Kid Spends $1000 on FORTNITE with Dad’s Credit Card… [MUST WATCH]

And As You Can Tell By The Title
It Is One Kill Equals 10,000 V-BUCKS
Boys And Girls Ho Ho Ho Hoo
I have got a treat for you guys today
Right now my dad is on his way around here because I’ve told him we’re filming a fortnight video together
But what I didn’t tell him is what video we are filming allows you to tell by the title engines one kill
equals 10,00 V-Bucks
And not only is it that but it is on his
Credit card baby this is gonna be insane
Watch till the end guys because no doubt this video is gonna
Be insane guys what we waited for in my house got a few things
I need to tell you about so really excited thing the first thing guys the red hoodies
backpacks and
T-Shirts have been selling like crazy this here goes on sale this Saturday guys
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It’s gonna be so much fun and guys the better news is that it is next Monday guys that is in like 6 days
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Ok boys and girls, dad just arrived. Let’s go say hi
Yooow Hows it going bro
Are You Ready To Film A Banger yeah yeah why not
Tony bothered to know you what is your name?
Darron Huson
Who are you to me Father unfortunately
and what are we going to be doing today filming a video we’re gonna be playing Fortnite?
Fortnite you’re gonna watch me today, and it’s gonna be a lot of fun. Are you ready? Are you excited?
screaming yep blows
Okay, guys, so dad’s downstairs. Just getting ready for the video. He obviously doesn’t have a clue what we’re doing in the video
He just thinks we’re playing Fortnite together
so I’m gonna hop into a game right now with him and obviously i’ma try and get as many kills as I
Can and his bank details are actually stored on my console so right at the end
I’ll obviously
Purchase the points depending on how many kills
I gets on his card and then obviously he will freak out guys
This is gonna be epic. Okay, so we’re all in position right now are we done?
But you know what Dad I think I’ve got something that might interest you what’s that, bro?
Have you heard about my Xbox one and ps4 giveaway? Yes, I have
What have you entered
no what maybe you should enter guys if you wanna win a Playstation 4 and an Xbox one I’m giving them both
Away right now
There’s a link in the description
Which will take you to a website where you have to do small tasks to earn points?
And then the more points you have the more chance you have to win does that make sense
Perfect two of the things you have to do guys to be entered is to SMASH a like on this video and SUBSCRIBE
To the channel so if you’re not already doing both those things
Do them now
Dads right. Okay, so on the bar bus right now to spice up a little bit dad pick somewhere on the map
And that’s where I’m gonna go literally anywhere anywhere
Salty spring salty springs yo you know what boys and girls we’re gonna salty springs there we go
You know what? I don’t go salty Springs very often. So it’s gonna be interesting. Okay. We’ve got a chest see see okay. Oh
Boys and girls let’s go
We’ve got ourselves a scar That’s one of the best guns in the game. What’s the scar? Hey, so it’s a good look
It’s this let’s just see it whoa someone that I missed I missed I missed your song should I get a punch for you? Oh?
Baby is that hell that’s kill number one however. I’m on 30 and health right now
Did you see oh the stairs will be waiting for you? Oh?
Whoa theres someone there you said oh yeah, yeah puffing up okay, daddy daddy died who killed him someone else killed him oh
No no no nope nope okay, bro you built them?
Are you dead, but I died I was awful should we have another game. Yes, you can’t do any worse
Okay, we’re in the bar bus right now ready to get some kills cuz obviously I’m the best dad
I’ve just got one question for you, bro. How’s your day going?
Only joking I don’t care my real question is where am I going? I’m gonna let you pick right you can go too
Salty Springs salty Springs. Yo you know what I like the choice
now obviously dad as you know I’m a pro at this game, right
I Don’t know that but I am you don’t appear to be a pro from the footage. I wish
I’m a pro. Okay. Okay? Well I’ll set your kill target to 2
Yeah – he’ll – yeah show me them. Yeah the man guys two kills is my target for this game. Okay?
I came to this little house. This is a little bit out the way bro, but there’s a tent to camp in!
Okay, okay
Wait wait wait wait you see sight guys see that guy see that guy
Where hes down there heading into up the factory that I go for?
Okay, think you mind my friend
Dad I know his ID
Okay hold on
Ah I got 2 hits there we go, baby
C’mooooooon AAAHHHHHHH
There oh come on oh I got hit 6040 hip 64 you hit them yep, he did neither
Did I you did I hit him down there, or did you get for that or nothing?
I need to try and finish him go video that I must’ve run off
I think that I think I’ve arrived, but they got hit and they got scared oh
No, they’re coming for me see you see right there. Yes
Yes, that’s good just relax now. They’re in there yo you’ve got the vantage point now look. You can see the first thing
Just what the patient she sees me?
What’s the point of that I’m gonna knock her Tower down. Oh, I see It didn’t work. She’s that?
Yeah, see she’s building a bluddy box
Show yourself where’s a tree over there?
No no no no no no steady
You little she got up why they were running away steady
Why are you miss him she’s not that simple
You made yourself out of this
Get someone in that cross
my John
Walks you out about said chances to kill, but I don’t think you know
I just actually did oh you never killed yourself. Yep
One more one more game, baby
This time this time this time through the holes – Cael –
Straining – okay tilted okay, what have you got a pistol is that good? No?
They’re all scared and may scatter me in my one kill for you now, they’re really scared of you and your pistol
Oh here, we go
Come on. It’s ready to go up or down
Okay you see that guy though I can see him so do about it sneak up far as industry.i Susie Susie
Oh you guys definitely
Think about this
You know what I doubted you as my trainer, but you’ve given to be your hair
You’ve taught me well
I think this actually worked better being on the ground and as all those you know
I’ve got the momentum on my side now grow storm
storm storm storm stormy storm stormy soul on in
So someone else is right on the edge of the storm that you would not have thought that would you that is preposterous?
Okay guys so and now
It’s time for the main moment the thing everyone is been waiting for what we’ve been doing is
We’ve been doing one kill equals
10,000 B books, and I got five kills in total
Yep, what books were good are they yep, so basically what V?
Books are done. Is they’re fortnight’s currency. Yeah, so like fifa coins for example
I remember FIFA good you do you do. Why’d you remember because a long time ago before you were a
Sensation you’re pretty much run of about eleven twelve hundred quid on my card. Yep well
Your mum’s on my car mm-hmm. Yeah, that didn’t go down too
Well did it no well does I mean it’s been lots of fun playing with you
I’ve had so much fun doing this challenge, and I guess it’s time
We go ahead and add the V books right let’s do an guys there we go ten thousand people’s by the first lots of
ebooks have been added to
the account as one
No, we’re just waiting again the games between all your fucking – laughs
Oh, but maybe games between the games between oh, sorry. Yeah, but they spend hours cheering you’re wrong
Yeah, I know so what are you saying?
I’m just adding another come on of ebooks
What do you mean Josh?
What no it’s not that it’s Michael oh pretty good
You kidding
Me. That’s the game are you kidding? That’s free. I’ve got two more get off you pull free
40,000 V seriously right just I don’t understand what you
I don’t what have you just done?
79 pounds ninety-nine times three yeah
But I’ve got two more, but he’s come off my account. Yes, because we were playing between us. Are you having a laugh? No?
We’re not what do you mean? Why no no double pain you, but that was the key?
What did I care? What was what garv if you’d have gotten no kills nothing no
I’m not I promise I won’t okay look. I’ll show you it’s my card. Okay. It’s my card with my card comes up again
I’m not I promise but psych have you drawn now
I haven’t even got the money in that I can make this for now. That’s 400 pounds
Listen man. This can’t be you best reach that camera if had a switch that camera you better sweets the camera. I’m not kidding
Switch the camera off. Okay wait. We’ll switch the camera switch off. Don’t get off this thing you important in my face even more okay
That’s four so you just took 300 pounds outta my
What it’s the end of the moment normal people get paid at the end of the month normal people don’t afternoon
20 quid reciting in the camp well I’ve got one more
That was the agreement we can’t tell you how many lattices you’ve just made on my car affect my credit rating
So if that takes me over an agreed limit, I’ve got on that card, which for all you know it would
You still filming yep right that is it?
Just switch it off
I sent you a text message, and I asked you if you wanted to film a video we never specified the video
But you agreed the video was one kill equals
10,000 VBox now I got I don’t even know what a very bookcase
It’s all part of the agreement you agreed to do not agree to any food
I’m getting really annoyed so just let me add a lot more
Will you switch the camera off if you touch that again just going out of the window give me just give me a bag?
It’s dad dad. No. No dad. You’ve dad. You wouldn’t you wouldn’t you wouldn’t you wouldn’t I won’t film it
You wouldn’t know you won. No
Stop by oh my god, oh
No, which that off and get her my money and want the 320 pounds back now fifty-five thousand V. Books. It’s in the game
Well guys I
guess dad didn’t like
The joke he threw my xbox controller out the window so now my ps4
Controllers been thrown out and so is my xbox one. Oh my god. No guys
I did actually buy the V box, and it was genuinely on his credit card however believe it or not
I’m not like a terrible son. I have the money in cash. I’m gonna give it to him well
I think maybe before we do that. I should try and calm him down a well
Seriously can you just pull the camera down firstly one first of all you need to be quiet because the point walls are still going
Don’t throw me
On your dad. It’s wrong because I’m not the terrible son all right
Then you threw my control out the window, so I’m still not even sure I should be doing this boy
Yeah, what like I should be why should we say thank you because you’ve talked three hundred and twenty quid off
I’m giving you the money. I know it was a little bit
You know a little bit of inconvenience for you, but are we cool? Oh really what not really because you wasted my time
it’s been lovely seeing you, but you know I’ve got a fuck about with that now and
This whole prank things just getting a little bit stupid, and so I’m gonna get involved in this
I’ve actually got a YouTube studio in my house called your old bedroom
And you is I think Eastburn animals are you banging us not Freddie the pair of you now because it’ll be a moment Eve down
against two more if anything we saying this is now a
Let’s get you back glass all night, what’s that person creeping up behind? Hey Jess all y’all say tonight
Yeah, all I gots a nice
Ha ha ha
It’s looking like the primes are gonna keep on coming
And they’re gonna get more and more intense so if you’ve got any prank ideas
Leave them in the conversation down below and also if you’re new here remember to go down there smash
That subscribe or to join team boys we may be a bit of a disadvantage right now, but we’re still gonna kill it
Thank your zone for watching and as always I’ve been logs you guys been awesome
And I’ll see you in my next video peace

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