Lotto Result December 13 2018 (Thursday) PCSO

Today is Thursday, December 13 2018
The lotto draws for today are
EZ2 Lotto, Suertres Lotto
Small Town Lottery
6 digit game
Lotto 6/42 and Super Lotto 6/49
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Here are the winning numbers for tonight
For EZ2 Lotto
For EZ2 Lotto 11am and 4pm draws
For Suertres Lotto
For Suertres lotto 11am and 4pm draws
For STL Pares
For STL Swer3
For STL 2 Digits
For Small Town Lottery 11am and 4pm draws
For 6 digit game
For Lotto 6/42
For Super Lotto 6/49
It’s easy to claim the prize
for Lotto and Small Town Lottery
If you’re one of the lucky winners
write your name and sign the back
of your winning ticket
If you won twenty pesos
to ten thousand pesos
You may claim your prize at
any authorized lotto outlets
To winners of more than ten thousand pesos
aside from the jackpot
Go to the nearest PCSO branch
or to PCSO main office
And bring 2 valid IDs
If you’re a jackpot winner,
bring the winning ticket and 2 valid IDs
Claim your prize at the PCSO main office
605 Shaw bouelvard, Mandaluyong City
If you’re a winner in Small Town Lottery
You may claim your prize
from your STL sales agent
or from the STL draw center
where you bought your tickets
Please note that all prizes
above ten thousand pesos
are subject to 20% tax
Here is the schedule of lotto draws
In lotto draws tonight,
Thursday, December 13
there are no jackpot winners for
Lotto 6/42
but there is 1 jackpot winner
in Super Lotto 6/49
On Friday, December 14 2018
the lotto draws are
Mega Lotto 6/45
with an estimated jackpot prize of
and Ultra Lotto 6/58
with a jackpot prize of
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past winning numbers
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3 thoughts on “Lotto Result December 13 2018 (Thursday) PCSO

  1. Prizes for 5, 4, and 3 winning numbers ↓

    Lotto 6/42

    5 numbers ► 22 winners of P 25,000.00 each

    4 numbers ► 907 winners of P 500.00 each

    3 numbers ► 14,980 winners of P 20.00 each

    Super Lotto 6/49

    5 numbers ► 10 winners of P 70,000.00 each

    4 numbers ► 366 winners of P 1,570.00 each

    3 numbers ► 7,034 winners of P 20.00 each

    6 Digit Game
    1st prize amount ►P 3,220,788.06
    2nd prize amount ►P 40,000.00 for every P 10.00 play
    3rd prize amount ►P 4,000.00 for every P 10.00 play

    4th prize amount ►P 400.00 for every P 10.00 play

    5th prize amount ►P 40.00 for every P 10.00 play

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    ilang numero ang nakuha mo?

  2. Ito na ang official na tatayaan ko ngayon sa 6/58
    "45-46-28-53-57-16" in any order for the jackpot prize of P49,500,000

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