My Friends from Afar 知星人 – Ep 2

Why do humans enjoy… reserving seats at the hawker centre? There are no lack of seats Yet they use tissue paper to reserve seats At times, it’s just two persons,
but they have the table to themselves They even get into fights
in their bid to reserve seats Do the seats go to the winner? Why can’t they get a table
after buying their food? I believe they hope to save some time It’s only a few minutes that they save Humans already spend a lot of time eating Do the few minutes matter? What? You are 12345 12345? Nuts! You might as well say
I fought a tiger in the mountains You have a scar on your finger Did you remove the sensor? Miss, do you fancy yourself
in some sci-fi film?This woman is a nutcase12345? RidiculousSorry. I’m mistaken Can I go now? You’ve not been punished yet,
so I can’t let you go What do you want now?I’m running low on juice.
It’d be faster if I flew backMiss, are you OK? Shall we take you to the doctor’s? It’s OK. I just need to go home and rest Do you live in this block too? Yes We’ve not seen you before.
Are you new here? I just moved in today We also live in this block I’m Zhou Zhiqiang.
She’s my wife, Xinmei Hello. I am Chen Fengjiao Hello You don’t need us to
take you to the doctor’s? It’s OK. I just need to get some sleep Since we’re neighbours,
let’s go up together We live on the eighth floor.
Which floor are you on? 10th floor Be careful It’s already late. But the people upstairs
are making so much noise I’m going to lodge a complaint tomorrow Mum, we all live in the same block Let’s not start a quarrel So what if they’re our neighbours? Skunk Yong is a litterbug He’d litter again right after
the cleaner was done Despite my constant reminder,
he still does it! The ground floor is so filthy Doesn’t he deserve to be taught a lesson? Bear with it. Don’t strain neighbourly ties Just our luck to have a neighbour like him Zhiqiang, you’ve not given me this month’s allowance I forgot. I’ll give it to you tomorrow morning Give me $300 more starting next month Things cost more now The sum you give me is not enough Got it Daddy, some of our lessons
will be done online My teacher says I should get a computer Doesn’t your mummy have a laptop? Just use hers Mummy comes home late I’d already be in bed sometimes Just get him a computer A computer costs only a few hundred I’ll see to it You missed this question Amy is showing off again Her family’s going to catch the
northern lights at the end of the year Let her show off all she likes How does it hurt us? Of course you’d say that I’m the one facing her, not you You’ve no idea how she makes fun of us The farthest we’ve travelled to is Thailand Ace, if you top your class this year, we’ll go on a family trip to… Europe? Daddy, I want to go to Europe A trip to Europe costs
more than 5K per person If the four of us travel,
it’ll cost more than $20,000 Let’s go to Australia then Australia is not Genting Highlands It won’t be cheap either Mother, I made the suggestion
for your sake too Don’t you want to go on an overseas trip? Don’t you feel bored
watching TV all day long? Of course I’d love an overseas trip But I can’t bear to see Zhiqiang
spend that kind of money He works hard for the money Can you bear to see him spend the money? I’ll plan a trip Long Legs, open the door! Open the door! You’ve realized you’re in the wrong, so you dare not open the door? Fine! Apologize to me and
I may just forgive you Open the door, Long Legs! You’re finally back You stink! Did you come
from a rubbish dump? Yes! I just came from a rubbish dump Sorry, but you don’t come across as cool All brawn and no brains You bum around and get into
all kinds of trouble Just because I am around
doesn’t mean you can be idle Don’t expect me to come to your rescue Did you get up on
the wrong side of the bed? I don’t need your help You said it. Don’t come to me for help What? Let go! You’re unrepentant. I’m going to
lock you inside the black box You’re throwing me into
the rubbish dump room? That’s right No… Police! You’re not scared of the police? Rats! So many rats! Roaches! I see roaches! You’re scared of roaches? Can’t men be scared of roaches, meh? What is “roaches meh”? It is what you think it is What does “meh” mean?Meh is just meh (Singlish) You’re not a Singaporean meh? What does “Singaporean meh” mean? You wish to know? Remove your hand first No! You must be taught a lesson Babe, give me some face, OK? Long Legs! Open the door, Long Legs! Long Legs, open the door! Open the door! Roaches! Rats! Darned roach Help! Help! I wish you rotting legs,
hands and mouth! Cussing at others early in the day You’re as potty-mouthed as Zhang Huimei Who stepped on your toes? Who else but Long Legs? They’ve just moved in, and
you’ve become enemies with them Come on Don’t tell me you’re not
those country bumpkins’ match I’ll find a way to drive them out The farther, the better! Good idea! I needn’t hand the rent
and deposit to Mr Lim then It’s easy money Now, share what brilliant plan you have Let me think about it What tricks are you going
to conjure up this time? Girl, do you have to diss us like that? Your dad and brother are good people Good people, my foot! The old one comes home past midnight The younger one is worse!
He only comes home at dawn I don’t see any good here You’re just biased against us Biased? They just returned to Singapore,
and you are eyeing their rent Didn’t you have a nightmare just now? Nope! I slept soundly through the night You can be so shameless I can’t be more unfortunate than… to have you people as my family I’m beat. I’m going to sleep Yes, Basu? What? How did this happen? What happened? Sorry! You can’t go there -Sorry Basu, what happened? -Boss Last night, he said he couldn’t sleep.
He went out and he never came back When I saw him lying there,
I called the police I also called you OK Sorry. He is my employee I’d like to take a look at him All right -Thank you Sir, he is my employee.
I’d like to see him Thanks Muthu Who do you think the culprit is? How would I know? A crook wouldn’t call himself one Muthu asked for it He is just a cleaner, but he wears jewellery To put it bluntly, he was
just waiting to be robbed Mum, I hear it’s their custom It’s considered rude not
to be wearing gold or silver That robber was to blame It wasn’t Muthu’s fault I agree with your daughter-in-law.
Muthu wasn’t to blame I was just saying What a busybody Are you lecturing me now? We should stop wearing jewellery Or we may suffer the same fate as Muthu Muthu? You said the name so sweetly.
You like him? Nonsense! Your mouth stinks!
Did you brush your teeth? Go away! Stinky, eh? Skunk Yong -What? You didn’t know Muthu had been
robbed and attacked? Robbed and attacked? That’s right. Muthu was robbed of
his cash and valuables His blood also stained the ground The ambulance just took him away He died? We don’t know. But he lost a lot of blood No one knows if he’s dead or alive Skunk Yong, you look so scared Were you the perpetrator? Don’t talk nonsense I’m as timid as a mouse I jump at the sight of roaches and lizards I wouldn’t have the guts to kill a man I’d say your son is the prime suspect! Nonsense What did I miss? I saw him loitering downstairs at midnight He was pacing up and down For all we know, your son attacked Muthu Don’t utter rubbish! My son would never do
something so brutish You don’t believe me? Ask him then Ask him what he was doing
down here last night Zhiqiang, don’t be afraid. Just say it Tell everyone that you weren’t behind it I… I couldn’t go to sleep,
so I went out for a walk He couldn’t go to sleep -He was taking a walk downstairs
-Only a walk! Yeah, only a walk Then he crossed paths with Muthu Next, he noticed that
Muthu was decked in gold Then it struck him that… it’d be nice to own all that gold In that moment of folly, he “finished” Muthu off That’s your own imagination! Very funny! All of us know Zhiqiang to be a good guy He’d never do something so immoral You look more like the assailant You… -Yes, you’re our prime suspect I know! Muthu filmed you littering
with his handphone So you bore grudges against him That’s right! You had reason
to attack him Do you imagine yourself to be a cop? I followed all four seasons
of C.L.I.F, OK? Crazy! I’m not going to bother with you When did you get here?
You startled me Is that a guilty conscience at work?
Are you scooting off? Why do humans rob and kill? They’re fellow human beings.
Why would they harm one another? Beats me too But according to statistics, human beings sometimes break the law… for monetary gains Does money mean so much to humans? I guess so The Earth is a dangerous place Why don’t we go back to Amikus? Not when we’ve not completed our mission Rest assured I’ll find the murderer, and reform him But we’ll be looking for
a needle in a haystack Let’s use our mind-reading abilities No. Doing that will expose our identities That should be our last resort Then find me the murderer soon Yes, Your Highness Hello! Handsome and Pretty They said Leonardo had
a motive to attack Muthu Could he be the perpetrator? Ask and we shall know Is it true that you attacked Muthu? Gossip is a fearful thing.
You’re new to the neighbourhood Don’t believe those gossips They love to spread rumours I am bursting with love and compassion From the top of my head to my toes, I am filled with positive energy If I’d go as far as harm a person, there’d be no good soul on Earth WaitCrazy fellas! I merely took Muthu’s ringYou took Muthu’s ring? You could read my mind? I can read minds You can read minds? Now, I can conjure up magic You can really read minds? Who are you people? We are not human beings When you were in the taxi, you said you came from some planet Are you aliens? Yes. We are from Amikus Please keep this a secret for us Sure! I will l will be making a police report Our identities have been exposed. How? Erase his memory Who’s that? Dad! What’s wrong?
What happened to you? Did he do something bad again? No No? Then why is he like this? I was on my way home… when I ran into them downstairs I don’t know what happened afterwards But I started feeling giddy Next… I found myself back here You look drunk to me Is he telling the truth? I can walk on my own Come inside So sorry, guys. Thanks You’re welcome He stole Muthu’s ring What? -Don’t talk nonsense You stole Muthu’s ring? I didn’t Tianning Why would you rather believe outsiders… than your own dad? Outsiders are more reliable than you I’m innocent! I took nothing this time Go search my room if you don’t believe me You don’t worry about
my searching your room Something’s fishy What’s fishy? I don’t have it. It’s true Stand up I can’t stand now. I am weak all over Stand up What’s that? Show me The socks smell. I need to wash them Don’t give me your nonsense.
Give them to me I’ll go wash them now -Stop! Give them to me They stink bad Give them to me now Good grief How dare you deny taking Muthu’s ring! I thought you only went for petty gains But you’d do anything for money! If Muthu doesn’t pull through, you’ll become a murderer! I did not hurt him I saw that he was already drunk I just wanted to keep the ring safe for him All I took was this ring I did not lay a finger on him You got me into big trouble My daughter gave me a tongue-lashing,
and wanted me to clean the streets This is your retribution Sorry I merely took his ring, and fled I did not remove the
other gold pieces on him I was trembling from fear myself I’d never hurt him I am telling the truth I’d be without descendants if I lied Why did you curse me? Oh yes. Touch wood!
I shouldn’t have cursed my children Let me do it again. NG I’d never get reborn if I lied Oh yes! I remember it now When I was on my way home,I saw Zhiqiang acting sneakilyHe could have been the perp! No way! I grew up with Zhiqiang.
I know what he’s like He’d never do such a thing OK! I don’t care if he was the perp Just know that I wasn’t the one Even if you weren’t the perp,
you did steal from him Go and turn yourself in Turn myself in? If I turn myself in, I’ll be finished. No way No? Then I’m calling the police Are you crazy? Which daughter would
turn her own father in? He has to answer for his actions You’ll return the ring to Muthu I’m not going to the police station Are you going or not? Even if he agrees to, I won’t allow it If you make a police report, I’ll disown you And I won’t call you my sister I don’t care for it! Will she really make a police report? She’s got a heart made of stone,
so I wouldn’t rule that out That was a close shave If the earthlings learn of our identities, we’ll become their research materials Coward I’m sure 93870 can handle it I was desperate, so I erased Leonardo’s memory Strange. Why did Leonardo faint? Those whose memories are erased
will lose consciousness briefly They will also suffer
brain damage to some degree That’s why erasing a human being’s
memories should be our last resort, get it? Also, refrain from reading minds
unless absolutely necessary 51487 did just that earlier on So we got discovered by Leonardo I did not do anything out of this world So how did we still get discovered? Humans are very intelligent. It doesn’t
help that we don’t know how to lie So we should start acting like humans We’ll integrate into their world, OK? Leader, so what do we do next? We’ll look for a job and go to school 51487 and I will look for a job Your Highness, you’ll go to school I don’t want to study No. Younger human beings go to school You are no exception We cannot arouse suspicion 85252, you’ll play the father You’ll go with Her Highness to be
interviewed for school admission Me? If I don’t know how to lie
when they ask me questions, what do I do? If that were to happen, just act accordingly Do you have any previous experience? No No Then why did you come for
this job interview? You need to have relevant experience
to carry out market surveys Though we lack the experience, we have strong learning abilities Just show us the ropes once,
and we’ll get the hang of it Since you come inexperienced, you’ll be paid $1200 a month You’ll have seven days of annual leave,
and no maternity leave Any problem? -No problem If you get pregnant and
go on maternity leave, you won’t be paid It’s OK. I will never get pregnant How come? Where we come from, only male child-bearers get pregnant What? Male child-bearers? Male child-bearers give birth to
children and take care of them What are you talking about? Where we come from,
it’s a matriarchal system Childbirth becomes the duty of males Men giving birth to children?
Do you take me for a fool? Get out! We were telling the truth But why was it misconstrued as a lie? I don’t know why either Humans are a strange lot I wonder if we can adapt to human society If we want to complete our mission, we must overcome all obstacles Leader, we failed the interview.
What do we do now? Continue looking Looking for a job here is an uphill task, unlike Amikus where everything
has been planned for us That’s right. Earthlings still
have to go for interviews If they land the job,
they undergo a probation period In fact, they may still
face the sack thereafter If they get sacked, they’ll have
to look for a job all over again I’m beginning to miss home Until our mission is accomplished,
there is no room for weakness Look over there (Recruiting Part-time Workers) Is there anyone you know…. who’d see her own dad as an enemy, and can’t wait to send him to jail? You know what your sister is like Her bark’s worse than her bite.
She won’t go to the police You never know She may just act mindlessly,
and go to the police Don’t worry. The police will look into it Your dad’s name will be cleared My dad saw you downstairs
in the middle of the night yesterday What were you doing downstairs? It was a warm night. So I went
downstairs for some fresh air Are you suspecting me? Don’t be crazy! Why would I suspect you? We all know you as Mr Nice Guy Let’s hope the perp is found soon, or my family will break up No, it won’t Mr Chew, they’re here for
the job interview Enemies always cross paths It’s you You’ve not told me
what “roach meh” means What’s this about “roach meh”? He told me yesterday that
men shouldn’t fear “roaches meh” He wouldn’t tell me when I
asked him what “roaches meh” meant We locals tend to end our sentences
with “meh” when we speak It means “really” He was saying, “Men shouldn’t
fear roaches, really” I see You didn’t know that?
Call yourselves Singaporeans Are you here for the job interview? That’s right We’re looking for people
to arrange and move the goods It’s menial work.
Are you OK with that? Yes. I’m just happy to have a job You sound desperate.
Should I take you to Geylang? You’ll certainly find work there I’ll go Sorry, but the work in Geylang
is not suitable for men Then I’ll take it up Stop making fun of them We work shifts here Each shift is nine hours,
including meal breaks You’ll be paid $50 a day. OK? What does that mean? It means OK. You don’t know it? I believe you have your ICs? -Yes Are you OK with the pay? -OK Good. You may start work tomorrow Take down their particulars
before they collect their uniform OK Come with me Girl You’re back I know you still care about me You didn’t go to the police, right? You have until tomorrow to turn yourself in If you still do not do so by tomorrow, I’ll get the police here No… Please don’t do that When an old man like me goes to jail, I won’t live to come out alive I know that you find me an eyesore But I brought you up Your mum died young My efforts should count for something I gave in to temptation
and took Muthu’s ring I promise you that… I’ll behave myself from now on No more funny business for me from now on I, Yang Zhongyong,
will make good my word If I break my promise, you may put up a notice to sever our ties I won’t blame you for it Don’t try me Chief, I… Brother Shark! Hello! If I didn’t look you up, you’d never come to me, eh? Brother Shark, what good timing.
I was going to look you up You are two weeks behind
in the interest payment I’m OK with that But my two buddies here would like
to practise their punches What do you suggest? Brother Shark, cut me some slack I am really tight this week Got it! I have some gold pieces here Let me know how much they’re worth Muthu, morning -Morning Isn’t that Muthu’s gold chain? These pieces? They’re not enough Hello, Tiansheng? Where are you? Eric has Muthu’s gold chain? Where are you? I’ll come over now Please, Brother Shark.
That’s all I have Pay the balance by the end of the month Thank you, Brother Shark. Thanks! Zhiqiang You’re just in time. They just left Let’s go Eric Rascal, never mind that
you stole the gold chain But you left your victim in a coma What are you talking about? You must have stolen Muthu’s gold chain I saw you pass Muthu’s
gold chain to the loan shark You saw it wrong. That wasn’t Muthu’s Stop denying it Muthu has come round Come with us to the police station Crazy! Stop right there Stop running, you rascal! You didn’t just rob him,
but you also assaulted him You assaulted him Scoundrel! Watch out Break it up Break it up Stop it! Stop it Why are you beating them up? Crazy Let me out Let you out? Turn yourself in! Watch your back!
I’ll make you pay for this Eric is such a scumbag Muthu was so kind to lend him $200 Besides defaulting repayment,
he even robbed Muthu He’ll get his retribution Thank you Muthu, how are you feeling today? OK? Muthu, we have good news.
Eric has been caught Can I get my jewellery back? I’m not very sure But I found this in the dormitory Is this yours? Yes! Ms Yong, I want to go back to work When can I go back? Not yet. The doctor said
you’d hurt your back You must rest for a few weeks -No No. I have to work. I need money My mother is sick.
She needs an operation I wanted to sell my jewellery
and remit the money home But now, my jewellery is gone Now that I cannot work now… -OK What’s going to happen to my mother? She’ll die Muthu, don’t worry. There will be a way out Yes, Muthu, don’t worry. We will help you Trust me, OK? A fair face hides a foul heart Eric is so polite and
friendly with everyone But he turns out to be such a scumbag I’m not surprised I don’t believe such a good man exists There are daggers behind his smiles Exactly -You mean him? Skunk Yong, I’m warning you now If you speak of my son
in the same breath as the crook, I’ll turn nasty Zhiqiang, you caught the crook Good job! Here’s one “like” for you I’m giving you one “like” too You cleared my name Cleared your name? What’s going on? Uncle Yong was just joking That’s right. We need some humour in life Muthu’s family is in need of money But he’s injured now So he won’t be able to
work for a few months Tianning and I are trying
to raise funds for Muthu Sure. I feel sorry for him.
We should help him What can we do to help? I’ll let you know once
I’ve discussed it with Tianning Country bumpkins I’m calling you two What is it? What is it? Thank goodness
Zhiqiang found the real culprit Or I’d have been made the “silent lamb” The scapegoat, you mean I went to school, you know So smart But you did take Muthu’s ring I merely took it, but I didn’t hurt him You took Muthu’s ring?! You’d even take Muthu’s ring? How could you! There, there The thief was crying thief What else are you not capable of doing? I’m out of here Leader, you found jobs? Yes When you leave for work in future, I’ll be so bored staying with 85252 at home Your Highness, this is
how the earthlings live You have to adapt to it I merely heard Leonardo’s thoughts partially, so I thought he was the robber I’m glad the truth is out, or
we’d have wronged an innocent man Mind reading can do harm too All the more we should
avoid reading people’s minds Don’t let a good intention go awry Humans are the chief culprits If not for their greed,
none of this would have happenedThere is no economy of currency on AmikusBut cash is a necessity on EarthThat’s why humans put a premium on money,going as far as committing frauds and scams,theft, robbery and murder,betraying the trust of othersHumans have this saying,
money is the root of all evilThe saying is not without groundsCheers Dad, you’re a blessed man I almost had to visit you in prison Your old man has always
led a charmed life Someone’s boasting! Just a few days ago,
you were pale with fear You even wanted to disown Sis How dare you mock at your old man Girl, you’re back We’re celebrating that the
real culprit’s been caught Have one can Girl, I know that you love your old man So you didn’t call the police If you do that again, I’m not
going to be soft-hearted Once is one time too many I wouldn’t dare do it again See that? Your daughter’s full of hot air She doesn’t make good her word How can you ridicule your sister? She is a good daughter I must have done good in my past life… to have a fine daughter like her This is all thanks to divine protection Our family’s still together Those country bumpkins are to blame Weren’t you going to chase them away? Have you come up with a plan? Bless our family. Keep us safe It’s smoking over there.
Has a fire broken out? I’ll fetch water to put out the fire Move aside! Why did you take my pail? I can’t wash the car now What were you doing?!
You poured water into the bin! We can’t burn the hell notes now We saw thick smoke, so
we thought it had caught fire There was no fire The note has many zeroes on it Can it buy us many things? They are hell notes.
Haven’t you seen them before? They just came back from overseas They wouldn’t know what hell notes are It’s the seventh lunar month now We burn hell notes to our ancestors
to seek protection for our families Get it? But the burnt hell notes turn into ashes How are your ancestors
going to receive them? You! Carbon dioxide is released
when you burn these items It causes serious pollution That explains the black rain on Amikus It suffers serious pollution What are you talking about? Please don’t hold it against us.
It is not our fault -What rotten luck! I don’t believe this
-Forget it Let’s go elsewhere. Let’s go Don’t place any 4D bets today.
We won’t win any prize money Why did they get so angry? I don’t get why humans burn hell money It’s so hard to get along with humans Humans have many customs We should learn about them fast I’m dead beat 51487, get the implements ready It’s you -What happened to your face?
-What can we do for you? You recognize me? I knew it! I was sleepwalking I always play the ghost
whenever I sleepwalk Thanks for waking me up. Thank you You’re welcome You may go home now Why aren’t you afraid of ghosts? What’s scary about ghosts? So this is what a ghost looks like Have you seen a ghost before? Were you hurt by one before? Then what’s there to be afraid of? Tell me who isn’t scared of ghosts Watch where you’re going -Sorry No… Ghost! -I’m not a ghost Darn it Dad, Sis is out? She’s not back yet Where did you get this from? I rented it Are you sure?
They’re not scared of ghosts? I wonder if that family are even humans They weren’t scared off by me So they’re scarier than ghosts We’re stuck with them It won’t be easy to get rid of them I’m sure there’s a way to deal with them What can you do when they
don’t even fear ghosts? We all have our weaknesses So what do you plan to do? I can’t be sloppy about it this time Know your enemy and victory will be yours What if you fail again? If Plan A fails, we’ll carry out Plan B If Plan B fails, we still have C, D, E, F Where there’s a will, there’s a way I’m sure I can get rid of them I’ll entrust the all-important
mission to you You have my moral support! Subtitles: A Han, Mediacorp TV

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