How to Play Sequence Poker : How to Have Fun When Playing Sequence Poker

Let’s make sure we know how a game of sequence
is dealt and played start to finish. We’ll do that know I have shuffled the deck, it’s
randomly not stacked. Let’s see how it comes out, it’s a stud game. After everyone antes
you deal two cards down and then one card up, no two’s yet, there’s a round of betting.
Remember the low card is forced to do the bring in for the sake of this hypothetical
hand so we’re going to skip the betting and we have a king and a deuce. Deuces are wild
because a deuce came off (a two came off) during the up cards so this player now has
a pair of aces but they’re dodging three. If a three comes off, then deuces will no
longer be wild and three’s will, just for the sake of knowledge let’s look at the whole
cards. Well he has no other wild cards but he does have his pair of aces and at this
time since he doesn’t have any other wild cards or potential wild cards, he needs to
slow down. Maybe bet a little bit but not go crazy. We have a player playing a pair
of fours over here so they are going to stay in hope to get to the fours of wild. This
player isn’t really working on wild cards nor is this player. But we’ll say for the
sake of this experiment everybody stays in everybody checks and then on to 5th street.
Let’s see if a three comes up like I said I did it randomly at this time there is no
three and after 5th street the pair of aces is still the high hand and we’ll deal with
the rest of the hand in the next segment.

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