Korean men react [ย้อน-Slot Machine (OST. Hormones 3)]

It’s Taek and Seongbak
Long time no see everyone~ include Seongbak.
It’s been a long time!
Why? Is there any problem?
Did you take a shower today?
Of course~ before I left my house.
….Did you wash your clothes?
Of course I did!
What about teeth brushing?
Yes, I did while I was taking a shower!
Then.. what does this smell?
What are you talking about?
I think it’s not your fault
It smells like a man. The male hormone’s smell…
natural man has male hormone’s smell
but this is too much! I hate this male hormones smell!
It can be smelly cuz two men are in a small room!
We’ve always been together in a small room!
Why do you make me smelly man?
Now I’m okay~ I’m used to it now
You are so fortunate to just watch us
He is too sensitive!
Yes, I am
you mean to me….
Today we are going to listen OST of ‘this’ drama
‘Hormones’ is a Thai drama.
I think it’s a drama about juvenile, like ‘Gossip girl’
We would see lots of high schoolers. (we call it student smell~)
We didn’t watch this drama but there are Korean fans of this drama
We have a nice chance to watch this MV
We will watch hormone smelly MV. Slot Machine’s song, ย้อน .
Is that a school?
He looks so sick…
same boy?
Does he suffer from illness?
I don’t think so…
Those are not a normal situation
They have eyes of dissatisfaction.
They looks almost like zombie. Being controlled by those patches on their head
They are all teenager, right?
It’s a drama about teenager..
Those are uniforms
It’s not a scene from drama.. this MV is just for the OST…. with same actors
OMG! (coward yelling!)
Are zombies in school?
Everyone was hurt.
yeah… oh!!!
It’s a Slot Machine..
we have to know It’s not an adult drama, it’s about teenagers..!!!!
Does it mean that those things are happening in the school?
Is Thailand like this? Korea is not
blood everywhere!
everyone hurt
I miss Christmas suddenly.
He has to solve problems with that key.
That’s not a simple relationship?
Those two girls…
oh twin…
Where are they?
what a cool scenery!
Ending scene of growth-drama.
Blood there??? oh, I guess it’s not. 55555
It’s bloody, although it’s a drama for teenager.
But it’s not a scene of the drama. It’s just a concept.
Just for this MV?
Yeah~~ they sang along.
If we don’t know about the ‘hormones’, we would think it’s a horror drama.
But I don’t think so..
It’s not like my school life.
I didn’t hurt anyone and attacked someone with a club.
Actually everyone’s school life wasn’t like this MV.
I guess you did sometimes.
a few times..5555555
They are similar to you. There are smells of blood, sweat, and hormones.
Not at all. you are too sensitive!
Today your concept is hormones man.
Do you have any last words?
Do you have plan to watch this drama?
After watching this MV..
We can’t guess the story
Yes, but I think it’s fun to see those characters.
Yeah They are cute teenagers.
Many of you comment us to watch it, so we chose it.
I like drama of school life, so I watched this kind of Korean drama.
Because he didn’t experiece such life… love in school.. or something.
I was a quite student.
I get vicarious satisfaction from those dramas.
It’s fun.
it’s a successful choice. It’s not like our expectation but cool!
Today I was together with smelly Seongbak. I have to leave now
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