How to Play Omaha Hi Low Poker : Learn About the A2sA2s Hand in Omaha Hi-Low Poker

Let’s finish up this series with what I think
is the best hand to play in Omaha high low, it’s this hand. Ace ace deuce deuce double
suited, look at all the different ways I can win with this hand. I got my aces playing
and we know how aces are in holdem’ and that is all forms of holdem’. I got ace deuce of
spades I can make a flush to the ace, I can make a straight flush to the five, ace deuce
of hearts can do the same two hands with that. Or I can make a straight what you have here
are hands that can scoop the pot. You can make the best high and the best low when you
have ace ace deuce deuce double suited, this is the hand to sit around and wait for playing
in Omaha high low.

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