How Malls Are Creating Unique Shopping Experiences

a virtual-reality ride makeover fashion shows these events are happening at shopping malls across America the activities are part of a push to lure customers away from online shopping and back to brick-and-mortar malls the Cherry Hill Mall outside Philadelphia has a seasonal Christmas story exhibit which includes a replica of the house from the classic 1983 movie check out the kitchen and there’s the iconic leg lamp there’s even an interactive app we want to give people a reason more than one reason to come to the mall where people can come and experience life and also do some shopping at the Glendale Galleria in Los Angeles shoppers are experiencing the most advanced virtual reality in the world thrill seekers buckle up but on helmets and enter a new dimension all right travelers we see millions of visitors more than Disneyland so I mean we’re very happy for about how well the shopping center does day in and day out in Dallas you can go ice-skating all year-round at the Galleria and in Syracuse New York at the Destiny USA Mall kids test their bravery on the world’s largest suspended rope course all part of making the mall a destination people really are receptive nobody wants to sit at home all the time [Music] you [Music]

100 thoughts on “How Malls Are Creating Unique Shopping Experiences

  1. I have a VR at home so if they think they can just lure me away from the comfort of my home they have another thing coming.

  2. In South korea there is a theme park connected to a mall called lotte world
    It has a few roller coasters and many rides

  3. Wow. I dont get why Americans dont love going to mall or so often. Because us in the Philippines love going to malls, its more healthy because you can get to exercise your feet

  4. Before malls added this
    Mom: kids we’re going to Disney!!
    Kids: YAY!!
    After malls did this
    Mom: kids we’re going to the mall!!!

  5. Well technically, if you never leave your house then you'll probably be like me and still buy online

  6. There is this one bouncy thing st my malll where you bounce on a trampoline while hooked up to s crane thing it’s a complete rip off 8 min for 5$

  7. See that’s why teenagers want to go to the mall and experience that kind of stuff

  8. I went there it was enough stereo at least I face my fear of heights

  9. 0:57 that's the mall I go to :000 I call it the G mall UwU

  10. We have all of this at west Edmonton mall a waterpark, minutes amusement park, skating rink, sea lion show, aquarium, 2 mini golf course, like why I'd this everything we have in Edmonton

  11. In Canada speciphically Winnipeg we have the virtual reality one

  12. Still would rather online shop. Malls aren’t what they use to be.

  13. Those has been at my malls for like 5 years and like one person goes

  14. Put one of these in Arkansas and maybe I'll get off my ass

  15. I would be much more inclined to go to that Christmas Story event if I could shoot a little boys eye out with a pellet gun.

  16. I did go on a VR ride like the the ones in the video when I was in Florida.

  17. I hate shopping online because you have to wait for a few days to get it and I just like to drive somewhere and buy what I want right away

  18. The mall near my house has bungee jumping and cars in the food court so you can eat your food in the cars.

  19. I did the VR in the mall… 22 bucks for 10 minutes, what a scam

  20. I dislike online shopping I love seeing ppl it's sad seeing malls shutting down

  21. I've been to the Cherry Hill mall since I was a kid, and it's still boring

  22. I don’t like online shopping for clothes because I want to see if it fits and if I look good whit it same whit shoes

  23. online shopping: exist
    fun thing in mall: also exist
    online shopping: you enemy to the people

  24. Why every small town in America has a mall my town won’t have one because they think there little plaza is a mall

  25. All my mall has is a gumball machine and I get exited when we go to the good mall with a glass elavator

  26. The more they make those the less people go to the mall to play then game rather then actually shop 😐

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