How to Play Pyramid Poker : How to Do the Showdown in Pyramid Poker

We’ve come to the showdown of the pyramid,
we gone all the way through, we dealt five cards down to each player, we dealt out the
pyramid, we turned over the top row, found out where the wild cards are. We turned over
the middle row to find out the share of the community cards and the bottom row to find
out which cards are dead. There was a round of betting let’s assumed everybody checked
so we can see the results of all four hands. Now you have the showdown, for the sake I’m
going to turn these cards over so we highlight what it left of the community cards. There
should be three but one of these community cards got killed by one of these cards. So
I’ll just begin with the small blind and the small blind making his best five card hand
makes a pair of eight and a pair of three’s and the nine plays cause it’s the next highest
card out there in his hand. So it’s eights and threes also known as eights up. Moving
to the left sixes are wild so this player actually has three two’s and at this time
has the best hand. Then around to the left at last this player only has a pair of threes
so no dice there. Finally this player a pair of two’s so with the wild card in play the
three deuces take the pot and that is how you play a hand of pyramid.

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