How to Play Pool : Bridge Hold Against the Rail in Billiards

On behalf of, my name is
Richard Buccola and I am going to introduce you to Pool 101. Okay, the next bridge I want
to talk about is if the cue ball is against the rail. Now you can’t use your standard
bridge, you can’t use your elevated bridge, so the bridge I want to talk about is actually
having a bridge where you would be able to keep your hand here and have it sturdy and
firm. You could do this and have your bridge like that. I tend to teach my students where
you put your hand like this and you keep your thumb against it so there is actually some
force. You can actually see the stick. What you want to do is put a V right over and that
is your bridge for that and this gives it a nice sturdy thing. I am going to show you
from this way. I am going to put the stick right next to it, right next to your thumb
and you are just going to wrap your forefinger and middle finger over it. You see that you’ve
got that nice straight arrow and that is the way you want to do that. Those are your 3

3 thoughts on “How to Play Pool : Bridge Hold Against the Rail in Billiards

  1. this bridge type is indeed very useful, but i don't like to use it when the cue ball is frozen to the rail, since the space between your bridge and the cue ball is way too short then. many pro players (no, i'm not one of them 🙂 ) use an open bridge with just their finger tips on the edge of the rail. but after all it is just a matter of taste!

  2. geez if those corner pockets get any wider there won't be any rails left on that kiddy bar table

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