Installing Windows 2000 on an SD Card

Hello everyone, Druaga1 here and today we’re going to be installing Windows 2000, on an SD card.
Now you may be thinking, “You’re an idiot!”
Well, you’d be right!
Running an OS off an SD card is tremendously slow.
Especially when you have one like this, which is only 30 megabytes per second read and even less write.
But we’re going to do it anyway, just for the sake of I don’t know.
Now, we’re not going to be using a USB adapter and this laptop doesn’t even have an SD card reader, instead, we’re going to be using this.
This is a pretty generic $10 PATA or mini IDE adapter.
That we’ll be installing into this Gateway 200ARC.
This is what it looks like in the adapter.
Installation is pretty simple.
(old druaga ur so borinnnngggg)
So you may be wondering, who in the world is going to want to use this?
Well, not too many people because it’s going to be very very very slow.
But, for me and this laptop, we go way back, and I don’t want to see losing a hard drive take it out.
And besides, it would be nice to have a quote on quote “Solid State” laptop.
To carry around with me.
Once we got this in, we’ll be ready to go, and if we’re lucky the 200ARC should recognize the SD card as a 32GB hard disk.
So, as you can see here, our SD card adapter is show in the BIOS by name.
And it does show up as 30 gigs.
Alright, lets start rolling!
Ok, so we’re back, I’ve already pre-formatted the SD card because the Windows 2000 setup here does not like formatting SD cards.
So let’s keep the current file system
intact, and hope that it can copy files to it.
*Whew* Alright, we’re rolling.
Well I’ve tried to install Windows on an
SD card before, and this initial file
copy it takes a lot longer than what I’m
used to when i install on regular mechanical hard disks,
but this is
actually going at a pretty okay rate so I think we might be okay here.
All right. Looks like moment of truth here, I’m
going to eject the installation CD.
So that it doesn’t boot to it
And this is the ultimate moment of truth!
Can it boot to the SD card?
Not too shabby looks. Looks like it’s starting
Windows, and if it’s going to blue screen…
…it’s going to be right here.
Disc is back in the drive.
Hey… we got in, we’re in! Now this Gateway 200ARC is a 2002 computer so it’s… well it should be well acquainted with Windows 2000.
Yes this is taking an incredible amount
of time.
I’m not sure how long it’s going to take for this to install, but I hope that the boot times for this is going to be at least somewhat reasonable.
I would like to use this machine as just a very basic
web computer.
Although it’s not going to be very ideal if i’m going to be using Windows 2000.
I haven’t run into any errors yet, so looks pretty good.
Alright final stretch.
This is actually going pretty good now. This is in fact the end. I haven’t installed windows 2000 in a while. I don’t remember what
the final screen of installation looks like
This is probably it.
So if you have been wondering, throughout this installation…
…why I decided to install windows 2000.
Well Windows 2000 is a little more lightweight than Windows XP.
I originally wanted to install XP but
this little bit lighter…
In terms of installation size, and it will
definitely boot up faster on this system.
I just think it’s gonna be really satisfying to have a solid state laptop, with the exception of the optical drive.
Hello cutie pie.
Alright, this is it!
Now the initial boot is probably going
to be a little bit longer than a normal boot, but it’s going to be pretty close.
Aw crap.
And here we are! The windows 2000 desktop, with a not too bad boot up time!
We weren’t sitting here for five minutes.
Here we are.
Delicious, delicious,
It works, it works.
So a few hours ago, right after I tried
to restart the machine…
…it stopped detecting the adapter again.
So after I stopped recording to go look
for the drivers, it stopped detecting my SD card adapter
in the bios.
So I shut it off for a while and left it alone, unplugged and when I brought it back up again to see what was going on,
it booted perfectly fine, it was
actually quite fast!
And so if it actually manages to do the same thing again…
…we’ll see how long it takes.
That’s pretty snappy. I think that’s
actually faster than my SSD.
Holy crap. Although this doesn’t have
anything installed on it and it has no drivers.
it’s just the SD card, 34 second boot up,
Windows 2000, it’s got a 1.4 gigahertz
processor. Pentium M from 2002 or
something. That’s not bad, that’s pretty good.
Uhh…Wow yeah, so it’s kind of nice!
However I haven’t put it under any
stress. That’s just reading,
that’s not writing it’s just reading, and
it’s pretty fast at reading.
So if it comes down to actually doing heavy write
operations, we might be out of luck.
Alright so we’re back. Day two of this
little project.
I managed to get all the drivers
installed. It was a little bit.. took a little bit more time than I thought it was going to take because I
had to manually search for each one of
the device drivers, and the original
gateway drivers from the website are now
I can’t find them anymore. So what I did
is I used a little program called Everest
which allows you to see what devices are
on your system, and you can just
specifically go to Intel most of the
time to get the device driver for the
extreme graphics in this case, the
Realtek audio you can see the audio is working here.
So it works. The drivers work. I didn’t install all the drivers.
Cuz I really didn’t need other stuff. Like the PCMCIA slot.
I’m not going to use that so. The
Ethernet drivers installed, the wireless drivers installed. Still have to use Intel proset in order to find networks,
and not too happy about that, but it
works. As you can see we’re watching
a YouTube video. Now to run the latest
version of Firefox on Windows 2000 took a little bit of a workaround.
You have to install third-party
unofficial Windows 2000 service packs.
Update roll-ups and then you have to
make a dll modification to Firefox itself. You have to put a custom dll file in the Firefox directory
you have to run a special program to
allow the firefox installer to run because it will not run on any system lower than XP service pack 2
so this is the latest version of firefox, this is Firefox 28.
I don’t know if you can see that. It’s HD, but it’s still pretty small.
And then to install flash.
I could only use flash player 11 and I
had to do a hack.
I had to actually hack the executable
with a hexadecimal editor, change a value so that it would install on Windows 2000.
And as you can see it works perfectly fine.
It’ll give you a warning saying that
it’s a vulnerable version of flash player
and you should update it, but hell no I’m
not going to do that because trying to get it to work
a newer version is just a pipe dream, so
I’m just glad it works as well as it does right now.
All the drivers working and running off
of an SD card as its main boot volume.
I’m very very pleased, this turned out way better than I expected.
And if you want to try it any of this
yourself, if you have a gateway 200 arc
or maybe just an older laptop that has a
mini IDE/pata whatever you want to call it.
I have all the links for everything I
did in the description including my own
little driver package for the Gateway
200 arc, this laptop right here, because
there isn’t one really anywhere. You can
of course use Everest which i’ll put a
link for the description as well, to check out the hardware on your laptop, figure out what sort of drivers it needs. You might be surprised that there will be
drivers for windows 98 for this sort of
So the possibilities are well as limited
as Intel’s website is for the most part.
So yeah, that’s it, we’re done.
This is going to be pretty fun to use, I
There’s still a lot of people out
there that are trying to keep Windows 2000 alive, and it’s really really cool.
So just check out the links in the
description and…
I’ll see you next time.

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  12. try puppy linux which… thats a .way to get past the read speed issue except when loading

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  19. Just added a CF drive ( Lexar 1066 mb's ) to old asrock K8NF3-VSTA motherboard self build and my experience has been that the read times are great but the write times in certain situations takes about twice as long, I believe this is because of a lack of hard drive buffer or too little buffer. Normally a sata drive has as least 64 Gb of buffer, these cards probably have little to none because the hard drive buffer is located on the camera's motherboard, also I shortened my boot time by 17 seconds after installing the chipset drivers, now it only takes 45 sec to get to the desktop after a reboot.

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