Mike & The Guys Play Poker | Season 7 Ep. 17 | LAST MAN STANDING

3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4,
4, 4, 5, 5, 5, 5. God. It’s like playing cards
on “Sesame Street.” All right. Jacks are better to open. You can pull four
cards on an ace. No wild cards. Just American poker. Got it. All right. I am in for a big dime. I’m in. All right. Yep, in. Oof, too rich for my
blood, I’ll tell you that. You’re out? I gotta watch my money. You know, since my mom’s
not driving anymore, I’m responsible for
getting her around. And believe me, those senior
bus passes ain’t cheap. All right. Two cards here. Wait, your mom
stopped driving? Oh, I told her to. She hit a neighbor’s mailbox. Made a little
mistake, that’s all. His mailbox is attached
to his front door. So– All right. Meanwhile, back
to the poker game. That must’ve been a really
hard thing for you to tell her, Joe. Yeah, yeah, I guess. Two cards. How’d she react? Oh, mad as hell. She threw her teeth at me. OK.
Two cards here. Two cards. Important to remember this
isn’t just happening to you. You see, losing independence
is the greatest fear of aging. Yeah. I went through that with my dad.
It was rough. You know what’s rough? It’s playing cards
with Oprah’s audience. OK? Two cards? Mike, Joe is talking
about something that is really important to him. We have all night to play cards. But at some point, we
actually have to play cards. One. Ed, it’s on you. How many cards? OK. You know the secret
is to make sure that she knows you understand
what she’s going through. Wow. That is a beautiful statement. Talk more about that, Ed. For the love of God.

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  1. I can't stand Jay Leno's character! Do they have to have him be so annoying?

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