Mental Health In The News: Technology Overuse

I’m Lisa Pont, I’m a social worker and educator at the Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario at CAMH
We are seeing more and more young people coming to CAMH for tech overuse issues
and many parents are concerned about how much is too much in terms of tech use
because it is so ubiquitous in our culture
Technology overuse can be defined by a situation where maybe your technology is controlling you
rather than you’re controlling it. So, when it alerts you to the fact that you have a new message
you check it despite what you’re doing
whether it’s homework or you’re in conversation with somebody or you’re in the middle of a lecture at school
Many of us overuse technology sometimes and ongoing or prolonged technology overuse
can result in things like sleep disturbances, poor academic performance and family conflict
because often young people aren’t doing things that they need to do
such as their chores or schoolwork so parents can often get upset trying to coax them offline
It can be helpful to set limits around technology in the home including
not letting your children have technology in their room overnight
having tech free time in the home, role modelling healthy tech use like not using your phone over dinner
If you’re concerned about your child’s technology use then it might be a good idea to express your concerns to your child
or visit your family doctor or you can contact the problem gambling, gaming and Internet overuse program at CAMH

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