47 thoughts on “Mario Kart DS – Pinball Jump Glitch

  1. @Cooltman10 Nope, it works with anyone. I like to use a standard character in the videos though.

  2. Does this work for 7? idk its not working for me because I can't touch the thing without being knocked back

  3. @catz343 The video's annotations give instructions. You can also read the description.

  4. @sperberc01 Nope. None of the glitches on this channel use hacks in any way.

  5. What I do is let the pinball hit me just before the flipper does, so I can control where I am going. I was able to land just outside the walls and there is an invisible platform there!

  6. I've done this as well, not like this though. I get sent an incredible distance after bouncing about twice on both sides.

  7. omg thanks i thought i was the only one who was a victim of that glitch i thought it was a mystery

  8. This Video Needs 379,016x More Population! It Is The Craziest Glitch In Mario Kart DS!

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