My Pastor and I Play a Game of Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Do I give off hot pastor vibes?
– Oh, Jesus.
(orchestral music)
– [Cameraman] What are
you guys here to do?
What’s the topic?
– Oh, it’s truth or drink
with a religious leader
which is you.
– That’s me.
Thanks for calling me a leader.
– Oh, you’re welcome.
– And religious.
– My name is Marie.
– I’m Iver.
I’ve been at Church of the Apostles
seven years as the pastor.
It’s Lutheran and Episcopalian.
– [Cameraman] Who’s gonna go first?
– Oh my gosh, I will.
I’ll go first.
Name the most common
sin people confess to.
– That’s gotta be like lust.
– Lust?
Just lust?
– What’s more to lust?
– I mean, that’s just in your mind.
– That’s right.
I think that’s what people confess to.
– Really?
They’re more worried about
what they think about
than what they do?
– Yeah.
But that’s, you act on it.
– Do you act on all of your impulses?
– No.
But everyone has them.
Except me.
– No, no, because you’re holy.
– That’s right.
– When was the last time you were tempted?
– When was the last time I was tempted?
– It’s probably your
turn to ask a question.
– Thank God, okay.
All right.
(clears throat)
How much does the church make?
How much do you make?
– Our church is not, I
wouldn’t want to say it’s poor
because there’s a bunch of white kids and
– Me.
– And you.
Yeah, close to 180 thousand maybe.
I make about 65 thousand.
– [Cameraman] Is that low?
Is that a small amount?
– Yes.
– I’m in ministry
basically for the reasons
of money and power so it’s
not working out for me yet.
Do I give off hot pastor vibes?
– I feel uncomfortable.
I take that question, I don’t know
because you’re like my brother.
– You can be attracted to a brother too.
(disgusted groan)
– Oh, Jesus.
– Right.
– Oh sorry, did I just say that?
Well for me, the answer is no.
– Okay, all right.
– Okay.
All right, let’s move on.
This is so awkward for me.
– What?
You get to ask me.
– I can’t ask the question.
– You can’t ask it?
– Wait, am I allowed to drink
to not ask the question?
– I don’t know, is that a rule?
– Is that a thing?
Can you read it?
– You want me to ask you?
– No, okay, oh my God.
I’m so getting confused here.
Do you M-A-S
– Do I masturbate?
Well you know
– I think you should drink that
because I am uncomfortable with
you answering that question.
– I’ll just nod my head.
I masturbate to pictures of Jesus.
– Oh, God!
– Why is that question so hard to ask me?
– I never say that word
out loud very often.
I don’t know why.
That’s so weird.
But like with the pastor, I
think I just don’t want to know
anything that happens.
Okay, it’s your turn, it’s
your turn, it’s your turn.
– Have you had premarital sex?
If yes, why didn’t you
wait until marriage?
– Okay.
I’m a virgin.
– And you’re not married.
– I’m married to Jesus!
I am married to Jesus!
– Why are you still single?
– Ugh.
I don’t know.
I’ve never been able to have
a relationship with somebody
unless I really felt connected to them
intellectually, emotionally,
spiritually, physically.
– Do you want to cheers to a single life?
– No.
I don’t want to be single forever.
I should ask you.
Why do you think I’m single?
– Why do?
– No, you, no!
– I’m not gonna answer that.
– Iver, no tell me the truth, honestly.
– No, that’s not.
– Why?
Do you think you have an idea?
– I don’t have opinion about that.
– But you’re okay with
talking about masturbation
but you’re not okay talking about that.
Um, yeah, huh.
Oh, what’s the closest you’ve
come to losing your faith?
– All the time.
– Yeah.
– Well in college, I wasn’t sure.
I say I believe in God like
75 percent of the time.
– What do you think the
other part of the time?
– That I’m just not sure.
It seems kind of like weird
stories about some guy.
– Do you think it’s real?
Like okay, do you think it’s like literal?
– Maybe but I guess I don’t care.
I don’t really believe
in miracles that much.
– That’s what you say.
– I just said that.
– I know.
Aren’t there things
that you can’t explain?
– I think there’s usually
a natural way to explain
most things that happen.
How would you improve my preaching?
– Oh, less rapping.
– That one time, that wasn’t preaching.
That was just me being silly.
– Can you just do the rap?
– [Cameraman] You’re gonna rap for us?
– Oh, what is it?
– Freestyle it.
♪ Church of the Apostles is
according to my hypothesis ♪
♪ A cognizant homogenous a
non apocalyptic populus ♪
– Something, I don’t know.
I have no idea.
– [Cameraman] That’s it, guys.
– All right, yay!
– [Cameraman] Should people buy this game?
– Oh, yes.
People should buy this,
especially if you go to church
because it sure would
be interesting to know
what your pastor really thinks.
– We need more truth in this world.
– We do.

100 thoughts on “My Pastor and I Play a Game of Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

  1. This video and the people that are entertained by the idea of him being a pastor that they would actually let him speak the Word of God is just sad! We definitely are at the end of times! I’ll be praying for this world for you guys to see the truth! I guess that’s the difference of someone who is religious and someone who actually has a relationship with Jesus. Jesus’s grace is perfect! Jesus already won though! God bless you all!

  2. Is he really a pastor or just an actor? I'm not even religious but that comment about masturbating to jesus was blasphemous

  3. Pastor: I masturbate to pictures of jesus
    Me: hold the fuck up

    I wasnt expecting that I woulda rather heard him say i maturbate to pictures of sexy nuns

  4. The pastor was a pretty cool guy, it's just unfortunate these people are brainwashed into believing religion.

  5. this is funny but also uncomfortable but also cool but still uncomfortable lol you feel me? 😂

  6. Using only the thumbs and forefingers "can u read it" lol "I masturbate to pictures of jesus" I'm dying😂😂😂😂🤭

  7. She's a virgin. I heard that right. Damn Sis. That's some pure form of self control and I can't stop myself from eating crisps.

  8. As a muslim , ; i did not appreciate this behavior at All , i like that he is open minded but there are certain lines that should 've not been crossed . I don't feel comfortable even quoting some of the horrible things that they said . Sometimes i would try to justify their actions and blame it on the trashy American culture and it never seem to work considering that there is a portion of not necessarily religious but classy and respectful Americans which represent the minority . I just wish they would treat God and Jesus with more respect …

  9. I'd love to be that pastor. Just imagining preaching to people daily about shit I really don't believe in and then get paid $65k a year… and my congregants will still think I'm underpaid. I will definitely get a raise

  10. I bet all my money that this pastor has seen Hamilton…also..are pastors allowed to have wives yet? asking for me.

  11. lol I think both were cute!!

    stop hatin on that girl. She’s going to get her live experience sooner or later.
    Self confidence is not an easy achievable thing and people should better focus on the positive.

  12. “Do I give off hot pastor vibes?” 1:52

    Yes, yes you do and since your fellow church member doesn’t know how to act, I will gladly take the place of Jesus when you masturbate.

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    Pastor:….. drinks

    ( jesus descends )


    – king James version

  16. They make 200,000 a year through exploiting people’s belief in imaginary deities based on ancient urban legends. Wow.

  17. Please Cut let those outside of Washington be featured in these. These videos are so much fun to watch and would love to be cast for one. I’d get my own plane ticket!

  18. What's the point of having religious people play this game if they're just gonna drink to almost every question?

  19. He’s a pastor to the Lutheran church. Not a priest or pastor to the catholic or Christian church. He’s not a real pastor. Lutherans broke from the actual church, so what he says shouldn’t be taken seriously unless ur Lutheran because they don’t believe in Jesus, like how he was portrayed in the Bible.

  20. …….. this dude is not a man of god 😭 i knew from the beginning when he said “thanks for calling me a leader and religious”… pastors and leaders of church usually dislike being called religious bc religion is more about routine than having a relationship with your god.

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  24. 😕 I'm black my white uncle use to make so many passes at me. I one day ask would you do it with your sister? He said if she was ok with it. I was 19 he was in his 50s. Ill never forget it. Best part was that my aunt believed me. She was head over heels for him, but they got a divorce. Not because of me, but everything in the dark came to light quickly. It all added up to her.

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  29. Make a what language do i speek
    And please can you find lithuaniain
    Becouse its one of the oldest languages
    And im lithuanian
    A lot of people say lithuaniai language is hard

    Labas kaip tau sekasi
    It means hi hiw are you
    Its for example

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  35. I loveeee this
    It's not about religion it's about relationship
    And your personal relationship with god is something you do not need to explain to all
    God knows everyone's heart and he loves all 💗

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