How to Play Pool : Hitting the Cue Ball in Billiards

On behalf of, my name is
Ricahrd Buccola and I am going to introduce you to Pool 101. Okay, we are back and I want
to talk about the cue ball. This is the ball you are going to hit. The white ball and it’s
the only ball that doesn’t need to have stripes or solids or numbers on them and this
is the ball you are going to hit. Mostly every game or actually every game, this is the ball
you are going to be hitting. There are so many different games; 8 ball, 9 ball, straight
pool but basically every one is where you are going to try to pocket balls and there
are 6 pockets on the table. There is also these diamonds you see here. They are used
for marking points where you might want to bank a shot or half distance. What I really
want to talk about now is just get into the cue ball and how we are going to execute shots.
Basically the rules of each game are going to be different and you are going to learn
different rules. I am just trying to show how you would actually make a ball or shoot
a ball and use different English and different types of way of hitting the cue ball to get
positioned. When I come back, I am going to talk more about that.

2 thoughts on “How to Play Pool : Hitting the Cue Ball in Billiards

  1. I understand you're probably a good guy and all. And even really good at pool.

    But why the fuck does expertvillage videos feature bad teachers in every how-to video there is?

  2. U"r FUCKING retarded Richard B. I rather be cheated out in 2nd, while playing D.s. in Mario kart by CPU1 in vs. race by 5 pts, then listening to your shit, I just turned 34, so you seem your 5 yr's older than me, go fuck off with pool.

    PS: I a hugh fan of pool.

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