My Green Card Interview Experience | 2019 | Form I-485 application | Permanent Residence

Hello guys, good morning everyone welcome back to my channel. My name is Lorelei And today I am going to share my green card interview experience at the USCIS Denver Colorado, so today it’s Friday my interview happened last January 16th Wednesday 1:45 p.m. At the USCIS Denver, Colorado, so we left at the house like around 1 o’clock and then we arrived at the USCIS parking lot 1:30 And then we went to the entrance of the building There was a security gate and a metal detector so the first thing that the security guard asked was the letter of appointment and then he also asked for our IDs I showed him my passport and my husband showed him his Driver’s license. So after that he told us that the interview will be held on the second floor So after we pass through the security gate we have to go to the second floor So we have to remove our shoes And then we have to put our bags also on the conveyor put our shoes in the conveyor and then pass through the metal detector and then went to the elevator and then We’re already in the second floor So on the second floor there was also a security guard that will look for the appointment letter or the schedule letter and then after He checked our appointment letter. He pointed us to go to the receptionist. So I went to the receptionist I showed her my letter and then my passport. I told her that we have an interview for 1:45 p.m so she did something on our computer and then after that she told us to wait for Few minutes and then an interviewer would call us Or an officer will call our names So we sat at the lobby for around five minutes and then there was a lady That called my husband’s name not my name, not my name but my husband’s name and then we stood up We approached her and then she guided us to her office so we went to her office and then she offered us to take a seat and then she did on a computer for like a few minutes and then after that she asked us to stand up to make a Oath taking forgot the correct phrase sorry! “Do you promise to tell the truth and nothing but the truth” I said “I do” We sat back again and then she asked for the appointment letter and she asked for the IDs I gave her my Passport and my mister also gave her his driver’s license. And then she also looked for my EAD card The I mean the EAD Card/Advance Parole or the combo card so I gave it to her and then she checked my EAD, my passport the letter and my husband’s driver’s license So after that she returned them to us the interview started so it was like a closed-ended question That you have to answer it by yes or no, something like that. So first it was about our personal information She asked first my husband Interviewer: “Your name is Juan and your last name is Dela Cruz” My husband said “yes” Interviewer: “Your birthday was on February XX, XXXX” My husband said ” yes” Interviewer: “Your mother is Maria? My husband said ” yes” Interviewer: “You live in this address xxxxxxxxx” My husband said ” yes” Interviewer: ” You were born in Washington” My husband said ” yes” Most (all) of the questions are answered by “Yes” That’s were the questions that were asked by the interviewer to my mister After that she started to verify my personal information Interviewer: “Your name is Lorelei Dela cruz” I said “Yes” Interviewer: “Your birthday was on January XX, XXXX” I said “Yes” Interviewer: “You live in this address XXXXXXXX” I said “Yes” Interviewer: “You were born in the country Philippines” I said “Yes” Interviewer: “Your mother’s name is Lourdes” I said “Yes” those were the questions that she asked to me or she verified to me and then after that she asked for She asked for some documents like that was stated in the interview letter Interviewer “Do you have any supporting evidence of your relationship such as joint assets or liabilities… …You may have together or any bank statements insurance joint accounts or bank statements” It is also stated in the letter for your interview so I gave her life our insurance and then I also gave her our joint bank account and Checking account. That’s it. Those were the documents that I gave it to her And then she said okay, this is fine And then she started to question me only So my husband is there but she said the question is for me So the questions that she asked me were the questions also that you can find in the form I – 485 part 8 general eligibility In admissibility grounds, so these were the questions Interviewer : “Have you ever been denied admission to the United States?” I said ” No” Interviewer: “Have you ever been denied a visa to the United States?” I said no Interviewer: “Have you ever committed a crime of any kind even if you were not arrested cited charged with or tried for that crime?” I said “No” Interviewer: “Are you engaged in or upon your entry in the United States? Do you intend to engage in an activity? That could have potentially serious and first foreign policy consequences for the United States.” I said “No” Interviewer: “Have you ever lied about concealed or misrepresented any information on an Application or petition to obtain a visa other documentation required for entry into the United States Admission to the United States or any other kind of immigration benefit?” I said “No” So after that guys She said that that’s it I’m going to approve your green card, and this will be mailed to you within two to three weeks So After that, she gave this letter this letter states that You will receive conditional permanent residency for two years and a legal permanent resident card also known as a green card which will indicate the date of adjustment of permanent resident and expiration date of the two-year period so the legal permanent resident card or the green card will have an expiration of the two-year period In order to remove the conditional basis of your status you must file a petition to remove the conditions of Residence form i-751 before the two-year expiration date of the green card, but no earlier than 90 days before said date so she said that we have to file the form i-751 90 days before the expiration of the green card and also she said that we might have an interview for the ten-year green card But we have to wait if we’re going to receive a letter for that and that’s it. We’re done So my husband couldn’t believe so he asked again the officer/interviewer so he said like you mean we’re done so we could go home right now And the officer said yes, you can go home right now. And that’s it. And in my mind it was like that’s yeah, so That’s it guys. Our interview was very quick and it was like nothing to be afraid of So we stood up and then we say thank you and then she guided us to the exit door and that’s it So we went downstairs who went to the parking lot That’s it we’re done and I’m so glad that she told us that she approved our green card so we don’t have to wait if our green card is approved or not, but she told us that it’s approved Really that was quick interview So that’s it guys for my green card interview experience and also tips that I could share to you is that the interviewer let her finish the question or let him finish the question before you answer and then look into his or her eye every time you answer the question and also Don’t forget do not bring any food or drinks when when you enter to the building because it’s not allowed It’s either you’re gonna throw it to the trash or you’re gonna have to put it back to the parking lot So that’s it guys, and I hope you can Learn from this video or you have an idea from this video And also I’m going to show you on the next video guys, what are the requirements that you need to bring and how? The letter for the interview looks like okay, so I’m gonna put the link below Anytime soon. Okay, so bye for now guys

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