Incredible footage: Hero policeman saves terrified family in Kenya mall siege

Surrounded by blood, bodies and gun-toting
terrorists, a policeman bravely crawls towards
a mother and her children frozen in fear.
This dramatic amateur footage was recorded on Saturday
moments after a gang of armed Islamic terrorists
stormed Westgate Shopping Mall in Kenya’s
Nairobi, and opened fire.
As the gunmen strode around the centre executing
victims one by one, the mother and her children
played dead, knowing it was a matter of time
until it was their turn to die.
But instead of their executioner, their saviour
came crawling flat on the ground as the shouts
of the terrorists are heard echoing around
the mall.
At first he taps her on the shoulder but she
is too terrified to move. So he slides around
the barrier to persuade her to go with him.
He then spends some time talking to the mother
who appears rooted to the spot, too afraid
to go anywhere.
As the children get up from the ground, one
of them looks directly at the camera in tears.
Finally he manages to convince the mother
to follow him and he leads them off, a child
in his arms and the other in front, bravely
using his own body as a human shield to protect
So far it is believed at least 57 people were
killed in the attack. But what happened next
to the four in this video is as yet unknown.

100 thoughts on “Incredible footage: Hero policeman saves terrified family in Kenya mall siege

  1. Chill out 'dude'. You find it degrading?? People like you make the world a sad, pathetic place. Run for parliment in England, you'll fit right in!

  2. Eh I don't know. Its the fact he called someones compliment degrading, I could care less in what he believes in. To each his own.

  3. You're taking the comment to literal. Do you really think he means that an angel did the duty and not the man himself? He's not discrediting the man whatsoever. Come on people. Its like a language barrier here.

  4. I don't get it whats wrong with that comment. All conspiracy did was call the guy a angel.

  5. No-one should have to go through this. Glad they survived and kudos to the cop.

  6. He's implying that angels are real, and we can't have that.

    But seriously, the comment is degrading because it takes away from the fact that this was just a regular guy who helped out this family out of his own bravery and discretion, not some "heavenly empowered super human", as conspiracy would like you to believe.

  7. What a pathetic comment! Is that what you would have done in the circumstances? Please do not assume that everyone else in the world is like you!!

  8. The footage was recorded by a Kenyan media videographer who went in with the police. He was not the only one who did. I know that because I am a Kenyan myself and fully understand all the words being spoken in the raw video.

  9. You guys in here who believe what happened in here, you aught to really watch a youtube vid titled "Kenya Mall shooting HOAX". If you replay this vid you will hear close to the end a male voice saying "very good"! I heard it very clear, you need to wake up 'cause it was all an act, c'mon now…

  10. Because everyday many Americans n British embraced Islam n this worries them. They can deceive others showing their well-planned terrorism act by d name of Islam but they cannot deceive Allah d almighty. Just see what they did 9/11 with their scapegoat Osama Laden. Large numbers of Americans n British everyday convert to Islam as they found out d truth. Islam is a religion of peace n truest of all other religions. Non-believers can bark like a dogs but they will stop after they read Qur'an.

  11. I fucking hate these terrorist and Idgaf what their beliefs are cause they are all psychos killing innocent people. Fuck their cause. I hope they all fucking die so we won't have see or listen to their pathetic stories fuck them and fuck their cause they should all die already

  12. To me, the only difference between serial killers and terrorists are one believes in Satan, and the other, God; You pick.

  13. have u heard yourself. why do u believe in something that was forced upon you. i for one dont believe in any religion theyre just stupid books that cause so much hate and pain. u choose to read certain parts that sound good.

  14. Dont forget Obama has been arming terrorists in Syria to get rid of Assad! Since Obama came into power terrorism has bolstered in Africa thanks to Al Qaeda sympathiser

  15. Can people keep it real for one second and acknowledge that almost every single violent/terrorist attack is committed by Islamic fundamentalists? Can one person give me a factual piece of info that says otherwise? The world would truly be a better place if we nuked them out of existence.

  16. I used to be pro gun control, but now Im seeing things in a different light!

    Ive never even held a gun before but Im looking into what it takes to own and use a weapon.

    Thats the thing about moslems, they only know the language of violence. How can you have a proper conversation with someone if you dont speak their language? 😉

  17. Some people dont realize that cameramen and women do stuff like this on a daily basis safe or not. EX: Filming during hurricanes etc. In this situation Ofc he was trying to stay safe but he also wanted to capture something for the world to see. At least thats the way I see it.

  18. It's the sickness called Islam.

    Name 1 other time in the past 50 years where a Large group of several NON Muslims got together & planned , then set out to purposely target and mass murder civilian children, women, and men in a calm city enviromnemt. It does not exist.

  19. Verse 2:191 isnt in the koran?? Wow, my eyes must be deceiving me or your just another pigshit ignorant moslem liar!

    You moslems claim that there are too many versions of the bible, but just how many different fucking versions of the koran are there if this verse isnt in yours?

  20. That police officer, man I could see him I would say" you are the bravest man I know and a hero so save them" now all we can do is hope for the best for them.

  21. @ Mohamed Khan. Why don't you stop these brothers of your that are astray from this apparent peace you talk so highly about ? You say there are good Muslims, but where is there anger or outrage at this. Muslims only want peace for them, not everyone. Until you as Muslims start to speak out against these acts from your brothers, we will hold you all responsible. This is an absolute disgrace, being killed for not answering stupid questions. You should be embarrassed and humiliated by these acts.

  22. There's nothing of peace in the fundamental roots of Islam. It is man-made, demonically inspired. It is a controlled religious system that operates by the sinful nature and by the will of man. Muslims are prisoners of their own religion and are blinded to the truth of Jesus Christ, who alone can save them from the bondage of corruption.

  23. Those people were photographed before being rescued. The photographer stood on the counter looking down on them. Without cover. HE is the REAL hero.

  24. how much danger could that cop have really been in if some guy is just standing above him recording him with no worries of being shot

  25. islam…..the religion of peace…….WAKE THE FUCK UP fundamentalist islamists are the most repugnant vile preachers of hate on earth… much longer can these scum be allowed to preach hatred of non-believers

  26. Religion is fucked in general. It's man made, imperfect, sexist, racist, homophobic, justifies rape and the killing of innocent people(in some religions) and its for people who can't really think for themselves to see the bigger picture. Another human being wrote and created these religions you dedicate your lives following.

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  28. Well that's a damn shame then, and I'm truly sorry you feel that way. So what's to say the man himself and probably the people too weren't "thanking god" afterwards? Would you call their comment degrading? It's all perception man. I'm done here.

  29. So wait a second, when the terrorists were randomly killing people this false hero and his actors had a camera man recording them in full HD. What a nicely scripted hollywood movie HERO the policeman is.

  30. Hahahahaha don't you hate it when you hear an idiot say all religion is fucked it. Because its racist, homophobic, justifies rape, and all those crap they believe in? Then they continue. It was designed by man and you dedicate your life for it. Makes me just have ma girl bitch slap them cos I ask them so what are you? And then they say an athiest or some thing even more stupid like a free mind. If u are a free mind. Why r u still worried abt manmade ideologies like racism, sexism, athiesm.

  31. The guy was stupidly brave me I'd attack one of them if they were alone and they bypassed me thinking I was dead I'd try and get up silently and grab his gun from behind and proceed to attempt to choke him to death then I would take his cloths act like him and kill the other if possible (and save people along the way by walking up crouching down and saying hey I'm here to help don't worry I will try and get you out alive)

  32. The mother and kids could of got up and walked away on there own.What was so heroic about this?

  33. You don't know me or what I've experienced.That women is a coward.A very stupid one at that.

  34. wtf is wrong with you obama ??? fuckin nuke the middle east . we don't need trash like this .

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