IoT EcoStruxure at Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Mall of the Emirates Ensures Efficiency

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– [Oliver] Dubai is evolving.
This city will not look the
same in six weeks from now.
It’s that constant strive
to develop something new
and to innovate something.
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My name is Oliver Kesseler,
general manager of the
Hilton Garden Inn Mall of the Emirates.
We’ve had to go beyond the
usual requirements of the brand.
– [Vinesh] Energy is definitely
a big challenge for us.
We’ve been having rising energy prices.
My name is Vinesh Hurrychurn.
I’m the director of
engineering operations.
– [Oliver] We run this operation
on a very lean manning.
Integration between
property management system
and building management system,
ensures that we operate
the building efficiently.
– [Vinesh] To achieve
LEED gold certification,
one of the important factors is BMS.
This is kind of the heart of the system.
It’s important that we have
the right building management
systems because you’re combining
different type of heating.
– [Oliver] Schneider has
brought in a whole range
of equipment to this
property that allows us to
operate very energy efficient.
Profitable, but without
sacrificing guests’ comfort.
SE8000 is a very smart system.
This allows the engineer
to be fully in charge
and be fully in control
of what is happening
in every area of the hotel.
All of these measures
help you, as a guest,
to feel fully comfortable.
– [Vinesh] It’s a home away
from home, here, as Hilton,
we are here to exceed that expectation.
– [Oliver] Schneider’s vision is to create
innovative technology, and
our vision is to create
exceptional guest experiences.
This is exactly where
the two come together.
Schneider’s vision enables us
to create exceptional guest experiences.
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