Johnson Poker : Johnson Poker: Jacks Back Variant

There is a variant of Johnson that I want
to make sure I highlight. It’s actually called Jacks Back. If you play this variant, you’re
playing a game called Jacks Back. Or, you can call it Johnson and then, you know, stipulate
the rule. But it’s actually a game called Jacks Back and what it means is that in the
high round, the first round after the deal, when we’re checking or betting to find out
if we’re going to play the high round or the low round, you’re going to have a rule that
says you have to have Jacks to open, to bet the high round. What this does is it forces
more times to play the low round. So, a Jacks to open hands would look like this. It’s a
pair of Jacks. So, if you have a pair of Jacks, a pair of Queens, a pair of Kings, or a pair
of Aces, or a better made hand than that, you can open betting. If no one has that,
then we’re going to go check, check, check, check, and then we’re on the low round. That’s
how Jacks Back works.

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