Jersey Matters – Jersey Jack Pinball

10 thoughts on “Jersey Matters – Jersey Jack Pinball

  1. I loved seeing this story! There is a new pinball machine museum in Coney Island and people can use the machines for 50 cents. This story is wonderful to watch!

  2. Who fact checked this? Stern is the largest manufacturer and there are more than two companies.

  3. Sternnnnnn is wayyyyy beetterrrrrr and bigger. jersy jack sucks and stern pinball is a wayyy bigger manufacture

  4. I have played the Wizard of Oz and Lord of the rings (or hobbit) They are fantastic!

  5. Wow not even 30 seconds in and they've spouted off more lies/  miss-information then facts/ truth like 0-4.  I'll give them one more shot…. Nope I only made it to 0:50 before more lies.  Sorry guys better luck next time on getting your news story straight and not filled with miss-info.

  6. Two things are wrong. One, Stern is the biggest pinball plant. Two, Stern and Jersey are not the only pinball manufacturers. Some ones that you missed are:
    -Spooky Pinball
    -American Pinball
    -Dutch Pinball
    -Suncoast Pinball

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