine only that 330 strangely enough Nicholas missoula
says I got a Toyota Matrix 06 220 thousand miles runs great should I get a
new transmission to get mine refurbished well you said it runs great why
would you now if you mean the engine runs good but the transmissions going on
you would want to get a rebuilt one from a quality place guys that Rebuild them
I’d say they’re if they’re iffy you want it from a place that’s in a factory that
actually does it for a living that really goes through them that
specializes in Toyotas stuffs that’s the absolute best way to go or find a
wrecked one low mileage wrecked one because you know you got two hundred
twenty thousand you find a wreck one even with eighty thousand you can get
used ones cheap enough I go that route myself John Wayne says gee I thought he
was dead 1999 subaru legacy 3.5 K or 2001 Subaru
Outback 6k okay here’s the thing about Subarus ones 21 and once 19 years old do
not buy any you Subaru with a six-cylinder engines they do not hold up
look at the four-cylinder once if at all possible standard but I mean if you have
to get an automatic take it to a guy like me to check it out a good mechanic
because he’s gonna test the head gaskets the four cylinders kind of had gasket
problems to you baby I’m not like the sixes but they still had problems you’d
want him to check all that stuff and he says it so can you get one cheap go
ahead but don’t even think about getting the six-cylinder engines ones cuz those
are horrible engines as they aged they had all kinds of problems he just were
not well made they made a bigger for more
power and it had many more problems jamesy boy says my car drives to the
left on its own I’ve had the wheels bounce the new tires what could be wrong
okay well you’re not going to very good guys balancing and doing stuff they
should also check the alignment whenever a car pulls to one side that means the
alignment is off to some extent first you have to realize that roads are all
graded for rain if the roads weren’t graded when it rained a puddle up so
you’re grated to drain the rain all cars generally will pull a little bit to the
side that the drain of the road is so that you don’t worry about but if yours
is pulled and go to a good alignment shot and I know it’s very hard to find
good alignment chops because a lot of the guys do alignments but they’re not
really good alignment shops they sell tires and other stuff and they say they
do alignments but the guys working there really aren’t that good at what they’re
doing it’s hard to find him I bet it’s hard to find a good alarm shop I’m
having problems here in Houston now because I used to use cotton rollers and
they stopped doing cars they’re only doing big 18 wheelers because they can
make a lot more money doing it they’ve always done that and they don’t want to
mess with little bitty cars making sixty eighty ninety dollars each time when
they’re working on these big trucks they’re making thousands of dollars so I
can’t blame that but it’s very hard to find a good alignment job these days
adjust yes but you need to find one airplane guy 33 says speedometer isn’t
working my 95 Camry LE sedan okay it may be old but it’s not as old as you may
think that still has an electronic speedometer
and so does my 94 Celica go to the transmission there’s a thing called the
speed sensor if you can’t figure out where it is go to a place like autozone
they can sell you the sensor cheaper than a dealer they can also print you
out a picture on your computer of exactly where it is and if you want open
your hood down they can point it and say they’re right there that’s what you need
to replace nine times out of ten that’s what it is now if it’s the actual
speedometer and odometer and the dash those cost a ton in that case you go to
a junkyard buy used dash for 50 bucks put that in but normally it’s the speed
sensor because that’s the only moving part so that’s generally what wears out so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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