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  1. I always wanted to try tarot cards, it seems like fun. I just bought a deck, hopefully I won't like screw up my life

  2. The first origin of tarot cards that are used for readings not playing card is in the 14th century brought from traveling gypsies and returning crusades before then they were just playing cards

  3. Major screw up! Major arcana cards are the 22 cards, that include The Magician, The High Priestess, The Fool, etc. The Minor arcana cards are the suits: Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles.

  4. I see reversals as pointless I find for there are no reversals in life, and for that reason reversals only over complicate things. I rather ignor them & uss elemental pairing instead for a much more accurate read. Also you should always read the cards as a whole as letting the cards work with each other to tell a story not by reading them as significators then fitting part of your life into that one cards meaning. You can do that with any card & It's rather too vague.

  5. This all appears to be by chance. The cards can be facing the reader or the person receiving the reading depending on how the reader flips the cards. It's all a placebo effect but with cards.

  6. Did HOWCAST ACTULLY CLAIM THEY KNEW the origin of Tarot?!?!?!?!

    Whether you believe in a 'supernatural' or a 'socio-psychological' depth to Tarot, the actual history CARRIES WEIGHT!

    Wow – Hey, HOWCAST – When was my oldest sister born?
    What's my least favorite colour?
    Will I grow in the next 3 years?

    I want HOWCAST at my next birthday – They can come in and interview the clown and ask him personal information about me, and seeing as he won't know, howcast can then share whatever he says as though it's law…


  7. Your tarot card is the Star!
    That means that I shall name your stand…


  8. A reversed card isn't a negative, it means the opposite meaning behind the card. There are o negative cards in tarot.

  9. Sorry but not all the cards in the reversed position are negative. 3 of swords upright is possible heartbreak. Three of swords reversed is coming out of heartbreak etc. Too generalised a statement.

  10. I'm studying free numerology readings and discovered a great website at Stefs Magic Numbers (google it if you are interested)

  11. Pfffft. bursts out laughing

    Oh my gosh! This is so cheesy! Who is narrating this? So monotone

  12. Cool video, I use the crowley deck…. It seems like raider waite is the first choice for most, maybe cause it's more mellow?

  13. I was always taught that the person receiving reading is the one who has to shuffle and pick out the cards, or its pointless, as its their energy melding with a cards energy and making them pick said card

  14. They can also be used to determine what’s the name of the stand you properly, without going half assed and naming it after a band or album

  15. I keep having a dream of me waking up in a forest then finding a sword and after finding it I look at the sky and see a tarot card of a hooded woman and the hood is black. Then I throw the sword away from me, and fall asleep. Can anyone explain??

  16. How to read tarot cards:

    The star: you are a strong person
    The world: stop and think about your time
    Magician: you are good with fire
    Chariot: you are funny and a good friend.
    Hierophant: you are smart and analytical

    Easy, I know the meaning of all of them.

    Yare Yare

  17. What happens when I combined a dragon terro dek. With waug magic from 40k

  18. I say never read the book just tune in to them and get what you feel go for it, my readings always positive not negative, negative it coming from that person that reading to you Guilds Angels work in positive always love and light.

  19. Years ago i saw some of these cards and i grapped one…it had a skeleton on it and that one meant that i was gonna get hurt or that someone that was close to me was going to get hurt…few weeks later my grandpa died and i told my mom that i had taken a card en what was on it..she told me to never touch them again and i didn't.
    TRUE STORY don't mess with the future

  20. People are weird aren't they? They get on the website and then they complain about what they intended on reading about.

  21. When you draw wheel of fortune for romance, the hermit for finances, justice for health and happiness, and the chariot for career and none of them are reversed, what does that mean?

  22. I was playing poker with tarot cards last night,
    I got a full house and 4 people died 😏

  23. Tarot was made for trick taking card games Download free rulebook for Talon A Tarot Card Game See my channel

  24. I loved how she was suddenly dressed in a fortune tellers costume and looking straight serious

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  26. actually III swords upside down represents good things it means that you're moving on, recovering and forgiveness

  27. No cards reversed aren't necessarily negative, its just the opposite meaning. Three of swords reversed is actually good.

  28. can you still tell fortunes with only major arcana cards? i bought some persona 4 tarot cards off ebay and i want to learn how do fortune telling

  29. I have My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Tarot cards. 🙂

    I have the elements of harmony on my side!

  30. Tarot cards are to do with the occult not this rubbish you are hearing :

  31. Who's a Jojo fan that is trying to discover the mystery about the stand like "The World 21" and "The Star 17" Why are they so similar?

  32. I don't get why so many people liked this video? Every donky can understand that you first have to buy a deck, learn the cards, and then how to shuffle 🙈

  33. I'm so sorry for that guy… Cards on the table are so negative that, if I had to read them to him, I'd refuse and just hug him

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  36. A reversed card is not necessarily bad nor is the correct way a positive card. The Tower for example is generally a bad card no matter which direction it faces

  37. Why people learn tarot cards:
    .01% to actually be able to understand tarot decks and be able to use them to find meanings
    .1% to be able to understand works of media using the tarot cards better
    .99% Persona
    99% to have STANDO POWAH

  38. I love how the actress turns into a tarot card reader as soon as she start doing a reading. From casual to psychic in 10 seconds

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