How to Play Omaha Poker : Round II of Omaha Poker

The nuts at this time is jack, jack. Let’s
see what folks have. The hand here–remember it’s two of these cards and three of these
cards–the hand here, this two plays, and then the next highest card, you got a pair
of jacks, a pair of twos, and this eight. Jacks up, jacks and twos. Next hand. Wow. The six plays. Jacks up, jacks
and sixes. And the ace comes along with it. Next hand. Look at those pocket tens. So,
in this case, I’m actually going to play my pocket tens. I’m going to have jacks up, jacks
and tens, and the queen’s going to come along from the board. And finally, this hand, wow–no jack, but
I do have pocket aces. So what’s the winning hand? Aces up. Aces and jacks and the queen
comes along from the board. And that is the best five card hand for this round of Omaha.

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