How Do You Respond To Crap Xmas Presents?

Probably one of the crappiest gifts… Like, who needs cutlery? Use your hands. Oh my god, I love it! Thank you so much! It’s a good one. Love your work. I love it! Ohhhhh… Awww thanks. …and then I’ll regift it. Yeah, I wanted this just in blue… …or yellow. Thank you, but like, I say thank you too many times. Do you have the receipt? It’s generally like… I actually did get a bad gift one time. Red – aww I feel bad my mum might see it. Red shoes, red boots. Never worn them before. They’re like, two sizes too big for me. A really crappy China mug. That had like, some cringey inspiration quote on it. ‘Keep holding on.’ I’m like, it’s Christmas and I’m 12. Someone gave me the really nice bag that the gift was supposed to be in and inside was not what belonged there, because she took it for herself. Probably a pair of thongs for Christmas. That’s how we do it in Australia. Hand-me-down singlet from my sister. Toothbrush. Love you, nan. A notebook. It had my name on it but it was spelt wrong. The worst gift I’ve ever received would be socks. What’s the worst gift you’ve ever given? Worst gift I’ve ever given would be socks… to the same person. The worst gift I’ve ever given was probably the same sweater I was later regifted. So it was a fair call. Just gift cards. I’m a terrible person. Maybe I’ll give away some red boots this year.

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