JOKER Official Trailer (2019) Joaquin Phoenix, DC Movie HD

Arthur does it help they have someone to talk to
My mother always tells me to smile and put on a happy face
She told me I had a purpose to bring laughter and joy to the world
Is it just me or
Is it getting crazier out there
Though your heart is aching smile even though it’s breaking
When there are cloud in the
you’ll get by but if you see
Maybe two
What’s so funny just reach
Gotham’s lost its way
What kind of coward would do something that cold-blooded someone who hides behind a mask
I used to think that my life was a tragedy
It’s a comedy
You just you

100 thoughts on “JOKER Official Trailer (2019) Joaquin Phoenix, DC Movie HD

  1. Watch the BRAND NEW trailer for Joker released today! —->

  2. I was never able to watch the whole of Batman or read any of the comics that revolve around Joker.

    So, Question: Is this some sort of a backstory of how Joker was made to life?

  3. Not as good as in Dark Knight Rises. Heath Ledger is better than Joaquin Phoenix.

  4. Marvel : put all the superheroes in the movie so that no one can compete
    DC : release the clown

  5. Seen this movie 4 times, now I’m here watching Joker trailers.. soooo yes I HIGHLY suggest you go see it ☺️

  6. Your life is a joke and you'll never have the last laugh – acceptance is freedom.

  7. Just watched this movie
    Someone please explain. Was this a mental health awareness movie?


  9. I don't hve much words to respect this movie jst feelings tht cnt be explained, jst watch and u will say the same & its a pure magic by Joaquin Rafael Phoenix🤡

  10. Joker is a flawless masterpiece. I never leaved the cinema with such an impact.

  11. 1:27 That teeth gritting. You can feel Arthur’s breakdown and transformation into Joker from Joaquin’s amazing performance.

  12. What a good movie. I was kind of disappointed it didn't have as much action as I'd expected out of a comic book movie, but the following days after I saw the movie it definitely sunk in and by then I understood the point of it all. It really was quite shocking once you get to the climax of the movie. I just took a step back and it hit me how powerful it was. Most films dont have that effect on people. Some movies are not meant to have a happy ending, some movies serve to just show you one person's situation and life, even if that life is agonizing and miserable. Phoenix did such a great job with the character too. It really just leaves you saying "wow, that was intense", and most movies dont do that, at least not in the same way.

  13. This movie looks great. I hope he wins an Oscar. I just love Joaquin. One of the most underrated actors in the world.

  14. For so long I though they were laughing witch me but little did I know they were laughing at me

  15. Pretty good Mind twisting movie.

    I can understand the Joker now much better…..

    He is fucked in the Head….

    But then who isn't……..??

  16. Joker adalah orang yang baik telah di sakiti oleh masyarakat dan membuatkannya menjadi jahat😈

  17. It’s hard to take this movie seriously as it’s based on the actual joker from the comic books, he is a great actor though ! Just missing Batman

  18. I love this movie one of the best original film I have seen in a long time the best movie of the year no doubt

  19. it'a a good movie, but beside that i got to said my admiration to the late heath ledger for made a high standard on joker character to evolve and performed by joaquin phoenix. thumbs up

  20. Только трейлер у этого фильма и есть… Посмотрел вчера фильм… Полная хрень!.. Вы хотите поплакать от жалости? Пересмотрите "Хатико". Хотите сделать умное лицо(типа – увидеть проблему), смотрите… Примитивная попытка создать биографию отрицательного героя ПРИКЛЮЧЕНЧЕСКОЙ серии. ПРИМИТИВНАЯ! Кино "ни о чем"…

  21. The wages of sin is death. Don’t tell me I don’t deserve death for my sins when I have no clue what the trickle down effect of my sins are. Just because I don’t know the outcome of every sin I’ve committed? I’ve been mean to people when I’ve had a bad day. I’ve passed by someone walking along the highway and thought I should pick them up and lend a hand? Maybe they were stranded and needed help and by me leaving them there they were picked up by someone who killed them? I will never know the depth of my sins. But this movie shows you the side of what we call “evil”… maybe we too are the “evil” ones. I hope the whole world watches this movie and changes how we treat each other.

  22. So bat man beats up a guy with a mental illness, real cool bat man real cool. That's why i stick with marvel

  23. C est un chef d œuvre, un véritable chef d'oeuvre !
    Joaquin Phoenix est juste woooooooow ! Et le scénario tellement oppressant par moment!
    Enfin un vrai film intelligent! Merci aussi Todd Phillips !!!

  24. I think peniwise is better IT chapter 2 and the first movie of IT is still better and scarier the joker is not really that scary for me i think everyone should watch IT chapter 2 i watched it 🙊😫👌

  25. Is this movie gettin creepy? I am veeery sensitiv and Im worried about it go give me much problems with my sleep.😬

  26. It was our 9 year anniversary yesterday, went and watch it with my wife and I must say this movie is a masterpiece, Pure acting not all those fly here & fly there bullshit or superpower character movie with alot of CGI effects… you can feel the pain that Arthur is going through before he evolved into Joker, very MENTAL….a must watch for people that appreciate good acting talent…thanks Joaquin Phoenix !!

  27. In reality we must kept live with cruel peoples …. Although we were gud people

  28. It's funny that they would try to blame a movie character for what's happened over the years when violence act been around alot longer the games and movies got to weed them out and we got to keep are guns rights look at China u want to be running around with a stick

  29. In Indonesia so many people doesnt want to watch this

    My mom even told me to not watch this tpo

  30. Can anyone tell me the name of the score that starts at "this fall" ij the trailer?? PLEASE!!!

  31. The year’s biggest disappointment has arrived. It emerges with weirdly grownup self-importance from the tulip fever of festival awards season as an upscale spin on an established pop culture brand.

  32. First off heath ledger was the best joker period… I literally fell asleep watching the first hr of this movie. It was boring. I kept waiting for it to get good and it didnt. Last 40 min was where all the so called predictable action took place. I'm disappointed. I dont see this movie winning Oscar's sorry…

  33. The scene in this preview where he's falling down the stairs. Did anyone else feel like they didn't see that in the actual movie?

  34. wow honestly joaquin phoenix is a better joker than jared leto ! i love him as much i love heath ledger, the acting comes so natural to them, where as for leto u could tell something was just missing, he should just stick to being a singer not an actor ! this movie looks dope ! i cant believe there are dumb people out there that talked so much trash about it !

  35. I wanna die because I have been trying to recreate his laugh for like a week now

  36. Hipsters please stop fucking up evrything good with rebooting every movie just to make money. this is not a good movie idea.

  37. absolutely nobody:


  38. Oh no. I better not see this movie. It may dimenish my life outlook and philosophy

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