How to Play Pool : How to Chalk a Billiard Cue

Hi! I’m Michael Lamendola with,
and today we’re going to shoot some pool. One thing you need to know when you shoot
pool is that there’s always going to be a little blue square on the table. This is your
chalk. It’s very important that you use this after every shot. To use, simply apply onto
the tip. You hear that little squeaky noise? That means you’re doing it right. Just give
the tip a nice even coat of chalk and you’re good to go. Why do you do it? Well, the chalk
reduces friction on the tip. When you’re striking the cue ball, it’ll give you a better striking
point for things like English or striking the ball through the center. It basically
promotes a better shot. It’s like flossing. Only it’s a lot easier to do.

4 thoughts on “How to Play Pool : How to Chalk a Billiard Cue

  1. increasing friction could help with a stop shot. and this dude is really good. cheers dude

  2. Don't rub it around the middle! You will hollow out the chalk!!!

    Also, you don't need to chalk after every shot, well maybe you do if you chalk it this way, but if you chalk it properly you only need to reapply once there is no visible trace of chalk , re chalking after every shot is a waste of chalk.

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