How to Become a Pinball Wizard : How to Play Multiple Balls in Pinball

Hi I’m Leo Daniels, world champion video game
and pinball player, here with Expert Village. Now the next segment we’re going to talk about
is multi ball. Most of the new games have it. They’ve had it since the 1980s, and with
multi ball, the object of the game is to hit all the targets and get your jackpots. But,
the unfortunate thing about multi ball is most of the balls cancel out your shots. They
get in the way of the other balls, so it’s kind of hard to make your shots while in multi
ball phase. So what I’ve learned to do, is what I call detaining the balls. So I’m going
to have three ball multi ball, so I’m going to have four, some have six. The most I’ve
ever seen was Apollo 13 which had 13 ball multi ball. But most of them are going to
be three or four. Let’s say you have a four ball multi ball going. What you want to do
is try to catch two or three balls on one flipper. Use the opposite flipper to make
your shots with. I found this easier to make your shots, make your jackpots, and get a
higher score doing it that way. Up next we’ll talk about draining deliberately during multi

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