Learn How to Play 3 Card Poker in Under 2 Minutes

Hi, my name’s Lee from Gambling.com today we’re going to show you how to play 3 Card Poker Let’s start with the basics When you play 3 card poker, you and the dealer are dealt 3 cards from a standard deck Before you get the 3 cards, you need to place an ante bet to be part of the action After that you’ll receive your cards and have two possible decisions Fold your cards and lose your ante bet, or, play with these cards and bet again Remember that you can’t see the dealer’s cards when you’re faced with these decisions You’re trying to work out whether your hand is likely to beat the hand that the dealer has without seeing it If you’ve chosen the second option, and decide to play your cards, that can result in any of the following outcomes Number 1 – you win if you have a better hand than the dealer you double your money Number 2 – the dealer has a better hand than you and you lose your money Number 3 – a push occurs when your hand is tied with the dealer in this case your stakes are refunded Number 4 – the dealer’s best hand is a high card lower than a queen which means your ante bet is doubled and the play bet is refunded Number 5 – you get an ante bonus this is a bonus applied to really good hands For example, the three-of-a-kind paying 4/1 or a straight flush paying 5/1 As you can see, the only way in which you can lose at 3 card poker is either by folding after you’ve seen your cards or getting beaten by a dealer hand if you decide to play on Many people like to play 3 card poker as it’s a game which doesn’t favour the house too much It’s also a simple game to understand and play with customers often being given the option of placing side bets Thanks for watching to stay up to date with poker news and strategy content make sure to follow us on Twitter @gambling_com

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