How to Play Video Poker Online –

Hey everyone! Welcome to our video tutorial. In this
tutorial we’re going to teach you how to play video poker online. Video poker is basically a blend of
slots and regular poker. In video poker, players win if they manage to form a
winning card combination from a total of five cards given to them by the casino.
A game of video poker begins with the casino randomly giving five cards to
the player. After this, the player has the possibility to keep or discard certain
cards in hopes of forming a winning card combination after the discarded cards
have been replaced. Let’s play a few rounds to show you what I
mean. For this tutorial, we chose to play on the simplest variant of video poker
which is Jacks or Better. So let’s launch a new round. And as you can see, we received
five new cards. Now we have the possibility to keep or
discard certain cards. This particular video poker game gives players a huge
advantage by automatically holding those cards that will form a winning
combination. In this case, the game automatically held the two Queens. In
order to finish this round and discard all the un-held cards we press
“Deal” again. And the two 5s we just received together
with the two Queens have formed a Two Pair winning combination.
But let’s play another round. This time with 3 line bets. Increasing the line bet will increase
our potential payout but will require us to bet more per round. Analyzing our hand, we should
probably hold the King and the Ace. But we didn’t win anything. And this is how you play video poker
online. Video poker is basically all about knowing all the winning card
combinations and the related winning probabilities. Once you understand these,
you’ll be successful in video poker. Check out our additional videos or
visit for more guides. Thanks for watching!

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