Make Money with the Steem Monsters Trading Card Game

here’s an idea for you why don’t you try
making money with a trading card game
called Steem Monsters yeah that’s right
Steem Monsters is a trading card game
similar to Yugi-oh Pokemon and Magic the
Gathering you buy booster packs you open
the cards and if they’re rare or
legendary you can sell them for a decent
price and right now
Steem Monsters is having their alpha
presale they’ve only been around for a
few months but they’ve already sold
200,000 booster packs so this game is
going somewhere let’s take a look at the
market and see what some of the common
prices for the Steem Monster Cards are
so here we find in the marketplace for
steam monsters there’s a number of
rarities one is common rare epic and
legendary so the rare prices vary
between eight cents and say thirty cents
when you go up to a legendary the price
is more like five dollars but there is
another tier above that and that is the
gold foil tier and some collectors have
already paid some really high prices to
get some really rare cards for instance
if we have a look at the Elemental
Phoenix we can see there’s only
twenty-one cards so far in existence now
that’s why it commands such a high price
definitely for the people that want to
have a set of trading cards in a gold
foil now I’m not going to go into the
details of the game because it’s still
really under development and you can go
to the Steem Monster side to a bio
status it and then you can go ahead and
buy booster packs for about two dollars
each and you get five cards in that
booster pack but there is another way to
buy your steam monster cards because
just today steam monsters have launched
a Kickstarter campaign now this
Kickstarter campaign has already reached
50% of its goal in just a few hours and
some of the early bird pledges are
already gone you can start with a pledge
of $25 or more and that gets you a Steam
account a starter pack and 10 alpha
booster packs plus you’re getting some
exclusive cards including a common gold
foil card
but this is the Kickstarter reward tier
I recommend it’s a pledge of $200 or
more and yeah that seems like a lot but
you’re getting a hundred and ten alpha
booster packs so that actually covers
the value of your pledge just with that
one reward plus you’re getting exclusive
cards including gold foil Commons and an
exclusive royal dragon Archer epic gold
foil card and the chances of you opening
a few booster packs and making a few
dollars it’s pretty high but another way
to earn money trading these steam
Monster Cards is by actually playing the
Steam monster game and they’re gonna
have some combat arenas and weekly
tournaments with a prize pool of at
least $1,000 so if you play trading card
games like magic the gathering or
Pokemon you might be suited to the Steem
Monster game mechanics and actually
could win a few tournaments yourself
now with any Kickstarter campaign
there’s always some stretch goals and
this one is no different it’s actually
the reason why I went ahead and
purchased the $200 pack because when
Steem Monsters reaches 75 thousand
dollars in pledges everyone contributing
over 200 dollars will get an extra 50
beter edition booster packs so that’s
actually going to be worth about $100 as
a bonus that’s pretty cool and there’s
also some backer goals too so if they
actually reach 500 backers everyone will
get 5 free beta editions if they reach a
thousand backers and they’ll get another
5 there’s some pretty cool stretch goals
and like I say they’ve already reached
half their target just today so go ahead
and check out steam monsters calm for a
little bit more information about Steem
Monsters and if you can’t wait you can
go ahead and purchase a starter pack and
start buying and cracking open some
boosters of course you’ll need a steam
account to get started but that’s
included in the five-dollar starter set
for a limited time so I’ll be anxiously
waiting for my alpha booster packs and
because it’s an alpha presale once this
alpha period ends all production of
alpha Edition cards will stop so the
only alpha cards
will be those already in circulation
and that’s another great reason to start
collecting your Steem Monster Cards
today because cards that are hard to get
are often worth more if you liked this
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  1. Yup…bought a pack, got a gold foil angel of light, currently sells for $1000!!!! Bang!

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