How to Play Texas Holdem Poker : Tips for Reading Poker Players

Here’s something to think about Texas holdem’
poker. You should play as much as you play
your chips and play your cards you play your
position. You need to know how to play your
opponents. After you have been in the same
ole’ for a couple of rounds of the table as
they say with the dealer button. You just
sat through around 20 hands and you’ll have
an impression of how to read the person on
your right or the person on your left or the
person across the table. Let’s take 3 hand
scenarios the dealer looks down as king queen
it’s an unraise pot. Well what he’s going
to do no matter how is opponents play he’s
going to raise. He’s about to get some information
let’s say that the two people to his left
are tight. This person small blind is tight
and he knows this guy is kind of loose. But
he looks at his king and jack and he folds.
This person has a score he knows ace four
suited in fact, he knows the person to his
right, the dealer is actually kind of loose.
So he says you know what I’m going to play
against my image. Cause I play a couple of
rounds at this table and I know that if I
raise I might blow this guy out of the hat.
Or at least make him play cautiously, I’m
all in. It gives this guy a second thought
and even though this hand statically beats
this hand before the flop they are pretty
close. Sixty percent of the time this hand
will win or 40% of the time the queen and
king will win.

38 thoughts on “How to Play Texas Holdem Poker : Tips for Reading Poker Players

  1. i dont believe the no limit part was mention in this clip. it could be pot limit or just limit because we dont know the blinds and stack sizes 🙂

  2. Yeah, now do the same scenario where the first player raised with Kings instead of Jacks. You just lost your whole stack, Einstein.

  3. Shut the fuck up Corey and go back to school. You haven't been playing 'serious' for two years because 2 years ago you were thirteen and had $3.25 and 2 Pokemon cards to your name.

    Regardless of how much this guy sucks, your parents and god will always know in their hearts that you are actually the worst thing that ever happened.

  4. i agree you talk like you know him, maybe you do but that was completely unecessary

  5. Not good advice.

    Impossible I know, science tells you that, but you did it son…you not only suck you blow too!…. at the same time. lmao

  6. you dont call a raice before Flop with an Ace 4? are you frigging retarded ?

  7. "Rounds, as they call them"???
    Does this donkey mean rotations?
    what an ass.

  8. i just wish i could play against this guy and kick his ass and make some cash

  9. 90% of full tilt player call a raise pre flop with A 4 or less.were u been mate

  10. haha what the hell! that's not advice. someone raises on the button "go all in" haha

  11. lol at advice, i got a 1/2 NLHE game that rolls every Friday,… YOU SHOULD PLAY

  12. all in with Ace 4!!!! but wait there suited :O thank fuck for that lol, what a stupid call.

  13. a correct tip for a tournament , however horrrible tip for a cash game. A 3bet wouldnt be so horrible, would save you a bunch of money if you find your loose opponent comes back over the top

  14. If this is useful to you – you shouldn't be playing poker for money!!


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  18. hahahahahahahaha where in the fuck did you learn how to play poker. Your vids are garbage give up.

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