How Progressive Jackpots Slots Work

In the past we’ve taken a look at basically
every aspect of casino games, from the tables
to the slots. We’ve already looked at how
slots work in general, but progressive jackpots
confuse many of us and some probably don’t
even know what they are.
So let’s take a look at progressive jackpots,
how they work, where you can find them and
most importantly, are they worth playing?
As we all know, a jackpot is the big prize
of the slot. It can hit tens of thousands
or even a few million pounds, depending on
the game. In regular slots, jackpots ranging
anywhere near the millions are rare, simply
because the slot maker has to allocate the
prizes on the assumption that more money will
be lost to the game than the total jackpot.
Because of this, a regular jackpot will never
compare to the mega wins seen on progressive
Progressive jackpot games allow for bigger
jackpots because the prize grows continuously
as the slot is played. A percentage of every
coin spent adds to the progressive jackpot
for a lucky winner to pick up later. Instead
of guessing the chances of a player winning
the jackpot, the jackpot simply grows with
the number of people playing. This allows
them to get much bigger, up to the tens of
million, simply because the jackpot keeps
growing until it’s won.
Online casinos have made this possible because
of their huge popularity and thousands of
players. Progressive jackpots are the biggest
because every player contributes directly
to the pot!
Jackpots usually come in 3 forms. You have
major, minor and then mini jackpots. The major
jackpot comes with the lowest chances of winning,
while obviously, the minor and mini jackpots
can be won more regularly, with a lower prize.
They all tick up as players spend coins, but
minor and minis stay lower as they are won
more often and less coins are allocated to
them, retaining the balance between the major
and smaller jackpots.
Progressive jackpots are won through bonus
rounds. By spinning 3 scatter symbols, the
slot will then open a bonus mode. Bonus rounds
come in many forms, such as a pinball style
game, or a wheel of fortune set up. From here
you can win money as you usually would with
any slot bonus. But in addition, you can also
win a mini, minor or if you’re really lucky,
the major jackpot. Progressive jackpots very
rarely simply won from spinning the reels.
So you’re almost always going to see a bonus
round first.
If you are looking for strategy or tactics,
then sadly we can’t help you there. Since
the jackpot is won through a bonus round,
each bonus mode is different, and since it
usually has very little player interaction,
there’s no real way to improve your odds.
It’s all down to the luck of the spin. On
the brighter side, since a jackpot can be
won, even with the lowest wager possible,
progressive jackpots still make sense, as
you can enjoy them like a regular slot, but
with the added chance that a larger jackpot
might come your way. It’s like a typical
slot, but with more surprises in store. So
if you’re a slots fan, there’s no harm
in trying them out.
So, which progressive jackpots should you
look out for? The Top 3 are Mega Fortune Dreams
by NetEnt, Mega Moolah by Microgaming and
the Mega Jackpot Range by IGT. All of these
are made by the world’s biggest slot developers.
They’re fun, they look great and they bring
the biggest jackpots because of their huge
player base. Mega Moolah recently broke the
world record for the highest online jackpot
of all time. So who knows, maybe you could
be a record breaker someday too.
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15 thoughts on “How Progressive Jackpots Slots Work

  1. betting max bet doesn't guarantee the top progressive jackpot.
    it only greatly increases your chances

  2. Hi, i just played Mega Moolah spin game, i have a question and here it is: If a player has 50 $ in his credit and he spins and he wins 100 $ and still left with credit score of 30 $ and he wants to quit playing and want the winning amount and leave for the day and come next day and play again with the same old 30 $ which was in his credit. Is it possible and if yes please tell me how to claim the cash price in my account if i wish to play like this ?

    I will be waiting for the reply and i hope you have got my query right . If not please let me know.


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  12. You never mentioned how online casinos have ridiculous cash out policies, so if you win $1 million, you can only cash out about 10-15k per month, unless you continue to play, and rise to a higher tier in their loyalty program, then you might be able to withdraw 50k a month. So basically they want to force you keep playing so that you'll lose more money, just so you can cash out more money.

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