Lord of the Rings The Card Game Gameplay Runthrough

hey everybody today rado runs through Lord of the Rings the card game which is a very popular very successful living card game and you know what living card game is basically the way these work is when you buy the game you know it comes in this box and it’s a full complete standalone game in this game it’s a adventure in peril in middle-earth for one to two players so it’s totally standalone but what the publisher Fantasy Flight has been doing almost like clockwork month after month after month ever since the game came out in 2011 is they release all these little expansion packs like the hunt for golem and conflict at the Carrick and stuff like that and you can buy those or not because you have a fully standalone complete game you can play over and over again but you can buy these little expansion packs and add more characters and more items and more monsters and more quests and all kinds of stuff so the game is living it’s constantly evolving constantly adding new stuff if you want to keep paying on a monthly or quarterly or however often you want to buy this little expansion packs you can see I’ve got about five of them right now five but there’s tons tons tons tons more in fact I mean the game is so popular that the publisher Fantasy Flight is actually gone and re-released some of these in like alternate nightmare mode versions there’s there’s a ton of expandability once you get this game if you enjoy it you can keep playing it for years and years and years and constantly keep having it expand and live as you buy new stuff although this run-through today I’m really going to be focusing just on the experience out of the core box with a couple of cabinets I actually have had to throw in a few cards from some of the expansions and I’ll explain that as I go but let’s actually start talking about how to play the game now in this game one or two players you can play it solo normally you’re going to want to play it with somebody you can actually play with three or four players as well if you buy a second copy if you if you buy two copies of the base game you have enough cards to be able to play a three or four player game and the game works fine as it scales up in fact in some ways the game gets easier often when it’s sails up waiting in the adventure I’m about to demonstrate now the way the game is set up I’m gonna doing a two-player game today and Here I am over here I’ve got a party of three dwarves Gimli Talon and glowing and Jen has a party of a Owen and done here to Rohan heroes and Glorfindel the elf alright so and each of us have built a deck of 50 cards or more 50 or more cards that are you know I have all kinds of allies in here and equipment in here and events that we can call upon to deal with the various dangers we are going to face that the game throws at us and no that’s the first thing I really got to mention about this game a big part of it is constructing your own deck you know picking heroes that have strengths and weaknesses that complement each other you know to make this little party of three heroes and then building up a deck you know from all the cards that are available to you that works well with these heroes and you know while you’re at it probably ends up specializing in certain things like attacking or questing or what have you now to give a full idea of what this game plays like I have gone on ahead and I built for this run through a 50 card deck for me and a 50 card jack for Jen and this is where I’ve had to cheat a little bit because the base game really doesn’t come with enough cards to do any kind of significant deck building I mean you can but not really leveraging the game to its full effect so I’ve actually had to go I’ve actually dug out some cards from some of my expansions and thrown them in here as well so some of the cards you might see me play wouldn’t necessarily come in the base game but still I figured it is more important because normally with the base game what you do is it comes with 30 pre-made err I’m sorry for pre-made decks that have 30 cards in them and the game you know suggests when you first start playing just use these pre-made decks we’ve made for you but really after you get to know the game a big part of the game is constructing your own deck and to do that well you really either need to buy another copy of the base game or buy some expansions so you have a little bit of flexibility and that’s where a lot of the fun comes in years not much fun deck building in the base game at least in my opinion other people might disagree so anyway as I long story short as I play you’re going to see a couple cards maybe come out that wouldn’t be from the base game but all the bad guys all the nasties I’m going to be coming up against all come from the base game okay alrighty so let’s start playing all right well what are we going to play today the base game comes with three different quests and what are they they are journey along the the Anduin and I think passage through Mirkwood but I’m not playing either of those adventures I am playing right here escape from dull gourd or from from dull Guldur which is just about the hardest adventure that has ever been released for this game including all the expansions that have come out over the years since it was first release this is a very very nasty tough tough adventure to beat it’s probably going to completely work me over but I went ahead and chose it because it really is pretty good at showing off a lot of the different functions that the game offers if I played a and easier one of the other easier adventures that came out of the box I might not be able to show you stuff like um you know guarded treasures and stuff like that so I chose this one just because it provides a lot of variety so what’s going to be happening today in our adventure you can see this adventure is actually the ventures usually are composed of three acts three stages sometimes there’s more I think maybe there’s some that are even less but you know generally they’re three and so this adventure is going to start with the necromancers tower the lady Galadriel of uh all i don’t know how to pronounce my Tolkien stuff Lauren Lorien has asked you to investigate the area in the vicinity of dole go Dirar while doing so one of your allies was ambushed by orcs captured and is now held in the dungeon cell so now that is the beginning of our adventure and so we’ll have to deal with this card at which point we deal with act to Elm which is through the caverns and then finally act three out of the dungeons so that’s the situation we’re in and by the way I guess I should say spoiler alerts but this is not a huge story center game so I maybe I also I don’t think I’m gonna get very far into this adventure so you’re probably maybe in the extended I’ll make it if I get lucky through to the second act we’ll see how it goes but anyway so there’s definitely some setup that has to be done here search the encounter deck for the three objective cards and place them in the staging area also place the nazgûl of duel go derp face up out of play alongside the Collette Stenger deck and attach one encounter to each subject to code now I’ve already done that ahead of time these are the three objectives although actually before any of this stuff happened this is the encounter deck and so when I chose this adventure the first thing I had to do is I had to look at these icons over here which show that that the encounter deck is comprised of three types of cards dull gourd or cards spider cards and orc cards after these three icons are so the game comes with tons of different enemy encounter a bill of treachery cards and they all have different icons on them like you know this is being one of the wilderness cards and over here there’s a bunch of a cards and from all these enemy nasty cards I was supposed to take all the ones that have these three icons shuffle them up and make an encounter deck which I’ve already done and then after I did that this thing points out hey take out the three objective cards that came from the dilgar deck which I’ve done which is the dungeon torch Gandalf’s map and the shadow key so pull them out and also pull out kind of the boss nass goal of dual girder pull him out as well and now these three objective cards are what we are trying to find because we need Gandalf’s map and we need the shadow key and we need the dungeon torch to be able to get out of here alive but these things aren’t just sitting around we have to go and win them so that’s why it says right place the jars place in a staging area shuffle the encounter deck which I’ve done and then place one encounter on each objective card so I place an encounter on this and it is the endless caverns which is a dungeon and oh and what do you know doomed search 1 so that means doomed is in effect that whenever a doomed card comes into play we have to increase our threat so we started at 20 which I’ll talk about in a second but now we have to bump up to 30 one-handed filming all right so that’s cut we’re doomed we’ve got we because this threat counter is basically a ticking time bomb for us when we hit 50 we lose because we’re so threatening that Sauer and himself will come out and you know wipe us out or something like that so and it’s a surge which means we’re gonna have to draw one additional card unfortunate anyway I’ll keep on putting these out so Gandalf’s map is guarded is somewhere at the tower gate all right and the shadow key is okay it is guarded by a cavern guardian and doomed one okay great we have to increase our threat yet again so now we’re up to 31 that’s not a good start but like I said this uh you know the game takes no quarters and remember because of the surge I have to draw one additional one and so it is the necromancers reach oh and this is a treachery card and since there are three types of cards in the bad guy deck locations that we can travel to enemies that we could fight and treacheries that just pretty much hit us right away so this treachery the necromancers reach hits us right now win revealed deal one damage to each exhausted character ah and you can see this came from the Goblin deck that’s very lucky because since we’re at the beginning of the game none of my characters have been exhausted ie tapped so hey that treachery didn’t hurt us so these we got a little bit lucky there cool cool cool all right so we have set ourselves up we’ve got our three objectives and ones hidden in the endless caverns one somewhere near the tower gate and one is guarded by this nasty undead creature so now we’ve done the setup on side one a of the necromancer star and now it’s the word aside one B and um when were is there’s more when revealed randomly select one hero card from all the heroes controlled by the player and then turn it face down that hero is now considered the prisoners remember one of us gets captured right at the beginning is it cannot be used cannot be damaged does not collect resources until it is rescued as instructed by card effects later in the quest the players as a group also cannot play more than one ally each round we cannot advance to the next stage of this class until we found at least one objective card so you know with the next stage of the class stage two even if we did everything we need to do it we cannot move on to stage two until we either find Gandalf’s map the shadow key or the dungeon torch so we got to find one of those and in addition to that we have to make as you can see this number right here nine progress on the necromancers tower quest so we have to make nine progress and find one of those things before we can move on that’s this and we are limited because we have to lose somebody now see randomly eenie meenie miney moe catch a tiger by the toe if he hollers let him go eeny meeny miny moe okay sorry done here you’ve been captured so unfortunately one of Jen’s three heroes is already gone that is making things even worse okay and we can only summon one Ally per turn which is even worse because we’ve already lost one of our core heroes that’s the situation we find ourselves in and now let’s see if we can rescue done here the Rohan Horseman warrior and get out alive okay so the game is set up now we can start playing now at the beginning of the game our decks are already shuffled oh and I should say now I start out with a threat level of 29 that’s because my three heroes Glen Talon and give me these three dwarves and I built this deck specifically that mine I wanted to have like an all dwarf deck basically although again I didn’t have quite enough cards available to me to really push that but the more cards you get the more flexibility you have you can make themed decks you can make all-girl decks or all Rohan decks I’m trying to make an all dwarf deck but anyway so the the relative strengths Gimli is an 11 Fallon is a 9 and glowin is a 9 so that combined is 29 points that’s why my starting threat was 29 although it’s already raised twice because of those effects and Jen her started 2092 because all her heroes added up now to being the game everybody starts with a hand of 6 cards 1 2 3 4 5 6 and here’s Jen 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 but now the first thing you do every round is everybody gets to draw one additional card so really we start with seven cards and at the beginning of every round our three heroes or in Jen’s case two heroes gather resources and that’s what these little tokens are so I’ve got three heroes and so I gather three resources one from each now these if you’re at all familiar with Magic the Gathering or games of that ilk these are basically mana these are resources we can spend to play the cards we’ve got in our hand and right now from Gimli and Talon I’ve got two these are tactics heroes you can see this alike on the bottom left I’ve got two tactics resources and one leadership resource from glowin which is a purple as opposed to red and Jen she gets unfortunately only two resources because her horseman is captured so she gets one lure and one oh I forget what that’s called spirit or what’s that blue one oh I can never remember didi it’s a spirit yes it is spirit okay so Jen’s got one lure and one spirit that she can use to play her cards all right so that’s what happens the beginning of a round we collect resources we draw one card now the next thing we do is what’s called the planning phase where we can you know we look at our hand of cards and we start with seven let’s say so let me pull out my cards let me see what I got here didi alright and at this point we this is our only chance during the round during planning that we can play allies or attachments I got one two three three allies and two attachments I could play now of all the cards I’ve got there’s three types allies who you’ll become extra characters who helped us fight and explore attachments you know weapons and armor and and and the mark of the dude aim that we can apply then you know give us makes it more powerful and events one time things that just happen and then we discard the card and so right now I’ve got three resources and I can only because of the limits of this quest I can only even though I’ve got one to three allies I could only summon one of them which is right so which is to baptists actually I’ve got enough resources this veteran axe hand requires two tactics and snow borne Scout requires one leadership I’ve got enough to summon two guys but because of the limitations of the quest I can only summon one of them or alternatively I could do as many attachments as I want let’s say now before I make any choices I should really look at Jen’s hand too because we should be planning and strategizing together as we make these decisions because you know maybe I’ve got a better Ally maybe Jen’s got a better Ally between the two of us we can only put one Ally into play so let’s see what Jen’s got although Jen only has one ally who she can’t summon because she would need to spirit and she only has one so she can’t summon her ally at all anyway this Westfold horse breaker so it’s going to be me who summons an ally so let’s see which one should I sum because we really should get some out because the more Islands we have who ever chance we got so I can’t do the horseback Archer because I would need three tactics and right now I’ve only got two but over the game more and more of my resources can add up so I can save up to do him later I see actor right so the Scout Scouts got cool and he’s a really weak character he has no um oh I can never what all the names of the icons are what willpower he has no willpower no offense and he only has one defense but he has a special ability when he gets summoned he oughta matter he automatically places one progress token on one of the locations as you can see there’s two locations we have to explore these locations to find Gandalf’s map and the endless caverns Wow in fact if I summon him he could immediately um right to explore tower gate we only need to make one progress you can see little one there so if I summon him we could yeah that’s pretty cool I’m gonna pay right so he’s the guy I’m going to summon so he needs one leadership which is what glowin provides so Glen’s one leadership is going to be spent and we’re going to summon the Rohan scout okay which again you know if if I had more cards I might have wanted to make a Rohan deck you know and put a o in and you know and put the RO hands together but again I don’t have client of cards to make really thematically strong decks so there’s going to be a lot of mixing and matching anyway so I paid my one resource and there is a response here after snowboard Scout and display choose the location place one progress on that location these little progress hook ins there’s two locations in play the endless caverns which requires three progress you can see right there it requires three progress to beat and the tower gate which requires one boom we just finish the tower gate the tower gate is done we didn’t even have to explore it because the Scout went out and did it for us good job buddy and by getting rid of this now hey we don’t have to worry about this travelling effect if we had traveled to the tower gate ourselves you know we would have we would have basically run into some orcs oh we would have to fight but since the Scout one did it for us boom that’s gone and we now can find Gandalf’s map and remember that’s what this is actually starting out pretty well that’s one of things we need to do we need to get one of these three objectives and then we need to do nine progress before we can move on so Gandalf’s map is available to us how do we get it ray anybody can raise their threat by two to claim this objective when it’s free of encounters the Scout just took care of that force win claim attached Gandalf’s map to a hero that you control counts as an attachment um and the but here’s the thing this is the downside to Gandil SMAP the hero we give this to cannot attack or defend at all but we do need to get that map let’s see now my let’s see and I see can I give this to any character so I could give this to see yeah sometimes you can only give them to heroes I think we attach or no no right yeah okay this has to go to a hero so I think we’re gonna go ahead and find anyway the Scout went out cleared that out boom we’re going to get the map now to take this we have to raise whoever takes this raises a threat by two I’m gonna give it to Jen which raises her threat from 31 to 33 and remember when somebody hits 50 they are eliminated from the game and I’m going to give this to Gamble’s map to a Owen because she’s not a particularly good attacker or defender anyway she only has one attack in one defense she’s really good though she has a high high willpower which means she’s great at completing you know exploring and completing quests so it just is a perfect fit for her to give her the map and now she can no longer attack or defend but that’s okay because I was almost never going to have her attack or defend anyway she was always going to be exploring because of her high willpower okay so now remember we’re still in the planning phase where we get to play allies and attachments I’ve played an ally and I can’t play anymore because of the special rules but I could still play attachments let’s see here and I’ve got two attachments to choose from here the blade of Gondolin and the do deign mark again my apologies for mispronouncing tolkien words here Tolkien text so if I give I can attach this mark only to a hero okay both these can only go to a hero the attached hero gains one attack and if I ever want I can move this mark from one character another by paying more money so I can give this temporarily to hero then give it somebody else app or I could give somebody the blade gondola now they both cost 108 not actually democra costs one leadership I’ve used my leadership to summon him so I can’t play the mark anyway but I could spend one resource of tactics to put out the blade of Gondolin which I think I’ll do so attached to a hero research and now I can attach at any of my heroes or any of gens heroes I could give this to Jen and put it say here on Glorfindel now whichever character gets this gets +1 attack when fighting orcs specifically and that’s a good thing because we’re going to be running into a lot of orcs this tower great if we’d had to explore it we would have run into orcs and whoever gets this gets +1 win attacking orcs and also let’s see after the attached hero attacks and destroys an enemy place one progress token on the current quest so the blade of Glorfindel automatically by beating monsters lets us make progress on our core quest that’s really awesome so who should I give this to I should give this to somebody who’s going to fight orcs a lot and that’s prot Lisi my best warrior is definitely Gimli that’s why he cost me season 11 as opposed to a 9 like that one so I’m gonna give but I could give it to Glorfindel as well Glorfindel is an awesome awesome fighter three attack right off the gate until Gimli powers up Glorfindel is our most powerful warrior we have available to us but he also has a very high willpower which means he’s very very good for exploring as well so I think I will go ahead and give this to Gimli because it says general rule Gimli is probably going to be a more readily involved more more often involved in fights because he only has a willpower to he probably won’t be spending as much time exploring so I’ve just given him the blade of it was at the blade of Gondolin all right by the way this is a restricted item any character can have no more than two restricted items on them all right so now I’ve still got one more resource I can’t I can’t do my other attachment but I’ve also got these events I could play events if I wanted although I say I can’t play this one because this requires leadership I’ve already used my leadership I could play blade mastery which means I can choose a character until the end of the phase that character gets +1 offense and defense so I might want to save that in case I get into trouble in combat now Jen she see she has she drew one attachment self-preservation which requires a lure which Glorfindel has so Jen could put this attachment on somebody self-preservation is a basic attachment character and is an action you can exhaust cell preservation and heal two points of damage from that character so this is a great way to heal but now here’s the interesting thing Gimli the more damage he takes the more damage he does so I don’t necessarily want him to get healed up but glowin is interesting because every time he suffers damage he basically gathers leadership resources so actually the self-preservation yet with that I’m gonna go ahead and pay a lower token from Glorfindel to put self perusal preservation on glowing and then top from now on anytime glown gets hit by anybody and suffers damage he will basically harvest resources so he can play more cards and afterwards with self-preservation he can heal himself see Gimli I don’t want to heal him because I want him to be hurt because the more hurt he is the more effective a warrior he is that’s his special power all right so now Jen still got one resource worth of spirit and I see so she could play stand in fight she could play a light in the dark no that one’s too expensive but uh the Dwarven tomb so Jen could return a car from her discard pile see although she also has strength of will if you travel to location exhaust a spirit character which in this case would be ailing and have to progress immediately placed on that location so that’s pretty hello and this one doesn’t even cost anything so I think Jen’s going to save this resource he’s not going to use it right now she’ll save it for for something later so we have now finished the quest phase or I’m sorry now the planning phase we’re all done planning we’re not going to play anymore at end that’s it for the rest of this round we cannot play attachments or allies now we move on to the quest phase alright and the quest phase is when we can take our heroes and characters and commit them to working on the quest of the necromancers tower remember we need to produce nine progress and we also need to get one of the special items but we’ve already done it gents with the item so now all we need to do is make a nine progress on this and we will be able to move on to the next so how many of my characters and Jen’s characters are we going to tap or exhaust to to work on let’s see jet a1 is definitely gonna do it because that’s her special but that’s what she’s really good at she can provide her she has four willpower that’s potentially for progress we could make by having her work on the quest now the interesting thing is that one of my warriors he has a cool thing then when he commits to a quest he deals one damage to every enemy that’s revealed by the encounter deck so I think he’ll commit to it as well he only has one willpower he’s not that great at it but because he’s committed to the quest whenever bad guys come out they’ll instantly take a point of damage and heck maybe if you get lucky they’ll just get killed before they even bother us talking with him so that means right now we have committed five total willpower towards making progress but we need to do nine total now we can commit more umm I don’t want to commit Gimli because he’s a good fighter see I could commit glowin but SC now currently there is only one bad guy we know about this undead who does two points of damage and has two hit points and he’s gonna well he’s going to come for somebody he’s going to attack one of us a little bit later in the round I see so if I haven’t come over here he’ll be able to do you want with that let’s go ahead let’s let’s go in for a penny in for pound let’s push hard in fact yeah let’s commit everybody everybody is going to commit to try to push so Glorfindel with his three will power Alan with her four glowin with his two and Thal in’ with his one so that was it that’s seven eight nine ten we are committing ten will power worth to the quest of the necromancers tower trying to find our way to the necromancers tower unfortunate we’ve already got the map so that’s going to help so we’ve committed them they are tapped that means for the remainder of this round they are not going to be able to defend in combat or attack in combat they’re all exhausted but I have left the scout and Gimli these guys are still available to get in combat if we run into trouble later okay so after you commit to your forces um then we we draw encounter cards because you know we’ve committed our forces now the forces of evil will commit their forces you have to draw one encounter card per player in the game we got two players so we’re going to draw two more encounters and we get dull Gorder works which when revealed the first player that’s me I’ve got the first player marker chooses one character currently committed to a quest deal to damage to that character Wow okay well I’ll go ahead and make it glowing so glowing just took two points of damage but whenever he suffers damage add one resource to his resource pool for each point of damage so he just you know he took it on the chin and he just got two resources as well and now the interesting thing is because he’s got the way called the self preservation exhaust self preservation to heal to damage on attached character so I’m going to tap that now and he’ll just heal those points right back so that’s not too bad pretty happy about that so this was the first card we drew the dull girder orcs and when revealed they did that without actually worked out okay and now we got to draw a second one and it is the great forest web now which is a pleasant have any special effects when it comes okay but it’s a place we can travel and explore all right so now we committed our forces the sour on committed his forces and now we find out how well did we actually do in our attempt to make progress so again our total was three or four seven was it eight nine it was a ten one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten total right if I had eleven but I miscounted obviously so we have ten total let’s see here and what we now have to do is we have to subtract from our willpower the threat produced by all of these dark forces that are in what’s called the staging area so if the threat is this icon right up here this you know so the Great forest web produces two threats so our total is two threat plus two four five six seven so there is seven threat total and what we have to do is we have 10 will power minus seven threat means we have just made three progress three progress of the nine total we have to do so that’s the thing when you’re committing your forces you don’t know what Sauron is going to commit you might commit forces and then sour on ends up pulling out cards that are so threatening that you end up not not making any progress at all so that could be a very dangerous thing but now here’s the interesting if we hadn’t committed any forces at all all this threat the was it the two plus two plus two plus one two four six seven that would have been threat that we would have had to absorb on our dials and we would be that much closer so there’s this delicate balancing act that’s happening throughout the game you’re always having to explore explore explore and even if you don’t have a chance of successfully exploring because there’s so many straight out there you knew to explore anyway just to keep the threat down because when our threat Tok or when our threat meters go to 50 we instantly get removed you know kicked out of the game so now there’s one other thing that’s going on here Aon has a special power action I can disco one card from my hand and actually all players can do this to give a LAN plus one will power until the end of the phase so now if we want both Jen could discard a card I could discard a card and we would add two more will power and get five progress made we should definitely do that so I think we’re both going to discard a card although that gives it well what do you want discard I see Jen’s got to stand in fights I think she’ll get rid of one of them so that upped her Ellen’s willpower so that’s an additional success and what am I going to get rid of I want all my things now the horseback Archer is expensive it’s going to take a while before I get three resources although not necessarily in fact actually I could get him out next turn because if I don’t use this on Gimli I’ll get two more so I’ll have three but I’ve got the veteran axe hand I’ve got campfire tales and I’ve got blade mastery those are all good things the blade mastery can help me out if I get into combat and run into trouble but right now you know what I think I’m doing so well you know Gimli I got my ally out but I can only put out one Ally per turn the interesting thing about the horseback Archer he you know both these guys have to offense and one defense but this guy costs one more because he’s got special power of ranged and what that means is normally my guys can only fight people who have come over and attacked my guys but a ranged character can actually fight people who are attacking my party or can shoot at the bad guys who are attacking Jen and Jen’s in a bit of trouble Jen has pretty much no defense ball her characters are busy exploring so they can’t attack or defend themselves so I think because of that we definitely need this archer so I’m going to go ahead and discard the veteran axe hand and save up for the archer instead and that means one more progress so we’ve done five of the nine progress we need to do to the necromancer tower okay and so we have now finished the quest phase next we move on to the travel phase and then we the encounter combat phase and we’re done with the first round but wow we’re 33 minutes in and I’m about halfway through the first round you know what I think this is actually a pretty good place to stop because you guys have seen about half of the stuff we were doing adventures but now next up we’re going to travel where we have the option if we want to to travel to the endless caverns or the great forests web because if we travel to these like you know if we travel to the great forests web that means we’re here we have to deal with whatever you know when we travel here each player must exhaust one hero he controls but we take this threat off the board so now there’s less threat preventing us from being able to make progress in our questing phase so it’s always a good idea to take to travel to places and clear them out so we can make more progress later but you know if you want to see the travel phase if you want to see combat where we’ve got some orcs and some undead we could kill you can hit the button it’s on screen or follow the show notes and go to the extended play where I’ll keep playing and at the very least I’ll finish this first round and probably do some of the second round as well I’ll turn me to the other button go straight to final thoughts your choice in five four three two one

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    The game truly embodies the gravity of the heroes' trials in Middle-Earth; every hit to HP and threat is potentially disasterous and there's a ton of strategic and tactical decisions to be made if you're going to have any chance of survival, no less achieving victory!

    Combine this with outstanding artwork based on the books (rather than the movies), and you've got a hall of fame card game for solo and group play that you can enjoy for years and years to come.

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  6. Escape from Dol-Guldar is actually pretty tame when compared to some of the quests in the most recent quest lines. A couple of the ones from The Hobbit put it to shame as well.

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  8. On your first turn, you can't trigger the "Action" of Self-Preservation right after the "When revealed" effect of the Dol Guldur Orcs. That's because during the Staging Step (revealing encounter cards from the encounter deck) of the Quest Phase, players CAN'T tae any action (see how that step is red-colored in the Round Summary provided in the rulebook). The players have to wait for next "action window" to play actions, which is set right after the Staging Step, before resolving the quest.

    This is tremendously important, because if you had as the second card during staging step a Treachery card which says "Deal 2 damages to each exhausted character", well, GlΓ³in dies and you can't do nothing about it.

    You are right though to add resources to Gloin resource's pool right after he takes the damage, as his ability is a "Response". Responses resolve as soon as their triggering conditions are met, which is the case here.

    Knowing when you are able to play an "Action" is a VERY important part of this game.

  9. I thought locations act as a buffer to the main quest such as the progress he made should of been added to a location instead? That's what the manual says.

  10. Do surges and doomed effects trigger when a card is revealed during setup? I thought those only triggered when they're drawn from the encounter deck during normal gameplay. Just wondering, I love the game but have only played a few times so I'm still hammering out the rules.

  11. That's the problem I have with this game. I only recently bought it and I'm learning to play but I forget to do things and find there's so much to remember. I think it's a great game though and hope I get better at it and hope remembering things gets eaiser too! πŸ™‚

  12. nice job man. I like that you don't show your face, because i think you understand that its about the games, not you. you do a good job explaining things without sounding like a know it all. looking forward to picking this one up for my nephew and i. keep it up man !

  13. when you randonly pick heroes do you then make deck that contains only cards of thoose sphere of influence or from all so if you are lucky you get a lot of your cards

  14. i bought game and the art is amazing and its good imagined but i just cant dive into the game becouse i dont feel any competition when playing versus game ita just weird to explain

  15. Thanks for this run through big help! on a side note, i love your TV unit and shelving, what make they? πŸ˜‰

  16. im picking one up tomorrow. should i get warhammer quest tabletop card game or this? both are not an option.. yet lol

  17. I really got into your videos after watching the Pathfinder ACG your wife and you did. You do such a great job with explaining and the fact you do everything one handed adds to the amazement. I also heard you don't take money from publishers and whatnot, good on you. Makes the other guys, without naming names of course, look worse.

  18. I appreciate the intentions, but its a waste of time to watch someone misplay a game so many times! At least I can see the cards.. Why not make a script or something? I saw like 5 mistakes you had to post a fix on the video for.

  19. to do 4 players, do you need another copy of that one, or can you buy an expansion pack like The Lord of the Rings: The Grey Havens Expansion Card Game

  20. back in the day i used to play a LOTR trading card game what the hell ever happened to that game??

  21. Do you have your deck builds listed somewhere or off a site? interested to see them. TIA

  22. I'd love to learn all this but it seems so intricate with a lot to take onboard. However, you're tutorial has been most helpful. Many thanks!

  23. Based on this video I bought the game, read the manual, and gave up. Totally incomprehensible, especially how to setup. Too many variables and options, there is no story, no atmosphere, and tons of mechanics. It should be called Accountant of the rings the lifeless card game.
    If you are obsessed with magic the gathering, you might grok it. But try first.

  24. Im trying to learn the game, but I'm pretty sure you needed 3 resources for that self preservation attachment

  25. This game is garbage. I have no idea why it's so highly rated. I watched your videos, read the rule book multiple times and it just doesn't work. I never have enough will power to progress. I even tried with 7 cards will powers including Gandalf and still took threat points. I spent two hours and didn't even clear the first location, let alone the first quest. Total garbage game. If I've made a mistake it's not clear in the rules or any tutorials. The game sucks

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