Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack 2 Characters From News Articles

hey guys welcome back to another
livestream I here with me one of the coolest youtubers on youtube astronaut
imperil I’m so glad that you guys could join me once again for another
mind-blowing a YouTube video livestream about the best video game out there well
the best video game franchise Mortal Kombat 11 is I don’t know if it’s the
best of the best in the series but nonetheless this livestream it is almost
all my live streams are all about Mortal Kombat so and actually guys I’m gonna
try to change it up maybe within the next few weeks I’ll try to do some cover
some other video games and stuff like that but right now I definitely want to
just keep the ball rolling with talking about some of the upcoming possibilities
for Mortal Kombat Kombat pack 2 there’s a lot of information out there the fans
have their favorites news articles have been presenting some of their own ideas
and then we already have some characters that we that seem to be already
confirmed so so I think it’s really good to just get some things going those just
talk about some things because I think we can expect a reveal trailer for
Kombat pack 2 anytime between now and March of course you already know that
March is going to be when we get spawn on the 17th so of course they’re
definitely going to let us know about Kombat pack 2 between now and March any
time between now and then so before I get into and I just want to make a point
this our this our livestream is about the news articles and what the news
articles have been saying in terms of speculation about who’s gonna be in
combat pack to all of the guest characters that could be so just want to
highlight that before I get into the stream though I want to go ahead and
throw out a bitter news to you guys to let you guys know if y’all have been
paying attention to Mortal Kombat news for somebody
Lior I don’t think it was a leak but I think they just somebody uploaded for
of the joaquin phoenix joker and not only do they upload it but it was like a
fully rendered version of the joker like in the skin like it was like a complete
joaquin phoenix skin that they uploaded that they designed themselves and so
guys if you all like to watch a true underdog true underdog did a video about
this today i think and he uploaded showing the footage i actually think
there was like a 3d model of it too so if y’all want to check out that joaquin
phoenix skin on the joker which is you know it’s not it’s not legit i don’t
think it was just a fan created article then just go over to true underdog and
you can check out that that skin on the joker which looked really good whoever
designed it did a good job because the face paint and everything was totally
right on point with the way he looked in the movie so um and just you know as a
side note i do expect to get some skins that either have something to do with
Joaquin Phoenix or Heath Ledger they’ve got to tie in the movies with the Joker
especially since that you know how often do you ever see The Joker Mortal Kombat
games I mean for all we know this can be the first and last time they choose the
Joker to be in a Mortal Kombat game so if that’s the case and they should go
ahead and do it up to the max go ahead and give the fans with their really one
out of this character let us see him let us let us see him in you know the the
movie skins let us see him in the Dark Knight like demented nurse outfit you
know go all out you know go along they’re gonna have Joker in this game
they need to go all out and give the fans exactly what they want that’s how I
feel alright so guys I’m going on to the news articles the news are I’m not
reading the news articles just in case you’re wondering I just kind of scan
through most of them to see which which characters people were talking about and
to see exactly like what what group of characters were so important that these
people took the time to actually write a full article about it so I found a few
articles I just wrote down a few of the names of the suggested characters and I
wanted to bring it up in the live stream tonight to get
opinion of what you guys think of these characters like would you want to see
these characters in the game or not so I know for myself when I was reading them
some of them were really cool some of them I didn’t even recognize I didn’t
even know about and some of them were some of them actually sounded pretty
realistic in a way so I don’t know how you guys are gonna feel about it but I’m
gonna go ahead and start off the list the one of the first characters that I
came across from the news list was a character named bloodshot
so apparently bloodshot is a character from Valiant Comics he has superhuman
strength he’s able to do hand-to-hand martial arts combat he’s able he’s
capable to do he’s capable of cyber Connecticut cybercanoe cyber Kinesis and
he’s able to shape-shift so I really would like to look up a bit more about
this character I don’t really know that much time I’ve heard about bloodshot but
guys if any of you guys know about these characters feel free to jump in and
leave some comments and help me out a little bit here but bloodshot was one
character that was that was thrown out there by the article another character
which is probably everyone’s favorite at this point is doom the character from
doom seems to be like in the top three of fans everybody the doom character is
like right up there everyone’s kind of excited that we might actually get the
doom character and of course I’m not the biggest fan of the game Doom but I do
know what it’s about and what’s going on and and from what I understand doom
would be a really good fit in the Mortal Kombat universe of course you know any
time you have someone running around in hell with you know shotguns and rocket
launchers excuse like excuse me that makes for some good action yeah so
doom guy is definitely is in general is probably one of the top three characters
forgive me guys I know this is not cool too anyways um let’s see then there’s
kung fury now kung fury is another character that was brought up in the
news articles I was reading and cool this one this one was a really
interesting mention because if you guys don’t know who called
kung fury is this is a character this that was created by I think an
independent production company they got a Kickstarter going they they did a
Kickstarter to get the funds to do this film so it was relatively independent
and they managed to get all the funding to create the movie for this character
kung fury all from their Kickstarter so so so calm fury is actually a character
that’s based off of the 80s martial arts characters the movie kind of pays
tribute to the 80s martial arts films as well as the 80s police hunt films those
types of films so cone fury is kind of like a martial arts character that’s a
throwback from the 80s he is he has a tendency of course he does martial arts
but has a tendency to carry firearms on them and there’s apparently as a movie
sequel coming up for the original movie they did a few years ago that’s going to
be released in 2020 so that the timing for kung fury to be you know in the in
the combat pack would be perfect because Emblem loves to love to cross the gifts
characters with some sort of you know other production thing going on to make
for the most revenue and the most excitement for these characters so all
right so yes but I thought kung fury was really really interesting and I really
like it when I can see like either musicians or production companies or
whatever who are independent and used really creative means to bring about
their products I think that’s really awesome a really cool and it shows that
you know this idea is not something that Hollywood has totally whitewash it’s
like taking over a whitewashed you know this is something fresh from the
imagination of some creators so that’s really great
another big character that is really really popular of course that we’ve been
talking about probably for the past two years
it is Robocop now Robocop is of course a really good choice the only problem with
Robocop is is a little redundant since we already had terminator and Robo
terminator are basically kind of the same thing with the acceptance time with
the exception that they have different backstories but in terms of the the
concept of the character you know like to like you know I think what type of a
terminator was a cyborg was he right and I think yeah well and I think in
Robocop is a cyborg anyway so the but the one thing about Robocop is that skin
wise it would be really interesting to see them come up with some really cool
skins to put on Robo Cop I think one of the skins that I think they would
definitely have to do would be maybe his original skin from the 80s and then his
his 98 2016 film reboot skin which was black the original skin is silver like
yeah it’s like a silver tin can kind of look and then the his look from the
rebooted film in 2016 is like the sleek black kind of like you know like I
forget what type of like material it would be but it’s just this black really
shiny sleek black costume that’s much more updated than the original 80s so um
so we do it so if they do choose a Robocop I think we have a good idea for
what the you know some of the skins would look like um and and I think if
any if they did put Robocop in them in the movie they would definitely I mean
in the combat pack it would be strictly to just allow fans to play as like one
of their favorite movie characters I think because like I said Robocop is
very similar to Terminator I don’t know how much he could really bring in terms
of seeing our like a completely new character but you know but he does have
the value of at least allowing fans especially if you’ve been a fan a
Robocop for you know what 30 years or 40 years now since the 80s since it came
out um and if you’ve ever wanted to play Robocop in like a in like a 2d fighting
game like Mortal Kombat this would be a dream come true for you guys so yeah so
that’s definitely something to look forward to another character that was
listed in the news articles was a rollin dish
I think it’s roland deschain roland deschain is a character from the Steve
King novel The Dark Tower and so and actually you know Stephen King
I think another room could easily borrow a number of characters from the Stephen
King sagas if they wanted to so far they haven’t done anything with it like any
of the characters from Stephen King but you know down the road whether it be for
Kombat pack 2 or for the next Mortal Kombat Stephen King is always a good
resource to draw from I don’t know very much about the roland deschain character
but of course I know since it’s a Stephen King character there that’s in
the you know that’s in the same vein as penny wise and characters like that so
yeah so you know I think it’s kind of cool to maybe have a lesser-known
character someone like roland deschain because i mean me for one i would kind
of have to get more familiar with that character and learn a little bit more of
what they’re about but typically it seems like whenever nether room goes for
the gist characters they tend to they tend to go for the more popular or the
most popular characters out there just to ensure the fact that the fans are
gonna want to play these characters okay so like I said I don’t really know that
much about roland deschain so I don’t know if that’s really a you know a
realistic idea that he would make the cut for the fighter Pat – um now one
characters I’m really excited about is the bride now if you guys are fans of
Kill Bill or anything like that you will know who the bride is she was played she
was the main character who’s played by uma Thurman and the bride is a very very
cool character she carries both films she’s the lead character in both of the
films and um you know she has she’s been she had two martial arts training she
basically just kind of was almost like a Xena Warrior Princess but in like a
modern-day and in a way with the big sword and if y’all haven’t seen the Kill
Bill movies then the bride is on she’s on a trail of revenge to kill bill
because he tried to kill her so both movies are is her fighting her way back
to Kill Bill so I so that’s one of those you know I I love really good revenge
plot movies and that was a really good one especially
the first one because it was super fast the second one was kind of slow but the
first kill bill was really fast and it was like action pack he was awesome
and I really liked the character I liked with Herman as an actress but I really
liked the character the bride and a lot of the choreography for the fight scenes
and stuff like that I mean if they were to translate that into mortal combat
with that same kind of choreography with her move said and with her sword um you
know she could really easily you know like she had her yellow jumpsuit which
would probably be her main suit or a main gear and then but she you know
she’s the type of character that it would be very easy to put some really
cool suits on her from the movie or wherever so so yeah so I think the bride
is definitely a favorite idea for me so yeah now the next character that I’ve
been at I read about in the news article is actually hold on let me get it okay all right
so the next character I have on the list is old Kratos now I was kind of
surprised when I saw old Kratos I didn’t expect to see him and of course all the
everybody knows that Kratos was he was a DLC back in background work on that
night so of course chances there’s like a 99.9% chance he’s not coming back
Ed Boon is already said if people are already dealing will be back um but I
thought the reason the rationale that this person gave for putting him on the
list was really good because old Kratos you know has like a different you know
he’s he’s not the same as the young Kratos who was in mortal kombat 9 old
Kratos has a beard now he’s a different kind of character he has different kind
of moves things like that and he’s grown you know and I like the idea of having a
character like showing a character after they’ve grown and showing how they’ve
evolved so I thought that was that was a really great element of creativity to
have old Kratos to come back and be a DLC character once again showing how
he’s changed showing how he’s older maybe reflecting his age and maturity in
his in his dialogue with some of the characters you know some of the
characters maybe bringing up certain things that happened in the past sequels
in you know God of War because old Kratos now is we saw he he was
introduces or old Kratos in the fourth installment so we have four installments
you know of history that he’s kind of gone through so I think it would have
been I don’t think they’re gonna do this but I thought it would have been really
really genius to have old Kratos come back as DLC and then have you know some
of the characters have you know dialogues with him where they bring up
different elements about his past what he’s been through giving him an
opportunity to maybe explain a little more about how he’s aged or how he’s
gotten older and the new cradles that he is now
to the young creatives so um you know I think that it’s it was funny about that
whole thing is that I just think that’s a little too creative for more for
another room seems like some certain ideas that would be really juicy
creative concepts to come up with they tend to like fall along the wayside
especially with this new season of mortal kombat eleven um you know in
nether room has really missed out on a lot of great opportunities to get real
juicy with some creativity and storylines and plots and stuff like that
they they’ve kind of gone straight for just visuals they’ve gone straight for
customization they’ve gone straight for you know the skins and things like that
but as far as really working on really good character development and bringing
back the right characters they’ve they jumped out the window on that so anyways
okay so old Kratos so I thought oh crayons would have been a great idea but
I don’t think he’s gonna come now this next character is a really good
character that I thought somebody just really put some thought into and it was
actually I believe her name is is it miss Shaun Michonne I believe Michonne
is actually a character from The Walking Dead and so if Michonne or a character
like Michonne was to be introduced as DLC that would mean that nether room was
is now starting to take characters from modern Rome you know moderate Rella look
modern relevant television series and you know things like that which is
really cool um that is that’s a really really cool idea Michonne is apparently
one of the characters from The Walking Dead like I said and you know this idea
wouldn’t be a hundred percent novel or completely original because I don’t know
if you guys play Tekken but in using in Tekken the the developers over at Tekken
just decided to use a negan who was like the bad guy in a Walking Dead if you all
have if y’all have seen Walking Dead he’s the
guy with the bat with the barbed wire at the end of it so the the programmers are
developers over at Tekken 7 decided to take the character are negan and put him
in Tekken 7 and give him a moose and everything so you know so so it’s
actually a very you know so it’s realistic is realistic that possibly
nether room could take a character like you know miss Shaun from The Walking
Dead and you know actually have her in the game so but I just like the idea in
general how nether owned just borrowing a character from like them you know a
regular TV series or like a you know a current series I think that would be
very very clever and you know the Walking Dead has a huge following it has
a huge following people who watch The Walking Dead and fear of The Walking
Dead so I think it would be a very good
business move it would be a very good opportunity to make money you know and
and think about it you know I know a lot of fans you know when they get when they
hear that they can actually use and play as some of their one of their favorite
characters from TV in a fighting game that’s exciting that’s really really
exciting you know I think that’s well that’s why a lot of people jump on a lot
of the DC comic games and a lot of the Marvel games because it gives them
opportunity to play as characters that they’ve either only watched in movies or
TV shows I mean yeah things like that are cartoons and it gives them the
chance to take control of those characters so people being able to take
take control of some of that favor walking dead characters wouldn’t be very
very exciting um now this next character is a little bit of a shocker I didn’t
really anticipate seeing this person and I don’t think that they’re gonna make
the cut but just for the sake of letting you guys know what was on the news
article um Barrett Barrett actually the Barrett
from Final Fantasy 7 was listed as a character of one of the news articles
that I was reading and I thought this was really interesting I don’t think
this is likely though because Barrett is not the type Barrett is not the abbé
there goes my voice Barrett is not the type of character
that would fit in the Mortal Kombat universe and of course we all know that
Final Fantasy is not a horror story so the idea that Barrett would be in mortal
combat is kind of comical and on top of that I have no clue how Barrett would be
rendered as a human being because Verret of course was you know an animated
character who didn’t really have you know he was you know you
he wasn’t animated like a human person he was an animated like a you know
character who you know a human with in the world the frontal fantasy but it
just he didn’t his you know he didn’t yeah anyway so they would have to do a
read up to do like a whole revamping of his character if they wanted to present
him as like a fighter in Mortal Kombat 11 I have no clue how how what that
would look like but nonetheless it would be fun and I think there would be more
bear would be there it’s the type of character that would be better suited
for Super Smash Brothers you know Super Smash Brothers or maybe you know Marvel
vs. Capcom actually I think he might already be one of them
anywho so yeah we’re just gonna move on now all right the next character is
mountain mountain was mentioned in one of the news articles that I read and
mountain is of course a character from The Game of Thrones now this kind of
goes back to what I was just talking about with the Walking Dead now I’m not
gonna pretend to be a fan of the game of Thrones I didn’t really watch it but I
do think that you know if they were to take a character from one of those shows
it would be a very very good investment and and for all we know that might be
what they’re planning on doing and one of my last live streams I asked everyone
who was in my live stream if they thought we were gonna get a huge
surprise like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for injustice to and some people
were like yeah some people like no but I think if we did get a huge surprise in
Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat pack 2 it would probably be characters that were taken
from like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones those were those would
probably be the most surprising shocking characters to see in a Mortal Kombat
game especially since up until now nether room has never taken a character
from like a modern show you know all the characters that they used as guest
characters have been pretty much classic characters from the past few decades so
if they were to do a super surprise shocker with the guest characters I
think that any character like mountain or Michonne one of those who from The
Game of Thrones or Walking Dead those would be some some really good surprise
characters just very very like some but people that no one would see coming
basically okay so another person who was listed was neo and people keep keeping
people keep mentioning neo people have mentioned him in my past dreams within
the past few weeks I keep saying it over and over I do think Neil would be better
for injustice and for mortal combat I personally don’t want to see me he’ll
get his head ripped off and to me neo is more of like a beloved character I mean
I feel like neo is really really beloved and I would like to see him treat it
with a bit more respect unfortunately when characters come into
Mortal Kombat you know basically you know you got it they got to be ready to
just be ripped apart you know from head to toe you know head everything and
everything just all completely you know and and for me neo is a variable of
character I really like neo I like the idea of neo I think I think the
Wachowski brothers totally screwed him over and more in matrix 2 & 3 but you
know neo and you know matrix 1 was great and like I said he’s just a variable of
character I really don’t want to see neo get get you know catch a you know a
chainsaw or you know the the Kronecker fatality of him getting like endlessly
ripped apart I mean that’s just you know that just doesn’t fit my idea for that
character I would love to see Neil with a super move
injustice to with all of this movesets with all of his weapons that he uses
with all the martial arts characters and with some really cool skins you know but
I don’t want it I really don’t want to see fatalities on neo
so I don’t I don’t I don’t you know not I I see why people would be excited to
see him but I really don’t see the connection between because seem like
every character that comes into the Mortal Kombat world or universe they
already have a connection to violence on some level well well well I mean Neos
pretty I mean neo shoots people up and kills
people too that might be a hard article or that may be a hard difficult argument
to validate but but I mean I guess I kind of want to say a lot of the
characters who I’m used to seeing are the like are the bloody gory ones like
Jason and and like my predator and alien I mean just viciously gory neo is not
really a viciously gory character now John wick who’s played by Keanu Reeves
is a viciously gory character but neo is not a viciously Gorton lorry character
he’s just a he’s just a very very skilled fighter he’s just perfect for
like a injustice type situation like a superhero Marvel vs. Capcom type deal
that would be great for neo so that’s how I feel about that um and the last
character that I have on my list is a character named a sole heir from Dark
Souls this is the last character that I saw in the news article and I mean I’ll
admit I really don’t know all that much about sole heir because I didn’t follow
the Dark Souls series but I’m just throwing that out that out to you guys
if you all are familiar with that series you know maybe me mentioning him like
you know cause some light bulbs to go off with you and you know maybe you
might want to express your own thoughts about posting comments online on social
media twitter wherever and say head hey ya boo I want Solaire so guys just to go
down the entire list of everyone that I’ve covered since the beginning of the
stream I’ve gone through bloodshot from valiant comics are gone through the doom
guy I’ve gone through a kung fury I’ve gone through Robocop I’ve gone through
roland deschain I’ve gone through the bride I’ve gone through old creatives
I’ve gone through Michonne from The Walking Dead I’ve gone
through walking oh well actually walking in Phoenix and the fake Joker skin I
mentioned that um Barret from final fantasy xi seven a mountain from Game of
Thrones neo and solar darks from Dark Souls so so yeah guys so that pretty
much sums up this whole entire stream was dedicated to discussing who what
names are being circulated in the news articles so those are the names that’s
being circulated in the news article and you know and for the most part everyone
was just listing these as possibilities no one was really presenting articles
say I mean our argument saying that these characters are going to be in the
game now since I’ve gone through those those names let’s you know we can’t go
ahead and talk about the characters that seem to be seems to have already been
confirmed so far so we do know that I think what ash Williams I believe is
confirmed Fujin and Shiva I believe those are the
three characters that have been confirmed that we know almost without a
shadow of a doubt are going to be in mortal combat comment back to and from
what I understand you know ash Williams was supposed to be in combat pack 1 but
something happened and they replaced him with the Joker so um so that’s even even
further confirmation that they’re gonna use him at some point in and upcoming
seasons so but yeah so I’m you know I I don’t know I haven’t gone over I haven’t
gone it to I haven’t got to well I think the last in the last stream I did get
into Shiva a little bit I was a little disappointed with Shiva honestly I mean
I’m not all that excited about Shiva because I think as with all the
different characters out there that we could
I don’t think she was like just this I don’t think there’s an emergency to play
a Shiva especially given that we’ve already played us her back in Mortal
Kombat 9 and there’s still other characters that we still haven’t been
able to play with in the rebooted timeline so so I wasn’t all that excited
about Shiva Fujin I was super super stoked for Fuji
and I’m really excited that we’re going to be getting a chance to play that as
fusion again and I can’t wait to see what his design looks like because you
know getting a chance to see him in Mortal Kombat 11 it’s gonna be like one
of the highlights of this game he’s like probably the number one most requested
character to come back of all the characters so at least another room
didn’t get that right they did get it right to at least give us
Fujin back so I’m very excited to see what food is gonna look like I’m certain
that he is going to just look awesome but one thing I do hope that they do not
do is I hope that they do not change his cannon ending like they did with Sindel
if y’all don’t know I mean I don’t know how y’all feel about it but I just was
very upset when they changed the cannon for Sindel and it made no sense to me
whatsoever so I really hope that that was just a one-time thing with Sindel I
really hope that they don’t make a habit of doing that with all the future DLC
characters because they’re just messing with the fans I think it’s just not
smart you know I mean especially if you’re just gonna introduce the
character as a DLC character then let them just be a DLC don’t try to sit
there rewrite their history just let them be DLC so we can just play with
them and put different skins on them don’t try to like mess with our minds
you know yeah so alright but yeah so um let’s see what’s going on
in the room it seems like this has been a really quiet room
not too much has been going on I don’t know if I have some of the things over
my favorites in here I mean not my favorite some of my regulars like if I
have some of my regulars in here is if you’re a regular in here let me know say
let’s say let me know what’s up if not you know if you’re this is the first
time you joined the stream thank you so much if you don’t know much about my my
channel I regularly talk about Mortal Kombat material I haven’t done so for a
while but I’m back on my grind and within the next few weeks you can you
can expect to hear more about Kombat pack 2 more about the Joker more about
spawn and like more information about you know what if any major changes are
being done if they’re gonna be doing a combat combat cast coming up I’ll
usually try to talk about those too so this is just a good channel just to
basically keep everyone updated with what’s going on and give people a chance
to get out their opinions and things like that and how they feel about
different things and such and such so you if you are new to the channel that’s
pretty much what I’m about here and I hope you guys enjoy are the content if
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when I’m open to hearing whatever people have to say and I was wanting to go for
I wanted to go for about an hour tonight and I have like I’m at to it like about
31 minutes so don’t know if I’m gonna get that last final hour but we’ll see I
mean that last final 30 minutes we’ll see we’ll see but yes so so yeah so the
which imma call it another room just recently released the skin pack of the
original Mortal Kombat 2 skin pack for the girls for our katana for Jade and
for Scarlett so I think they look really good and I like some of the
customization options for those characters what do you guys think
if you guys are in the room and you’re listening to the string what do you guys
think about the the new combat pack two skins for the females do
you like those skins what do you guys think and it looks like we’re up to six
viewers welcome to the screen guys if you’re just joining I just got finished
going over the list of all the possible characters that could be included in
combat pack two according to the news articles that that are available on
Google and such so if you’re coming in a little late you might want to kind of
rewind the screen and kind of go back and kind of catch all that information
for yourself it’s a bit too much for me to go through all over again at this
point but but now I’m just pretty much opening up the discussion to talk about
different things that have been added to the game the new outfit pack that has
been the skin pack that has been released for Jay katana and scarlet and
I think I’ve said this in my last stream it’s funny how scarlet was included in
that that classic skin that classic skin pack given that she wasn’t even in
mortal kombat 2 but yet they gave her a mortal kombat two skins so I guess I
guess it doesn’t really matter she looks good with it on it with it aren’t anyway
so that’s good okay well guys that pretty much I guess I’m gonna go go
ahead and wind it down I was hoping that we could get some discussion going on
but it looks like maybe everyone just kind of wanted to check out the content
for the the video and check out who some of the names were for the combat pack
too and then that’s about it so thank you guys for clicking and for watching
and for tuning in I know you guys have a lot of choices out there of what you
could be doing what you could be watching but you clicked here so I do
appreciate that please check me again I think I’ll be back tomorrow around
midnight to do another stream about Mortal Kombat and we can pick up where
we left off I’ll probably still be talking about Kombat pack characters and
cans so if that’s one of your favorite topics please stay tuned and keep
tracking with me keep hanging out with me here and I will see you guys there

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