How to Play Shotgun Poker : Shotgun Poker Bluffing

You know sometimes it seems in a game like
shotgun that the key to winning is being the best salesperson. OK. Now selling and bluffing,
selling your bluff there’ll be times when it’s just going to go bust because representing
a hand is not the same as having a really good hand. So what we want to do we want to
talk about how we would stack some given random hands to make it look like we have a hand
that will win the pot at the end, and get our opponents to fold. So I’ve dealt out three
random hands and we’ll just go ahead and say that we’ve already had a draw here. And I’ll
talk about what I would show first. Well here in this hand, I would first show my king,
then my queen, then my jack. See where this is going? And then hopefully with betting
I’ll be able to take down the hand before I have to show this other jack and then finally
this eight. Hopefully I’ll take it down before they realize all I have is a pair of jacks.
With this hand, this is two pair fives and threes. It’s a weak two pair, but you can
win with two pair. What I would do with this is I would actually sell it as a busted hand.
I would first show my three. And then I’d show this seven. And then I’d show this five
and make my opponents wonder why I’m staying in or even raising. And then I’d show this
three. And then I’d show this five. And then lastly, here’s a junk hand. That hand is junk.
And you know what? What you can do with it since it has three clubs is you can show the
clubs first. You get the idea.

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