How to Play Russian Revolution Poker : See a Full Example of Russian Revolution Poker

So we had one sample hand of Russian Revolution
let’s go ahead and make sure we got it and
deal another one. We’re going to play with
the Rasputin rule which means jokers in the
hole are wild, the jokers up kill your hand.
We’re going to remember that we have to pay
the pot to get a new card when we get a nice
face card up. It’s fun to actually drop a
card on the floor (sorry about that) but we’re
going to keep going. Because we’re human beings
and humans make a little mistake now and then.
We already ante everybody gets two cards down
and one card up, there’s a 5 of clubs and
a king of spades. At this time we must decide
whether to proceed well, we’re going to go
ahead and decide if we’re going to match the
pot even though we don’t have a lot going
on. Cause we’re not well in the head, burn
the king and 5 comes. There’s a queen, what’s
in the hole? We have 2 hearts in the hole
and we like action so we match the pot put
8 out there. Burn the queen, there’s a 6 the
last player has an ace it’s a black ace so
but it’s not wild. A round of betting in suites
we’ll skip ahead to 4th street, look at that
a red 9 comes out. This player has two 5s
showing at this time, this player catches
a red ace and has 2 6s showing. This player
just has ace 6 because he has a black ace,
there’s a round of betting we skip ahead,
there’s a 3, deuce, another red ace, 3 6s
showing and there’s a 4. We will see how the
hand ends up in the next segment please follow
along with Russian Revolution.

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