How to Stop Negative Thoughts in 3 Steps (to Manifest Anything) with Landria Onkka

Landria Onkka. Are you ready to change your thinking? I know it’s not easy. So I want to give you three simple steps Well, some art is simple But we’re going to give you three ways to Change your thinking because sometimes you think you’re going to go to a positive thought and it’s just not happening So let’s get busy right now Welcome to Landria Onkka on YouTube here to help you break through the fears and live an awesome life I had to say that three times I sort of forgot what happened. I don’t know. Let’s keep going I’m here to supply the tools for you to manifest anything You can go to land record calm or net and get all kinds of tools from money to business to Spiritual to just clearing up all this weren’t rant. We’re in the head right at you. Do you have it we all do right? Why do we have it? We are part of the collective consciousness on a very dense planet pay for it one energy We are sharing everything into one pool one pool of energy. Can you imagine that you’re swimming around with everything in there? Right. This is why we don’t want to do the farmed fish. Yeah, you know everything’s in there So we want a clear clean water and when we put negative thoughts into there We’re polluting not just ourselves but everyone so all those thoughts out there all this Everything whether it’s on video past present future is all contributing So everything you do right now continually shifts your future shifts your future Everything is happening right now. So the power of now Eckart Tolle a right? That’s not new stuff that’s been said for centuries Why because everything’s happening right now? That affects everything from this moment forward and every time you switch a thought that future Chefs, right? And this is how I keep saying you can shift your reality forget law of attraction There’s nothing separate from you. When you shook the thought you shift your future you shift your present moment Right, you’re not thinking the same way. You’re not the same person and all of a sudden your focus according to quantum physics Turns that wave into a particle something starts to come into your reality and the more you focus on that the more it shows up Three things three ways to change those negative thoughts. What the heck is this? It’s my brain. Why is a negative thought coming in? I one and then we battle it. So what are we doing? We’re putting more focus on the negative thought Let’s not analyze why it’s there for step number one Let’s just say if you’ve seen my three second manifesting video, you know how effective that is because I don’t say well This is a negative thought let’s switch to a positive one. I have you ask yourself What am I manifesting that thought is manifesting? Boom? I must switch over to a positive thought What am I manifesting boom? My mobile apps coming out soon. It’s gonna help you all day long catch that What am I manifesting? You don’t say? Oh That’s a bad thought I’m gonna switch always what am I manifesting? And then you imagine that negative thought especially Judgment, we all do the judgment thing, right? That is a negative thought every negative. Thought is manifesting It’s taking you to at a lower frequency You don’t want to be hanging out down there. There’s not nice stuff down there cause and effect, right? You can manifest anything from down there. It’s not going to be good. So we don’t want to have those negative thoughts So number one What am I manifesting boom? And you pick a positive thought now in three second? manifesting that video I actually have you pick something you really love and Desire and keep going to that same thing because the more you focus on that the more you have a chance of manifesting it Unfortunately, most people are not believing that they can do that So pick something realistic pick something that you feel good and confident about and that makes it much easier to switch over the positive thought the beach house or The vacation or loving relationship, whatever it is, you know, you can have it So boom and it doesn’t matter what the negative thought is We must switch over switch over. What am I manifesting? Okay that maybe that’s not working for you So let’s go to number two This is when we start to put some thought into things because we’re not, you know, getting out of the thinking process Which is the ego you never actually have to think right. You just know things So the second step the second way to end Negative thinking and to switch over to the positive Higher frequency positive thinking open up the gateways eliminating the obstacles every negative thought is an obstacle It’s a block in a barrier to the things you desire. Why because you’re focused on the negative You’re manifesting negative with the focus the thought manifests. So it’s a barrier to what you want You want this over here and you’re focused on this. That’s all it is I’m focused on the boulder not what’s piss the boulder? So the second one is how do I get rid of the boulder? Why is the boulder there? How am I going to move the boulder? First one is I’m gonna hop over and go to that positive thought hop over the boulder second one all the boulders their eyes Alright, I can’t get past you. Okay? Why is the boulder there? Why is the boulder there? Okay, so we have to ask yourself. What? advantage do I have what is what is the purpose of this thought is this thought constructive is this thought constructs constructive So if you really you can’t get away from it and you’re really focused on that thought then let’s take a look at it Let’s take a look at it. Put it out there. I always say don’t run from fear or negativity Look it right in the face. Just look it in the face and Observe it. So when we switch over three second manifesting, what am I manifesting? We’re not running from it We’re just switching over to that which we desire. I’m not going to I want to stop having this. We’re just switching over Second one is this thought constructive. This is a boulder sitting there Why am I not hopping over the boulder? Is this a constructive thought so you actually ask yourself all day long. Am I having constructive thoughts? Because you may not even catch yourself in a negative thought is this constructive. What is it creating? So the first one we’re just not putting any thought we’re just switching over to switch You know second one is let’s look and ask What am I trying to create with this thought and it might scare the crap out of you why? Because guess what? It’s it’s manifesting things and the more you have that thought over and over and over over the more it creates What am I trying to create through this thought? What am I doing with this thought so if it’s that you’re broke ask yourself. What is what is constructive about this? What am I actually creating through this and then you realize I’m creating disempowerment I’m creating and by the way, this is not gonna hurt you. This is not negative. Jority in that space Already, what we’re doing is we’re dissolving the fear behind it. I want you to look at and just say I am Constructing something negative here. What is it? It’s a false belief that I think I’m broke I’m gonna be alone or I’m never gonna get this whenever that and what is that is it be am I being constructive with this thought Because a lot of you think well This nasty stuff in the world. That’s not going away. No, it’s not as long as you keep thinking that Opinions are great. But even those opinions are they constructive so that’s the second thing Am I being constructive with this thought or belief or opinion? So even if you are walking around and you’re just not realizing that your whole thought process Is based on a negative belief that the world is crappy or that people are evil or that you’re separate from anybody? is that a constructive belief or thought is it constructive because if it’s not Why would you ever want to hang on to any belief that is not constructive that is not coming from light and love? All right Light and love this is not it as if thought this is not a positive comment This is not contributing anything positive other than to tell somebody they’re wrong or this is how things are We’re not the authority on anything and there’s nothing I see on this channel that you have to believe I’m here to offer tools. You don’t have to take them, but I’m not here to be the be-all end-all Authority, I’m not walking on water yet And if you are, please I’m gonna get you on my show because I want to hear what you have to say But the truth is is that we think we know Everything and then it applies to everybody. It doesn’t each of us has her own reality. That’s quantum physics. That’s just the facts Alright because we could both look at the same thing and have completely different thoughts and feelings about it My reality would be different than yours. And that is the truth. So just understand your whole reality is being created by you With that thought or that belief so really take a look at that and then you get to decide What’s the new thought and belief? what is that new belief and it’s gonna be tough sometimes to move past what you believe is true and Make sure that you’re not coming from the ego cuz all of this is ego driven all of it Whenever you think you’re right or this is how things are and bla bla bla. It’s all ego-driven In fact worry is all ego-driven worries about me me me what I’m getting what I’m not getting 100% ego driven and that’s what makes us unhappy and struggle. So here’s the third thing Let’s really dig into it. The third thing is like if you can’t even Switch over to a more constructive belief or whatever just ask yourself. Where’s this all coming from? Where did it all come from where in my history or what I heard or what I was taught Created the foundation for this negative thinking now. I have a friend She’s an amazing student amazing brilliant person who has amazing things happen Every time she takes my my courses and webinars Jewish tells me about these amazing things that happen But she told me she struggles with judgment. Well, yeah. Hello we’re all walking around doing that right because even a thought is we say this is right or wrong or I like that or I Don’t like that is still a judgment. It’s part of the human, you know, the whole density of being human So I want you to just take the stirred step if you can’t break through and you’re still in the second step just not able to let go Saying well, it’s not constructive But this is how things are Right and they’re wrong and I need to tell them or right and then you can’t get past your own ego the third thing is if there’s any part of These thoughts or beliefs that are negative. Where did it from? So that’s when we’re gonna dictate where did it come from? Because she didn’t come up with it yourself. I guarantee you 100% It’s impossible You can’t possibly come up with this by yourself. If you were the wolf child and I put you out in the forest, right? What would the wolf child do? Wolf child would not have any opinions. No thoughts. No religious beliefs. No right nor wrong other than what they learned through their own Experience like ouch I won’t eat that again or touch the rose with the thorns or you know fire burns that’s self-taught that’s just being out there and Experiencing life on its own but we have way too much input coming on all the time Hey, listen, I would love to go to a monastery and just sit there and you know, hmm all day long that would be great going to you know, super awakened state, you know, the rainbow body and then You know shrivel up into some little thing and go But you know what, we we didn’t choose that route, you know I chose a route where I put myself out there in front of people and Hopefully making a difference and if I make one Difference on this planet I’ve done my job Right, and so I want to just ask you this number three step number three Not able to switch over I do. It’s just a concept problems second one. Am I being constructive? What am I actually creating here? What belief can I change? Is that a constructive belief? Is that a constructive thought, you know, see you’re looking at number three, where did come let’s really look at it my mom and dad told me that or I got influenced by certain people or groups and I hung on to that and and asked if any of it is negative at all if it’s Judgmental if you’ve seen anybody separate from you at all at all And now when I say separate in other words right wrong You know, they’re the bad people. They’re the wrong color. They’re the wrong religion. What a load of crap Humans, get taught crazy stuff because it’s to their advantage to separate ourselves because then they can go into power if I can call a certain thing or belief or a color or Whatever it is as wrong Then I get to rise up here into power and that’s what the ego wants to do the more it Separates the more it thinks it’s controlling but actually the bigger downfall because you know what when you’re up putting yourself up here It’s a long way down. It’s a long way down So I want you to just remember if that’s what you’re doing Ask yourself where it came from sit down and have a real good thought yo Thoughts session about it really meditate and say are what beliefs and what is it? Where’s this coming from? that is not mine and some of it could be trauma from childhood and or believing that you are less than and it’s going to take a while to work through that and that’s what my Courses do for you is let’s work through that and sometimes it will take you know Some real conditioning and it may never go away, but you don’t have to believe it anymore So break it down and say you know what? I am NOT these beliefs. I am none of these thoughts. I am NOT I’m a clean slate. I’m a perfect light being an amazing beautiful perfect light beam and all of this is just information that’s come in and I As a person with free will get to choose what I do and don’t pick and here’s your test What are you gonna pick? What are you gonna choose? I don’t know about you I want to choose the absolute highest thoughts and every time something comes in my head. I Say you know what? I’m choosing the highest thought that’s absolutely not true. I’m choosing the highest thought because it’s gonna come in What do you do on the third one when you go into that space you have to decide what you’re going to dissolve Because once you start to dig deeper into it, and you realize holy cow, I didn’t realize that that was passed down You know generation after generation and that if I don’t believe a certain thing, you know, it’s wrong I just want you to understand this is at the root of The struggle of the entire planet is it? Separation and seeing anybody else different than something perfect and beautiful expressing itself. You don’t have to agree with it You don’t have to like it some of its really crappy and nasty, but you don’t have to judge it You could just see it for what it is another student here doing some really low density stuff What am I doing? And Turn that spotlight right on you and say what am I doing and my thoughts? About that person doing nasty stuff and my judgment is equally as bad It’s equally as low when I say bad, I mean low frequency equally low frequency Cuz if they’re thinking bad stuff and then you’re thinking bad stuff about them. Why are you any different you’re not? It’s the toughest thing we ever have to do is to go to a higher loving unconditionally loving space with the lowest dense beings on this planet, isn’t that what Christ did What what are we we’re higher than that Now we have those powers and we have that ability to love unconditionally because we are loved unconditionally and we do some pretty bad stuff here on this planet and we’re loved no matter what nothing you do is Absolutely, the be-all end-all putting you down in some place that you’re never gonna get out of you always have the choice to get out Of absolutely anything there’s nothing you’ve done that can’t be turned around Start with your thinking and your beliefs take a good hard look at it Start with the number one. That’s the easiest one do it all day But if you have a hard core belief that keeps generating that negative thought you gotta get you gotta pluck it out Gotta get rid of it So you get to decide how how deep these deeply entrenched you are in that negative thinking and why? Where’s it coming from my friends? Who said she judges people she knows where it’s coming from. She grew up around That’s all she grew up that’s deep conditioning. So she’s just conditioned to do it. She’s not thinking about it She just does it because the brain is wired that way so she has to catch herself all day and ass yourself why would I ever Ever have a negative thought about another person We are all conditionally beautiful loved beings. Why would I I ever judge another person Or soar or have any negative thoughts toward them why? It would hurt them so deeply because they’re all world children We’re all little cupcakes inside no matter how these exteriors look on one another that Nasty person that boss deep down is a very sensitive beautiful being that just wants to be loved and wants to love And if you give that you will be amazed at the response you’ll get from everybody Even if it’s just through your thoughts and your prayers it affects all of us Do that you hold that power. It’s pretty amazing. Why would you go into something negative? That’s nasty Nobody wants to be around that and so you’re worried. You will repel the higher frequency thinkers Right, and that’s not what you don’t want to do that because then you’re pushing off all your opportunities and all your higher Let’s just say probabilities that I know you want So through this we can open the doorway for anything. You want to manifest you can manifest anything you Can enter the worry you can change your thoughts and you can do it in three steps You get to choose which one you have to go to? Depending on where you are and how deep it goes. I hope this was helpful helpful for you as usual I’m going to ask you now. I have to ask if you’ll please subscribe and share these videos Go to landry on comm go to land rack at that neck Once for the business and their money side of things and the other one is for the spiritual and they both work together Because you should live an amazing life in Every area of your life from what you do to a living for a living to how you earn your money How you contribute to the planet and when you come home to your family and friends? Right, it’s all good. You get to choose your Whole and perfect strong and powerful loving harmonious and happy This is a free workshop over here, this is the internet training it’s a free workshop You can check it out and see what we’re doing. See the amazing things that people are doing online that are Sending messages out to the planet that’s getting rewards for you to earn money on things that you’re doing that are good Right, we can change the world this way But we have to educate ourselves and take control and you can do that in the most positive amazing way Your whole and perfect my friend. You are abundant healthy wealthy wise beyond your imagination I send you blessings in Awakening namaste

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