How to Play Pool : How to Hit the Cue Ball in Billiards

On behalf of, my name is
Richard Buccola and I am going to introduce you to Pool 101. All right I am back here
and one of the first two things we are going to learn today is the cue ball. This is the
ball that you actually hit into the other balls and I didn’t bring any of the other
balls up because I am actually just going to try to spend some time with how we are
going to execute hitting the ball. There are different ways of hitting the cue ball so
that you could have the end result giving you the position you need for the next shot.
You have center ball, follow-up, drawback, right hand English, left hand English and
you even have a shot called marsay where you actually spin the ball around another ball,
if need be. The next thing I want to talk about too is the cue. The cue is what you
use to actually hit the ball and it has a felt tip and it usually we chalk it up so
there is a bump in the shot. When I come back, we will talk more about that.

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