How To Play Lotto 47

It’s time for Michigan Lottery’s amazing
Lotto 47
with jackpots starting at one million
I’m your super awesome host, Bob
Bucksly. Welcome Cynthia, lets play Lotto
47. Match just three numbers to win.
If you match all 6 you win the jackpot.
Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match
Okay, Larry, tell us how to play.”
“Select six numbers from 1 to 47.
And for you players at home select six
numbers using a play slip
or forget the play slip and ask your
retailer for an easy pick.
And remember, Bob one play will cost just
one buck.” “Wow really just one
buck-a-reno?” “Yes, Bob one buck.” “It sounds
easy, Bob.””Easy peasy quick and cheesy, Cynthia.
Let’s play Lotto 47. Alrighty, Cynthia,
choose your numbers.” “I pick 2,
7, 13
22, 29, and
44.” “And don’t forget
drawings are held Wednesday and Saturday nights. Okay, Cytnhia,
lets see if you’ve won. We have a winner, Bob, Cynthia has matched four numbers.”
“Houston, we have a winner!”
“For you folks playing at home download
the Michigan Lottery mobile app or visit to see if
you’ve won.
To claim prizes of up to six hundred
dollars take your winning ticket to any
Michigan Lottery retailer. For prizes over
six hundred dollars visit any Michigan
lottery office or licensed claims center.”
“Is that where those giant checks come
from, Larry?
Do you need a giant pen to sign it? (laughing) “Whatever, Bob.”
“Thanks for playing Michigan Lottery’s Lotto 47!”
This game demo does not reflect actual
Must be 18 or older to play.

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