How to Win at Slots Online –

Hey everyone! Welcome to our video tutorial.
In this tutorial we’ll be teaching you how to increase your winning odds and
payouts in slots using slots strategy. The simplest way to increase your
potential payouts is to increase your bet placed per spin. In exchange of a
larger bet the casino will pay out much larger prizes when you discover
a winning symbol combination. Let’s increase our bet to $5
and launch a new round. And we didn’t win but let’s try again. And we still didn’t win anything. And this is because we’ve only been
playing with one pay-line which doesn’t offers as much winning opportunities. The
slot game at hand offers us the chance to play with as much as 50 pay-lines.
Let’s increase our lines to 20. But as you can see, now the total bet
per spin is is $1,000. We should definitely decrease our line bet,
otherwise we’ll go bust in no-time. Let’s choose a line bet of 10 cents
bringing the total bet down to just $20. And we’re ready
to play a new round. And we won $24. But let’s go one
step further and increase the pay-lines two 50. And since we again increase our pay-lines
the total bet also increased. Let’s decrease the line bet to just 5 cents.
And let’s launch a new round. And we won $56 which is pretty cool.
It’s not a coincidence that we suddenly began to win once we
increased our pay-lines. Like we said initially, playing with more pay-lines
greatly increases your winning odds; however more pay-lines require larger
bets. As such, you should always decrease the line bet to reduce the total bet
amount. As a consequence you’ll probably won’t be cashing in very large prizes;
however you will win smaller prizes more frequently. And this is the best way
to increase your winning odds in slots. Check out our other video tutorials on for more tips. Thanks for watching!

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