Naruto Boruto Card Game Trailer

Naruto Shippuden!

The characters from the Naruto series are coming together in one game!
The Naruto Boruto Card Game!
Featuring the unique and dynamic Chrono Clash System!
Pay the cost to summon the card!
The cost marker will move toward your opponent!
When it moves past 1, it’s your opponent’s turn!
Will you summon many low cost cards?
Or go for broke with a high cost card as your opening salvo!
Enjoy dynamic battles where you can summon your strongest cards from the very start!
Card effects are all icons!
Easy to pick up and play for all fans!
Battle head-to-head or with up to 4 players!
Use your favorite cards at any time!
The unique and dynamic Chrono Clash System!
The simultaneous release of the “Naruto and Naruto Shippuden” Set and the “Naruto Shippuden and Boruto” Set is coming June 2019!
Check the website for more details!

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